Here you will find a collection of blogs, articles and helpful links. A lot of these can be quite useful and informative and the blogs are updated regularly so be sure to check in on occasion to see what’s new.

Creating Personalised Vows

Creating Personalised Vows (These are all available to choose/mix and match on the planning your ceremony document) Over the last few years, many more couples are ‘creating’ their own vows. I don’t like to use the word ‘write’ as it brings back memories...

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Information For Couples Planning To Marry

Planning to Marry? - MARRIAGE IS IMPORTANT Happily Ever... Before and After Information for Couples Planning to Marry Your celebrant is handing you this document because the decision to marry is one of the biggest decisions a couple can make. Marriage is a...

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Applying for a marriage certificate

Yay, I am married! How do I change my name? To change your name you need a copy of your official marriage certificate. To apply for a certificate go to: You can apply online....

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Kids at weddings: do we or don’t we?

The simple answer is, ‘Yes’, I love kids at a wedding or in the ceremony but in the right situation and circumstances. Kids can be extremely fun and entertaining, yet hard work for those in charge of them. My thoughts on kids in wedding ceremonies and at weddings are:...

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Your Ceremony and Me!

When most couples meet a celebrant they have very little idea about what’s involved in creating a personalised and memorable ceremony. There are many aspects to be covered when planning your ceremony and just as many in the delivery. Here are 10 helpful hints about...

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