If you’re searching for an example of loved up wedding bliss, look no further than this latest Brighton Savoy Wedding between Danica and Luke.

Even the weather gods glowed on this couple for their Brighton Savoy Wedding and with such a wonderful atmosphere it was a pleasure to play a part in their incredible day.

For the ceremony, the Brighton Savoy Wedding courtyard was set up and styled by Circle of Love into an elegant, tropical style setting. In a Christina Rossi dress, hair by Kate from Meraki and makeup by Brit Basile, the bride looked simply stunning. Not to be outdone, the groom was equally dashing in a Ferrari Formal suit. While the scene was picture perfect, it was the fun, love and laughter that made this ceremony truly special.

Garden Wedding Celebrant Menzies Creek - Garden Ceremony
Garden Wedding Celebrant Menzies Creek - Wedding Sign

There’s no doubt this couple enjoy a wonderful dynamic. Clearly, they are great friends, value fun and laughter and are madly in love. It was important to them that the qualities of their relationship were communicated through the ceremony in the readings and the vows. When a celebrant takes time to know a couple they come to understand what they value. A wedding then becomes so much more personal and meaningful, not only for the bride and groom, but for all their guests.

Once the formalities of the ceremony came to an end the bridal party and their photographer from Icon photography and videography, made the most of the spectacular Autumn weather on Brighton beach. The group looked amazing. Danica’s sister and closest friends wore bridesmaid dresses by Showpo and the bridal party bouquets and flourishes were perfectly designed by Desflora.

Celebrations continued into the evening. Ivory Heart did a wonderful job of table centerpieces and floral arrangements for the reception. To complete the formalities Danica and Luke together, sliced a beautiful wedding cake by Regnier Cakes.

The entire occasion was beautifully planned and went off without a hitch. Any Brighton Savoy Wedding is lovely, although when there is as much joy and laughter as this one, it becomes particularly memorable.

Garden Wedding Celebrant Menzies Creek - The Happy Couple
Garden Wedding Celebrant Menzies Creek - The Bride's Family

Danica and Luke’s Love Story

How they met

Danica and Luke met on the romantic, online dating app, Tinder, in June of 2015. Immediately upon meeting, Luke noticed how gorgeous she was, she was a bit shorter than he thought (which is a good thing) and she had some great physical assets! Danica also thought Luke was gorgeous, apart from the lip ring which didn’t last too much longer after that. This was their first date at Qu Bah in Morwell, but it wasn’t the first time they had met. Danica couldn’t wait till their date so in a way to win him over even more, she made him come over to her place 3 nights before the date to meet her parents! Luckily though, this didn’t deter Luke as he found her pretty cruisy, laid back and funny whilst Danica was still in disbelief that this guy was a cop!

The more time they spent with each other, the more they fell in love; it wasn’t one particular moment. However, there was an ‘incident’ after Luke and just finished at the gym, he was about to shower when Danica had a crack at him about having no abs. In true masculine style, Luke flexed to impress his girlfriend and did so so hard that he, shall we say ‘flatulated’ in front of her for the first time and was so embarrassed. Little did he know, this was the point where Danica thought, I am going to marry this guy!

The Wedding Proposal

Their relationship developed into one of love and loyalty and Luke proposed on the Gold Coast in August 2017. It was meant to happen when they first arrived; Luke had planned a romantic walk along the beach but Danica says I was too fat and lazy to bother going, so he went on his own with the ring in his pocket! So he went with plan B; once they finally checked into a sea view room, Luke made deluxe breakfast the next morning and proposed on one knee in with a beautiful sunrise on the horizon. Luke says that Danica loves to indulge in stories, and this deluxe breakfast consisted of a bowl of cornflakes.

Their love

Luke says that Danica is a beautiful soul with an easy going and humourous nature. She doesn’t hold a grudge, we may have a decent argument everyone now and then, but we can give each other some space, apologise, move on and continue to enjoy our wonderful relationship. There are also many other things he could rave about Danica but she has taught him that you can live off tacos for a surprisingly lengthy amount of time. He’s not sure whether Neek was want to teach him this or not, but she has taught him that it’s important to be best friends with each other if you want a solid and trusting relationship that you just know will last forever.

Danica loves Luke smile, his laugh and his sense of humour. He is a family man, a clean freak and he has a heart of gold. He has taught her not to stress the small things and how to save money. Finally, she loves Luke’s appearance, in her eyes he is perfect.

Together, Luke and Danica love doing life. Socialising, wining and dining and even cleaning is fun when they’re with each other. Weekends are especially fun when Luke doesn’t have to work.

Their future

In marriage, they know they will need trust, honesty to be successful along with having fun together, positivity and being best mates. They look forward to be able to call each other husband and wife, having children (no more than 3 says Luke), some overseas travel, a dream home and to spend forever together.

Luke and Danica, thanks for allowing me to be apart of not only the ceremony but the start of your lives together!

Wishing you a very happy marriage guys, x.