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Wedding Party positioned with a pep talk!

Processional (walking down the aisle)

Acknowledgement of Country

Welcome by celebrant and introduction of couple.

At this special time, Kristy and Damian would like to remember the special people in their lives that
are no longer with us. In particular, Damian’s much loved Dad Brendan. Damian remembers his Dad
so well and aspires to be as good a man as he was. There are so many amazing memories that
Damian has of Brendan. He would’ve loved to have been here and share in this special moment in
Damian’s life and Damian feels he would’ve approved of Kristy for his eldest son. There’s no doubt
that Brendan would be watching over with pride and love today. They would also like to take this
moment to remember Damians Grandfather’s Jim Desmond and Jim Waack and Grandmother’s
Kathleen Desmond and Valerie Waack. As well as Kristy’s Grandfather Grampy Joe and her
grandparents Ron and Jeanette.

Bridal Party Introduction
All if you will know Kristy and Damian but you may not know the special family members and friends
they have chosen to be a part of their bridal party and I would like to take this opportunity to
introduce them all to you.
Firstly, the proud gentleman who walked the bride down the aisle is dad, Richard, and we thank him
for doing so.
Kristy has chosen 5 adorable ladies to be her attendants.
Amy – Kristy met Amy in year 7 and they have been inseparable ever since. She loves her honesty,
her passion for life and that she can beat most guys in a push up competition.
Jess – Kristy and Jess have been friends since kindergarten and they have many years of amazing
memories together. Jess is someone who will always be there for Kristy through all of life’s
Cheree – Kristy and Cheree met while working together at Dotti. They could often be found on a
dance floor until the late hours on a Friday and Saturday night. Kristy knows that Cheree will always
be there for her and she introduced her to Damo, so it’s thanks to her that we are here today!
Nishay – there have been many times that Kristy and Nishai have been mistaken for sisters due to
their looks and similar personalities. Kristy always takes this as a massive compliment as Nishai is a
beautiful person both on the inside and out. Kristy loves Nishai’s easygoing nature, even when faced
with sleepless nights in a swag, curious dingos and jumping leeches.
Abbey – there are so many qualities that Abbey has that Kristy looks up to. She makes the most out
of every day and doesn’t take life too seriously. They both share a very similar sense of humour and
love to laugh.
The groom has also chosen 5 distinguished gentlemen to stand by him today.
Tim- Is Damian’s younger brother. As young boys Damian and Tim were inseperable, always mucking
around and trying their best to break every window in Jenny’s house. These days Damian struggles
to fit into Tim’s daily routine of gym and footy.
Jake- Damians high school mate. They are born on the same day and share very similar interests and
hobbies. Kristy would say that Damian has to check with Jake if it’s ok that they have a date night
without Jake being invited along.
Alan- Has been one of Damian’s best mates since primary school. Damian has great memories with
Al especially up at the farm together. Al thinks he is quite the comedian with his puns and playing
jokes on everyone at any chance he gets.
James- Damian and James have been best of mates their whole lives. Damo loves James’s easy going
personality and his funny attempts of boot scooting after a few beers.
Daniel – Is also one of Damian’s best mates from high school. Damian loves going cod fishing with
Daniel up at Nagambie and watching him try to kill himself motorbike riding.
So to sum up, these beautiful people standing here with Kristy and Damian have been chosen as
they are all a special part of their lives and for that, they will be forever grateful. Kristy and Damian
would like to not only acknowledge their bridal party, but all of you here today and thank those of
you who have travelled many miles to be here on this special occasion. Your support, friendship and
love is truly appreciated.

One of the wonderful components of a wedding ceremony, is for us to be reminded why the
happy couple are standing up here today. It’s a chance for us to reminisce about Kristy and
Damian’s love story.

Their Story
Damian and Kristy met through their mutual friends Alan and Cheree on a night out. They went on
their first date to the movies on Valentine’s Day in 2011. Kristy picked up Damian as he had lost his
licence. They knew this was the start of something special and have shared many happy memories
and years together since. Damian knew it was Kristy with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his
Keeping the importance of family close to their hearts and traditional values alive, Damian called
Kristy’s parents to get their blessing before proposing and they happily replied with ‘of course’.
Damian proposed on a Friday afternoon. They had both gotten home from work and he suggested
that they take their dog ‘Toby’ for a walk around the reserve. When they arrived back to their place,
they were standing on the back deck and Damian handed Kristy a card. Inside was a poem Damian
had written and at the bottom it said ‘Kristy will you be my wife?’ They both fondly remember this
as the happiest day of their lives.
Damian loves that Kristy is so kind hearted and beautiful inside and out. That she is always doing all
she can to make sure that they are both happy and puts up with Damian’s grumpy moods. He looks
forward to coming home to see Kristy every single day and says that she has made him the happiest
bloke on earth. She has shown Damian how fun and amazing life is.
Kristy loves that Damian makes her laugh and that he has taken her on many adventures. Some of
the most memorable include terrifying four-wheel drive trips, tubing down the Porepunkah
waterfalls and struggling to hold on while he monos his motorbike. Damian is the most hard-working
person Kristy knows. She loves his family values and how much he cherishes and adores his family.
Kristy loves that Damian always encourages her and supports her in everything that she does and
that he shows her that he loves her every single day.
In the future, they hope to be as happy as they are today, supporting and loving each other amongst
their family and friends. One day, they would love to start a family to add to their fur baby and
continue many adventures with each other with lots of love and laughs along the way.

Friends, I call upon everyone here present to be a fellow witness with me in this marriage between
Kristy and Damian.
We are here, not only to witness their commitment to each other, but also to wish them every
happiness for their life together.
Damian and Kristy believe marriage is founded on sincerity and understanding which leads to
tolerance, confidence and trust.
They know it involves respect for each other’s individuality and that most difficult of tasks, the
acceptance of each other’s weaknesses, and faults.
They obviously believe too that those qualities which have attracted each to the other, can be best
developed during a life spent together.
A happy marriage, they know, will enable them to establish a home where you, their family and their
friends, will always be welcome, and you will find peace and support but most of all love. And a
home that will reflect the values and upbringing that both Kristy and Damian experienced growing

Damian’s Mum Jenny is the strongest woman he knows. She has been such an amazing mother and
has given her children so many great opportunities in life. They are a very close family, catching up
often for family dinner and basketball games. Kristy would describe her family as generous, caring
and fun loving. She appreciates everything her parents have done for her and feels very lucky to
have such an amazing Mum and Dad. The influence of their families is very important to Damian and
Kristy. On their wedding day they would like to say they love you and thank you for all your support
and encouragement you have shown them throughout their lives.
Reading One: Continuing the theme of the importance of family, I would like to introduce Alice
(Damian’s sister) to share today’s first reading.
When Damian told his Mum that he and Kristy had booked Flowerdale Estate at Strath Creek as their
wedding venue she was absolutely delighted. This area of Strath Creek and surrounding area holds
special significance in their family history. Unbeknown to Damian his great, great grandparents (we
will add names) farmed their property “Elder Grove” in McKenzies Lane Strath Creek. Damian’s great
grandmother Catherine Horan married a local man, John Denis Slavin and they live on a small farm in
Dairy Creek Road Homewood, just a 10 minute drive from here. Damian’s Nan grew up in
Homewood and his own mother Jenny was born and grew up in Yea. Damian and Kristy both love
spending their weekends and holidays in the countryside. They are so happy that they are able to
celebrate their wedding day in such a special place. As well as the location of Damian and Kristy’s
wedding the date also hold special significance. On this day 67 years ago, Damian’s grandparents
Kath and Jim Desmond were married on the 7th October 1950.

MONITUM (Legally Required)

Damian’s parents to stand and the Celebrant asks:
Who brings Kristy to be married Damian?
Kristy’s parents reply: We do
Damian’s parents to stand and the Celebrant asks:
Who brings Damian to be married to Kristy?
Leigh’s parents reply: We do

Damian and Kristy, I am not going to ask each of you a question and I am looking for the answer, I
Damian will you take Kristy to be your wife, your best friend and lifelong partner? Will you love and
respect her, be honest with her and stand by her through whatever may come, so you can happily
share your life together?
Kristy will you take Damian to be your husband, your best friend and lifelong partner? Will you love
and respect him, be honest with him and stand by him through whatever may come, so you can
happily share your life together?

I call upon the persons present to witness that I Damian take you Kristy to be my wedded wife.
Today you have made me the luckiest man on earth
The reason that I love my life so much is because of you and I am so grateful that you came in to it.
You always support me, love me and make me smile every single day and give me so much
confidence for whatever the day holds.
You have such a kind, honest and caring heart and you really are so beautiful inside and out.
Waking up to you every morning is the most amazing feeling and I would feel so lost without you.
Deciding to propose to you was the easiest decision I could ever make. There was nothing to decide
because my life feels so complete with you.
I admire how easy going you are and that you always look for the best in every person you meet.
I love your soft and gentle nature, the way you’re always thinking of others, the way you the world
stops around me when I see you, the way your hand fits in the pringles container and can reach the
ones at the bottom, the way you make me want to better myself to be the person you deserve, the
way you cry when you jump in to water that is too cold and the way that you always make coming
home the favourite part of every day.
I love so much, and I cannot believe how lucky I am to be standing here today.

I call upon the persons present to witness that I Kristy take you Damian to be my wedded
Damo, to say that you are my soul mate makes happier than I ever thought possible. There are so
many things that I truly love and adore about you.
You are the most hardworking, loyal, funny and caring person that I know. I love that you allow me
to eat a whole block of chocolate to myself, without judgement and that you happily admit that I am
Toby’s favourite person.
I love the qualities that we have as a couple, we make each other laugh, we love, we challenge each
other and we always support one another. I love how nearly every day we speak about how grateful
we are for everything we have in our lives.
We talk about how grateful we are to have our health, our home, our friends, family and most
importantly how lucky we truly feel to have each other. A constant highlight of my day is when you
get home from work and hug me tight, give me a kiss and tell me how much you love me.
I honestly feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world to be here with you today and to be marrying
you, the most amazing man I’ve ever met. Each day I fall more and more in love with you.
I promise that I will continue to make the most out of life and enjoy every moment that we spend
together. I promise I will always be there for you through all of life’s adventures.
You are my best friend, my love, my life, forever and always. I love you Damo.

Throughout human tradition, when you make a vow, it has been deemed good to have a token to
remind you of that pledge. For this purpose you have chosen rings. They are appropriate to the task
because they are circles, never ending, like the promises you make to each other today.
Tim would you please step forward and hand to Damian the ring he will place on Kristy’s finger.
Tim would you please step forward and hand to Kristy the ring she will place on Damian’s finger.
May your relationship always be like these rings, simple and beautiful. May these rings remain on
your hands as long as this love remains in your hearts, and may that be forever.

THE BLESSING OF THE HANDS: Bride and groom hold hands

These are the hands of your best friend, young and strong and full of love for you, that are holding

yours on your wedding day, as you promise to love each other today, tomorrow and forever. These

are the hands that will work alongside yours, as together you build your future. These are the hands
that will passionately love you and cherish you through the years, and with the slightest touch, will
comfort you like no other. These are the hands that will hold you when fear or grief fills your mind.
These are the hands that will countless times, wipe the tears from your eyes; tears of sorrow, and
tears of joy. These are the hands that will tenderly hold your children. These are the hands that will
help you hold your family as one. These are the hands that will give you strength when you need it.
And lastly, these are the hands when wrinkled and aged, will still be reaching for yours, still giving
the same unspoken tenderness with just a simple touch.

Read by Damian’s mum Jenny.
Today Kristy and Damian you enter into a union which is most sacred and serious. It is most sacred
and most serious because it will bind you together for life and will profoundly influence your whole
future. That future, with its hopes and disappointments, successes and failures, its pleasures and
pains, its joys and sorrows, is hidden from your eyes. You know these elements are mingled in every
life and are to be expected to be in your own. So not knowing what is before you, you take each
other for better for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, til death do you part. Truly
then these words are most serious. (Continues following page)
Give yourself to one another completely, be generous in your giving and make no conditions for
these gifts. Be honest with each other and do nothing that gives cause for deception. Be thankful for
each other’s love and strive to develop its richness day by day. Respect each other and communicate
constantly, be calm, patient and tolerant. Be capable of good listening. Join your souls into one and
be happy for the love you have found in each other.


Signing: Legally Required

Presentation of Certificate/s

Present the Newly Married Couple Damian and Kristy

Congratulations and Exit-Group Photo