Naming Ceremonies

Are you looking to celebrate your newborn or young child, but you don’t have any affiliation with religion for a baptism or christening? Then a naming ceremony is absolutely perfect for you! Many families choose to combine a child’s first birthday with the celebration of a naming ceremony. Alternatively, you can have a separate celebration at a time that suits all. You may hold it at your home, a relative’s home, in a park (with a Plan B backup in case of weather), local hall, cafe, restaurant or function venue. 

A name is unique. A name is a celebration. A name stays with you forever. It is a gift that’s given to you at birth and stays with you your entire life. A naming ceremony signifies this new beginning and is a beautiful and joyous event. And it’s a time when all the special people in a child’s life can get together and celebrate with some great food and drink (how good is kids’ party food!).

Setting the right mood and tone for this special event again often falls to the celebrant. So, the Naming Ceremony should be no longer than 15 minutes. Generally, there are lots of children at these gatherings and we want to keep them happy as well. We can incorporate so much in that time. Capturing the feeling and tone you desire is a unique skill I possess, and enjoy creating a ceremony that fits you perfectly while everyone is engaged.

We can include all the special people in the ceremony (God Parents or Guardians/Mentors), Grandparents, brothers and sisters, and parents and present them with a certificate for keepsake. Welcomes, tributes, readings, the birth story, the child’s name’s meaning, wishes for your child and signing a register are all elements we can consider and include in the ceremony. I have 2 children, 3 step children and have been a teacher for over 25 years so you can be assured that I have got this!

It is a tradition that dates back centuries and has gone through many iterations and changes over the years. Regardless of what kind of ceremony you desire, be it traditional, casual, modern or alternative, I have a lot of experience in performing these joyous occasions and embrace the opportunity to work with you to perform a ceremony remembered for years to come.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly on 0407 370 287 or via email to answer any questions you may have. I can email you a sample ceremony.

$400 is the fee (maybe more for travel). 

Creating and conducting a large range of ceremonies is my absolute passion, and I look forward to speaking to you about how I can help you with your special one’s day.


A package is sent to you with a range of ideas and readings to include in your naming ceremony.  



Go through the ceremony ideas and choose what you want and add a little bit of info about your newborn that we can include.

The choice is yours!


I collaborate with you to develop the ceremony.

I finalise the naming ceremony.

You prep the celebration.



Deliver a relaxed and inclusive ceremony.

Leave you with a beautiful memory of a special day with certificates to treasure.

You will receive on the day the following

  • A beautifully presented naming certificate
  • Certificates for those appointed as Godparents or Guardians
  • Certificates for any Guardian Angels Appointed
  • Certificates for Grandparents
  • A memorable ceremony to celebrate the naming of a child (relaxed and flexible, as there are always many young kids there!) 

Options in Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremony Conclusion

So I conclude this ceremony by summarising the thought which has been the theme of the ceremony today. Let us all be aware that all our lives are interrelated. That this ceremony today has been meant to strengthen the affection and friendship we all have...

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Rose Petal Ceremony – Naming Ceremony

Sister, please shower the white petals over Child. The white petals symbolise innocence. May Child’s ideals and heart remain untarnished and ever pure with the wonders of childhood innocence forever hers. Brother please shower Child with yellow petals. May...

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Guardian Angel Appointments

Brother and Sister please step forward. You have been given the honour of being asked to be Guardian Angels for your baby sister, Child. Are you, Brother and Sister, prepared to teach Child sharing, right from wrong, kindness, caring, laughter, love,...

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Promises to Child: From Mum and Dad – Naming Ceremony

Our promises to you Child are... To love and support you To listen to you and respect you To cherish and guide you To help you learn right from wrong To show you how to respect others and the world around you To be there whenever you need us To create a...

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Candle Lighting Ceremony – Naming Ceremony

Mum and Dad, please light the candle. Please repeat after me.   We light this candle To honour the light that Child has given us. We love you very much. You are a precious gift. We promise to do the best we can To provide a loving, stimulating and...

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Baby Naming Ceremony Reading

God took the shining, twinkling stars From the cloudless evening skies And touched them with his gentle love To make the baby’s eyes. He picked a daisy from a patch Still fresh with morning dew And made the baby’s lovely skin So smooth and soft and new He...

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A tribute to all Daughters

Every home should have a daughter, for there’s nothing like a girl To keep the world around her in one continuous whirl. From the moment she arrives on earth and through to womanhood A daughter is a female who is seldom understood. One minute she is...

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Naming Ceremony Introduction

Introduction Welcome and thank you all for being here today. Please, gather around and together we will form a space of love for this special occasion. My name is Julie Byrne and I am an authorised celebrant. Today we are here to celebrate Mum’s and Dad’s...

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