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About Julie Byrne Melbourne Celebrant


Julie in a nutshell…


… Experienced celebrant, teacher, trainer, mother, stepmother, partner, taxi driver, family devotee, Diet Coke junkie, tragic Collingwood supporter, fine wine fiend, wannabe fitness buff, and universal lover of life…

Julie, the Experienced Celebrant at Work

About Julie Byrne Professional Celebrant

If you can call it work! Bringing couples together is a joy for this humorous celebrant. The sassy celebrant gig wasn’t Julie’s original calling, however. With a Bachelor of Education and a Master’s Degree in Literacy from Melbourne and Monash Universities respectively, the wedding ceremony mastermind that is Julie Byrne spent 25 consecutive years shaping teen minds as a high school teacher. The challenges that came with teaching high schoolers led to the person that couples now contact when they are looking for a celebrant available for awesome weddings throughout the Melbourne, Yarra Valley and Gippsland areas. As well as helping couples exchange vows all year round, Julie devotes time to teaching VCAL at Swinburne University of Technology, as well as training celebrants-to-be with The Celebrant Institute.

Do you want a bubbly celebrant who knows how to connect with people from all walks of life? Julie should be top of your comedic celebrant wish list. Over 800 couples in her 13 years’ experience as a professional celebrant can’t be wrong!


Julie, the Person

About Julie Byrne Celebrant Yarra Valley

Do you want to know what makes this amazing celebrant tick? Her family! Julie’s love of family life – with all its twists, bends, and miracles – is what inspired her to become the energetic celebrant she is today. After all, when family brings so much joy and fulfillment, why not be the one to start Melbourne’s starry-eyed newlyweds on their own marvellous journeys! With 5 children and stepchildren between the ages of 15 and 20, doing life with her partner Jason is one way to grow her ‘relaxed celebrant’ muscles.

And let’s not forget the other all-important wedding skill – juggling football, basketball, netball, dancing, training, homework, productions, rehearsals, part time work, play dates, sleepovers and family events makes for one very organised celebrant!

When you meet Julie at her office, you’ll also get to meet her other two great loves – her dogs Lexi and Coco. Well, Lexi the “cat” dog will be excited to greet you; Coco will be biding her time until she can return home to the farm for a well-earned rest.

Julie, the Super Fun Celebrant!

About Julie Byrne Melbourne Celebrant

There’s nothing much that rattles Julie Byrne’s cage! After all, why stress about stuff that may never even happen? When you meet her, you’ll understand why. You’ll also instantly sense just how much she loves getting to know her couples so she can give them a laid-back celebrant experience that allows their authentic selves to sparkle on the big day.

With all weddings that she officiates, Julie Byrne channels an uber-relaxed celebrant vibe that couples have been raving about for more than a decade. Every wedding is as unique as the couple saying “I Do” – and this doesn’t happen by accident.

Wherever you are getting married, be it the Melbourne ‘burbs, Yarra Valley, or magnificent Gippsland region, you’ll be ready to tie the knot in an individually tailored, fantastically organised wedding ceremony that starts your new life with a beautiful bang!