Garden Wedding Celebrant Menzies Creek – An Epic Backyard Wedding!

It’s always so exciting, as a celebrant, to receive a call from your friends to hear they’re getting married and they want you to officiate! With baited breath, you check your diary and hope that you’re available. This is exactly what happened when Abby and Jamie contacted me and, thankfully, I was free. This was to be a wedding of epic proportions and I couldn’t wait to be involved and celebrate into the night.

Abby and Jamie first met at Design-Works around 7 or 8 years ago where Abby first noticed Jamie through work conversation and thought that he was just lovely. Quite quickly, though, she noticed that he was coming to visit her multiple times a day for random reasons; including bringing her a Zooper Dooper in those early days. Jamie says Abby caught his eye immediately after their initial but brief chat. Not one to miss an opportunity, he kept making up random excuses to go upstairs just so he could pass her desk and continue chatting to her. Even he acknowledges it was multiple times a day.

Over the years, their relationship continued with much fun and many adventures. And, it was 2 and a half years ago where Jamie proposed to Abby in a picturesque park in France. They spent the afternoon out the front of a beautiful bar, looking over the Champs de Elyses, in celebration of this new commitment to one another.

Garden Wedding Celebrant Menzies Creek - Garden Ceremony
Garden Wedding Celebrant Menzies Creek - Wedding Sign
Garden Wedding Celebrant Menzies Creek - Wedding Guests

Abby’s parents live on a beautiful property with acreage in Menzies Creek and this was an ideal location for both ceremony and reception. As with any weddings organized on private property, the task was ahead of them to pull it all together in the short time frame they had given themselves. And, boy, did these two and all involved deliver in spectacular fashion.


Garden Wedding Celebrant Menzies Creek – The Ceremony

When I arrived, the different spaces looked amazing. The ceremony was held in a tree-lined garden with just Abby and Jamie in the bridal party. Abby wore a dress with pastel blue accents and florals to complement her dress were by Northstreet Botanical whilst floral styling in the reception by Liz Muller. We all laughed as I shared their love-story with guests. Their love for each is undeniable. Abby adores many things about Jamie; he is wonderfully thoughtful, not only to Abby and Macky, but to their family and friends as well. He is always thinking about ways he can help others. He is an extremely hard worker and loves to problem solve, and Abby loves how they can problem solve together. Jamie also has a great sense of humour and is funny; even when he tries to go into serious mode, he is easy to snap out of it. Therefore, they are always having fun together. He helps make Abby a better person and pushes her to aim high and encourages her to be nice to her sisters. Finally, she is so happy that she said yes and Jamie said yes to getting Macky!

Jamie loves that Abby is the most caring person he has ever met; her immense smile lights up his life and makes life wonderful and she can always manage a slight grin when he delivers his daggy jokes. Abby challenges Jamie when he needs it and supports him through every decision he makes. With such love and support from Abby, Jamie is a little frustrated for everyone to see how he has improved as a person since they met! (Apparently, her intolerance for audible body functions has improved Jamie’s manners immensely)! He loves that Abby doesn’t always choose the most obvious or easiest path and that she likes to explore places that he never would have considered, keeping life adventurous and fulfilling.

Garden Wedding Celebrant Menzies Creek - The Happy Couple
Garden Wedding Celebrant Menzies Creek - The Bride's Family
Garden Wedding Celebrant Menzies Creek - First Wedded Kiss

Once the ceremony was completed we all jumped into a group shot by We Are Lionheart Photography for what seems now, the obligatory drone shot to capture us all. Glen and Fiona were so professional and stayed throughout the evening to capture the entire day. We made our way to the rustic-styled pergola for drinks and nibbles, whilst the couple headed off for photos. We all checked out the table places and the marquee to seat 140+ guests for dinner and accommodate a dance floor for the celebrations later on. The party had begun.

We all entered the reception area and delicious food was prepared and served by Digging for Fire Barbecue in the beautifully styled marque by Open Air Events Hilarious and heartfelt speeches were broken up into two sections whilst the fabulous band Something Blue kept the dance floor full then and throughout the night. The evening continued into one of laughs, fun and the ultimate celebration. When the band finished, the guest’s play list, as suggested via our RSVPs, began. I am happy to say that ‘Jessie’s Girl’ played quite early on.

As the evening became early morning, it was time to head home after one of the best days of my life as a celebrant and wedding guest. However, getting transport from the Dandenong Ranges to anywhere at midnight is always a challenge. So, to cut a long wait short, we jumped into the car with the bride and groom in the wee hours of the morning to make our way home, get some rest, ready for a debrief the following day. It had been spectacular.

It was talked about as one of the most epic weddings ever! The photos of their wedding day are remarkable, not to mention the highlight reel also from It surely captures the vibe of the day and who Jamie and Abby are. Such a wonderful choice of vendors and a wonderful family to allow their property to the location for their daughter’s wedding. Check out the link below.

Jamie and Abby, thanks for choosing me to officiate the ceremony and throwing a wedding reception to end all parties! Happy marriage guys, x.

View their awesome video below