Are you struggling to write your wedding vows? AI Written Wedding Vows is a great new method that can help couples write their own, authentic, and personalised wedding vows! Many don’t know where to start when it comes to vows in their wedding ceremony and Chat GPT and other AI platforms can help you.

I share with my couples an in-depth planning package of ideas when they book, but I am all up for using as many resources as one likes. I use the term ‘creating’ your wedding vows rather than ‘writing’ them from scratch. It’s easier to break it down, pull pieces together from different sources, brainstorm, cut and paste and now, the next helpful source.

Here are some tips on how to use this tool to create heartfelt and customised wedding vows.


Start with a basic outline

Before diving into writing your vows, it’s helpful to have a general arrangement in mind. You can get AI to help create a template for your vows, such as an opening statement, promises to your partner, and a conclusion. Once you have a basic outline, it’s time to start refining your ideas. Also, you can ask it to suggest a format for your vows or provide guidance on how to transition from one idea to the next.


Start by providing some information about yourself and your partner, such as your personalities, interests, and values. Based on this input, it can generate a list of possible topics and ideas for your vows. You can use these ideas as a starting point for your own creating. Keep what you like, cull what’s not relevant. Maybe get the highlighters out or create a concept map to start formatting and grouping together.


Get inspired by other sources

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, it can come up with inspiring quotes, poetry, or love letters or to suggest famous wedding vows from literature, movies, or real-life examples.

AI Written Wedding Vows


You can use it to generate prompts for your vows, such as “What do you love most about your partner?” or “What promises do you want to make to your partner?”. This way you can get the guidance but create your own vows with over-arching headings, questions, or ideas.

AI Written Wedding Vows


Finally, it can help you make your vows personal and meaningful by incorporating specific details about your relationship. You can provide it with some information about your shared experiences and memories, and it can suggest ways to weave these into your vows. Using the ideas and phrases provided, you can begin to craft your own unique wedding vows. You can customise the language and tone to fit your relationship, and make sure that the vows truly reflect your feelings and intentions.



Providing you with some examples of beautiful and meaningful wedding vows that can inspire you in crafting your own is also a great way to understand what you might want to say.


Improve your language, refine, and edit and ensure that your vows are well-written and grammatically correct by placing them in AI such as Chat GPT or Copy.AI. You can ask it to check your grammar, suggest synonyms or alternate phrasing, or provide feedback on your writing.



Finally, it’s important to practice your vows before the big day. You can use it to generate speaking prompts or practice speeches to help you prepare. And, of course, say them out loud to yourself or someone else.



It can provide you with helpful insights, ideas, and inspiration to make writing your wedding vows a more manageable and enjoyable process. Remember, the most important thing is to speak from your heart and be true to yourself and feel comfortable with the length of your vows on the day. Your wedding vows should reflect your love and commitment to each other. Be true to who you are and keep it real. AI Written Wedding Vows can help you with this and be less worried about coming up with ideas.

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