Melbourne turned on its usual wintery charm for Rachel and Shane’s Ballara Receptions Wedding Ceremony, but it didn’t dampen their happiness!

When former student Rachel contacted me to officiate their wedding ceremony at Ballara Receptions, I knew it would be something special.

Julie Byrne - Ballara Receptions Celebrant - Shane and Rachel
Julie Byrne - Ballara Receptions Celebrant - Shane and Rachel

It certainly was! Rachel and Shane’s love for each other was clear to everyone present, and sharing the day with their son Caelan was heartwarming to witness.

Thankfully, the Ballara Receptions chapel saved the day, becoming home to the couple’s lovely wedding ceremony.

Rachel made her entrance as the stunning bride that Shane expected.  Her Leah S Design bridal gown and exquisite bouquet of red roses by Lillypad Flowers & Events contrasted perfectly with each other.  The softer white and pastel floral arrangements at both the ceremony and reception framed everything beautifully.

Julie Byrne - Ballara Receptions Wedding - Shane and Rachel

While Melbourne’s rain drove the wedding indoors, it gave the incredible grounds at Ballara Receptions an extra sparkle. This was evident in the photographs by Lemon & Lime Photography, as well as the wedding videography by Stu Art Productions.

Celebrations continued well into the evening, with the formalities of speeches, their first dance and the cutting of the Kat’s Cakes masterpiece giving way to joy-filled hours of dancing, music and delicious fare.


I wish Rachel and Shane, and their awesome son Caelan, a wonderful journey ahead.

Ballara Receptions Celebrant - Rachel & Shane
Ballara Receptions Celebrant - Rachel & Shane
Ballara Receptions Celebrant - Rachel & Shane

Rachel & Shane’s Love Story

How they met

Shane and Rachel met in a billiards room in 1998 where Rachel watched Shane play pool and thought he was crazy good. He had a suave vibe about him but he seemed like a ladies man.

Shane thought Rachel was intriguing, gorgeous and he needed to meet her but she looked stuck up and she always made him pay for my drinks – “Does she know who I am?” Their first date was sometime later where they had Lunch at a local café.

Rachel had been living in Gippsland at the time. They ended up chatting for hours almost until sunset. Shane tried to steal a kiss.

The first spark

Early on, they discovered they had similar interests and their conversations were comfortable and natural. There was no awkwardness. Rachel says that Shane was very confident and intelligent. His smile and chuckle gave her butterflies.

They were falling in love, and it was unbearable to be apart so a proposal ensued. Shane proposed on Christmas day. He bought Rachel a new Guess handbag and purse and put the ring inside it. Rachel ruined the moment as it took her forever to find the ring, but when she did, she cried, and eventually said yes!

Their love

Shane describes Rachel as loyal and understanding and is the loving mother to our their Caelan. She always makes him laugh and smile and loves him unconditionally. She is always making jokes for him and Caelan and is one funny soon to be wife and mother.

Rachel loves that Shane still makes her belly laugh everyday. He is always encouraging and is her strength in times of weakness. She loves his generosity, his quick wit and silly mannerisms. He is Rachel’s Best Friend. She also loves how he cannot put the toilet roll on the actual holder, how he looks for something and then complains when he cannot find it when its right on top. She adores how he wraps his legs up in hers when they fall asleep.

They are also experts at changing the words to songs to make them sound much more interesting.

Their future

Rachel and Shane have taught each other warmth, love and affection and not to take life so seriously. In marriage, they know that communication, compromise and dedication are extremely important to relationship success and they can’t wait to refer to each other as husband and wife.