Boho Wedding Wandin Park Estate

Weddings at Wandin Park Estate can look very different from each other, and this Melbourne and Yarra Valley celebrant loves ALL the options.

You may wish to marry in the Woolshed which is a converted, historical shed with rustic and charming vibes. Or, you might choose the all new, modern Grand Marquee, situated on the top of the main hill that can seat up to 220 guests. However, like Cassie and Matt, you can create your own setup with never-ending photo opportunities on their 320-acre property with the most breathtaking views of the Yarra Valley and beyond!

Wandin Park Estate | Boho Wedding

The Styling and Ceremony

Boho was the theme for Matt and Cassie; brown, white, and cream tones for signs, outfits and florals, outdoor dance floor under a tipi, rustic and boho styling, expansive views, and a chilled, relaxed vibe (great work Events by Emma Currie, The Flower Press Co and The Table Station). And I was STOKED to find out one of my favourite photographers, Kelly, from @myscandistyle, was capturing the day. As you can see, the photos are just amazing and LOVED by the couple.

At this Boho Wedding Wandin Park Estate, Cassie looked just beautiful in her @andforlove dress from @amantebridal and styled from the decolletage up by @makeupwith_tash and @taliajade_hair. As she entered the ceremony space there was much excitement and love in the air. Both Cassie and Matt had 2 wedding party attendants and 2 gorgeous nieces helped out as well. And, if the wind is playing a little havoc on your wedding day, don’t be afraid to change positions halfway through the ceremony to keep that hairstyle in place or out of the face! Fabulous ceremony all round.

Their Love Story


How They Met

Before this Boho Wedding Wandin Park Estate was even imaginedthey had to first meet. Cassie first saw Matt at high school, she was in year 10 and he was in year 12. He was the blue house sport captain and she thought he was an absolute babe. He didn’t know who she was. They ended up matching on the internet cupid, Tinder, years later and it went from there.

When they first met up Cassie obviously first noticed that he Matt super attractive. He was really nice and relaxed which made getting to know each other easy.

Matt noticed Cassie was extremely funny, and he was memorised by the colour of her hair. He instantly wanted to know more about her.

Their First Date

Their first date was at Cassie’s sister house. Hayley was holidaying at the time. It was a very typical tinder date, ‘Netflix and chill’. They were watching Game of Thrones. Matt later told her that one thing that stood out from that date was when he said, ‘Oh, look at the wolves,’ and Cassie said, in a very short tone, ‘They’re Direwolves’, like he was useless for not knowing what they were!

The dates continued and love blossomed. For Cassie, she distinctly remembers driving home from Matt’s on a Tuesday morning, and just felt blissfully happy, her soul was happy. She knew that she would always remember that moment. It was then that she knew that is how she wanted to feel for the rest of my life. Matt first knew he loved Cassie when she was leaving to go overseas; was driving home from her house, sobbing at the thought of her leaving.

The Proposal

Matt proposed on a trip to Daylesford after one of the lockdowns in 2021. He was originally going to propose down by the lake but was too worried he’d drop the ring in! He ended up taking her to a charming clearing on the hill.

How do they see each other

Cassie describes Matt as supportive, funny and a complete babe. She loves how Matt is a very chill person, he is always calm when she’s having a crisis. He’s so supportive of Cassie and where she wants to go in life. He’s incredibly funny and has a silly side that makes her embrace her inner child. He has such a big heart and is so kind to everyone. The list could go on! Matt has taught her how to be an actual mature adult, such as knowing about politics and world news.

Matt describes Cassie as intelligent, stunning, and hilarious. First and foremost, he loves how funny Cassie is. Never in his life did he believe he would find someone funnier than him, but he did. Seriously, she has always been someone who has supported him in whatever challenge he’s faced, from day one. Her heart is just so pure and he feels that every day when he wakes up, life has blessed him in ways he didn’t think were possible. Cassie has taught Matt how to take advantage of life’s opportunities.

Together, they love going to brunch, taking their dog Nellie for walks, and shopping. In marriage, they know that communication, fun and a good sense of humour will be extremely important. Cassie looks forward to being tied together, forever, and Matt, raising a family.

They can’t wait to have their children, buy a house, and travel the world, as husband and wife.

Matt’s Vows

Here we are, the day we have both dreamed about for a long, long time. Strangely enough, when I saw down and wrote this, the first thing that came to mind was high school. The universe all along was telling us our forever person was right in front of us, just needed chance for it to all work out.

The last seven years have been the most amazing years a man could ask for. We have been on countless holidays together, venturing to Noosa thanks to John and his excellent tipping skills, to spontaneous trips to the Gold Coast and even venturing to Greece. The place where I knew that I was going to marry you.

We faced living away from each other for a year in which our love grew stronger than ever. We have moved from Gippsland and found our feet in the bright lights of Melbourne. We have faced the tough times of COVID.  We have become an Aunty and Uncle. And more importantly we have become parents…to Nellie and Nora, the dog and cat.

But despite all these changes in our lives, there is one thing that has remained a constant. And that’s you. My love for you. Cassie, you have filled me with unconditional love. You have made me a better man, a better boyfriend and no doubt in the future, a better husband. No matter what challenges I have faced throughout the day, one look at you when I get home and the smile you give me washes all my problems away.

And with that, I promise to be the best possible husband I can be, even when it’s giving you another hug when you cry after Georges Death in Grays Anatomy for the 500th time. I promise to laugh at all of your jokes and understand when you don’t laugh at mine. I promise to always be by your side when we face challenges, and by your side when we have our successes. I promise to be a devoted husband and devoted future father of our children. I promise to always love you until death death do us part.

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Cassandra Lauren Rek, while the first chapter of our lives has been special, the second chapter will be perfect. I can wait to start our family and build our lives together. You are the love of my life and always will be.

I love you today, tomorrow and forever.

Wandin Park Estate _ Boho Wedding (6)

Cassie’s Vows

Matthew, who would have thought that swiping right 8 years ago would lead to this moment. At that point in my life I really didn’t think that I was ready to find love, but then the universe sent me you. Throughout the last 8 years, you have shown me what a great love looks like. You have loved me at my worst and at my best, and that unwavering love has helped to shape me into the person I am today. I love how incredibly kind, supportive and loyal you are. And while I hate to admit it, I do love your constant silly puns. I love how much you value family, and how you have embraced how close I am with mine and I love how easy and natural our love is, even through all of life’s uncertainties.

It’s hard to find the words to describe how much I love you, so I will instead make these promises to show you, every day of the rest of our lives how much you mean to me.

I promise to support and encourage you, and walk beside you whatever life brings.  I promise to laugh with you in times of joy and comfort you when you are wild with struggle.

I promise to always remember this moment, and love you unconditionally and whole heartedly for the rest of our lives.

You have made all my dreams come true, and I feel so lucky every day that you have chosen me. I cannot wait to start this next chapter with you and see what the future holds. I love you so much.

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