Jen and Matt tied the knot with Celebrant Julie Byrne at their beautiful Coombe Yarra Valley Wedding.

When you are on the search for a venue for your Melbourne Wedding, be sure to head out east as you may find the scenic wedding you are after. In choosing a Coombe Yarra Valley Wedding, you will be opting for a picturesque, high-end, and elegant ceremony and reception. It’s also a handy 10-minute drive from home for this Melbourne Celebrant!

Jennifer and Matthew fell in love with Coombe, and Jennifer brought her love for monochromatic styling to her wedding, incorporating a black and white classic theme. I first encountered the couple, Jen’s family, and some guests many years ago as a teacher at Rowville Secondary College (once again, helping me feel my age!). It’s always wonderful to see former students and marry them at their Coombe Yarra Valley wedding ceremony.

Coombe Yarra Valley Wedding - Jen and Matt
Coombe Yarra Valley Celebrant - Jen and Matt

The Couple’s Story

Jennifer and Matthew met at Jennifer’s family home, when Matt Butters and Matt Chick were picking up Bianca for a night out to celebrate her birthday in 2010 (so that Bianca and Matt B could get together). At the time Jennifer was only 16 and was studying on a Saturday night!  Matt B was too scared to go inside the house and meet the parents, so Matt C went in by himself (so technically, Matt C met the parents before Matt B!). Jen went downstairs to see who was picking up her sister, and there she met Matt C. Matt C definitely noticed Jen – so much so, that later that night Matt C asked Matt B “When are we taking Jennifer out as well?”. Much to Matt C’s disappointment, Matt B replied, “Not for a few years!”.

They crossed paths over the years, neither available at the same time and finally, in mid-2019, Jen and Matt got together, with Matt asking Jennifer to be his girlfriend on the 8th of June, 2019.

As a 16-year-old, Jen remembers telling Bianca, Mum and Dad, that Chicky was really funny when he came over that night to pick up Bianca, but one thing that stood out was his “big ears”!

In 2019, she remembers thinking how intelligent and caring this man is, despite calling her monochrome house decor “Dull”. She loved how there was a never a quiet moment between them; the conversation just flowed for hours. Looking back on Easter Camping in 2019, she knew he was special, so much so she shared her gnocchi with him!

Coombe Estate Yarra Valley Wedding - Celebrant Julie Byrne - Jen
Coombe Estate Yarra Valley Wedding - Celebrant Julie Byrne - Jennifer and Matthew
Coombe Estate Yarra Valley Wedding - Celebrant Julie Byrne - Matt and Jen

In 2010, for Matt, seeing this blonde Beauty come down the stairs with Bianca and after talking with her and her parents, “I remember thinking how fun she was”.

In 2019, Jen’s attention to detail caught his eye; in the way she prepared her cheese platters, her matching Jaggad and her organised lifestyle. Matt remembers how, even from the very beginning of their relationship, it was easy to be together enjoying conversation, entertainment, food and friends.

To impress Jen, Matt organised a weekend away in the city, with dinner at Meat Wine and Co. It was in the moment in the bar prior, where Matt thought Jennifer was perfect, until she ordered her steak “Well Done”. At closing time, they were the last to leave the restaurant, Matt knew he could look past the ruined steak and spend the rest of his life with Jen. It was the night they became official. I wasn’t long until a proposal ensued.

Jennifer’s favourite day of the year is Christmas day, so, Matthew proposed on Christmas Morning 2019 with Tyra, the fluffy companion, as the only witness. Jen thought she would be getting earrings for Christmas, and after the 6th Bath bomb she was getting a bit nervous. After a very quiet tidy up of gift wrapping, Matt got down on one knee and was able to ask Jen if she would marry him after the multiple “oh my Gods” subsided.

Coombe Yarra Valley Wedding - Celebrant Julie Byrne - Jen and Matt Bridal Party
Coombe Estate Yarra Valley Wedding - Celebrant Julie Byrne - Jen and Matt

Jennifer describes Matt as very supportive, loving, and intelligent. She loves how she can completely be herself when with Matt and he makes her a better person. Matt is her happiness, her calm, biggest supporter, brightest smile, and best friend. Jen knows that Matt will always be there for her. She also loves seeing Matt around her two nephews, Jordan and William. Matt has taught her how to be a better cook, to see the good in everything and that not every car is the same and their colour is not the only difference.

Matthew describes Jen as loving, thoughtful, and very determined. He loves how all the things they do together is so easy, and through the last two years of lockdowns, on and off, they always found joy in being together. He loves how Jennifer makes him laugh, and always keeps him smiling. Jen has taught him to see the beauty in the world, true meaning of unconditional love and how to make a banging cheese platter.

Together, they love cooking, drinking wine and easting cheese platters, taking Tyra on adventures and being with family. In marriage they know that good communication, care and empathy will be of importance. Jen and Matt already feel like they have started their unofficial married life together, the last two years have just changed the order in which things happen.  January 2021 when they purchased their family home felt like the start of a marriage. This ceremony and reception is the celebration of their partnership and a formal announcement to the world of Jen’s and Matt’s union. They are looking forward to being able to introduce themselves as Mr and Mrs Chick, start a family and explore the world together with baby Chicks!

Coombe Yarra Valley Wedding - Jen and Matt - Flower Girls
Coombe Estate Yarra Valley Wedding - Celebrant Julie Byrne - Jen & Matt
Coombe Yarra Valley Wedding - Jen and Matt - Page Boy

The Wedding Ceremony

The Coombe Yarra Valley Wedding Ceremony itself was held in the Italian Garden and styled exquisitely by Flowers of St Germaine; classy and sophisticated all the way. A friend of the couple sang the processional, recessional and signing songs to give that personal and meaningful touch. Siblings and friends formed the extended wedding party with 5 nieces and nephews looking gorgeous in their outfits. Both mothers of the bride and groom shared a reading with us all and they were truly emotional moments. Not unlike their heartfelt wedding vows.

Coombe Yarra Valley Wedding Celebrant - Jen and Matt
Coombe Yarra Valley Wedding Ceremony - Jennifer and Matthew

Their Personal Vows



Jennifer, it is true that to meet a beautiful woman is one thing, but to meet your best friend in the most beautiful of women is something entirely apart.

You have shown me how easy life can be, when we are together, I enjoy all that we are. You have taught me to believe in my values and helped me be the person I want to be.

Through my life I have always looked for more, with you, and everything we do, I am complete. I am excited to grow our family. Our plans for the future have my heart full.

My promise to you is to always be here for you, to love you for everything you are, and everything you will become. I promise to be your biggest supporter and provide all that you need. I will only ever ask for your love in return.

I choose you to be my partner in life, through the hard times, the good times, and for every time between. I choose you before all others and give myself to you unconditionally.

I love you today, I will love you more tomorrow, and I will love you always and forever.



Matthew, when people hear of our love story, they learn one thing. We fell for each other hard, and we fell for each other fast. Originally, I lived in a house with all of the black and white décor that one could possibly desire, but it was you and Tyra who made it into a home. I soon came to learn what love truly was, and it was because of you.

When we met, you didn’t try to change me or fix me, you just embraced me for who I am and loved me for all that I am. Sometimes I think you know me better than I know myself. Matthew, you have taught me how to love and feel loved, how to support and feel supported, how to respect and feel respected and most importantly, how to live each day with genuine happiness and gratitude. You make me a better person, and I love the person that I am when I am with you.

Growing up I adored my parents love story and admired the love and affection they have for one another. Even today, their love for one another is real, strong, and genuine. When I was a little girl, I remember thinking that I couldn’t wait to find a love, friendship and partnership like theirs. I stand here today with genuine happiness inside knowing that I have found that, and most importantly have found my person. Matthew you are my person.

I promise to be true to you, to cherish you, and to share my thoughts, hopes and dreams with you. In your arms, I have found my home. In your heart, I have found love, and in your soul, I have found my best friend.

They say true love is when you think you are the lucky one. Matthew I am the lucky one. I choose you to be my forever. You are the love of my life, my favourite part of the day and the one who I was meant to find.

I love you today, I will love you more tomorrow and I will love you always and forever.

Coombe Yarra Valley Wedding Reception - Jennifer and Matthew

The Photos

At the conclusion of the ceremony all the guests headed to the lawn for a group photo, with the talented Duüet Melbourne. Immediate family photos were taken whilst the guests headed to the courtyard for drinks and canapes, and I managed to catch up with former students. The bride and groom, with the bridal party, explored the grounds of Coombe Yarra Valley with the photographers to take some brilliant and memorable photos.

A wonderful day was had by all, and a fabulous list of suppliers were on board to look after the couple.

If you’re looking for a celebrant to celebrate your big day, then look no further than HERE!

Coombe Yarra Valley Wedding – List of Suppliers for the Day

Photography and Videography – Duüet Melbourne

Venue – Coombe Yarra Valley

Celebrant – Melbourne Celebrant Julie


Bridesmaids Gown – Vestido de Novia Oleg Cassini

Grooms Suit – YSG Tailors

Groomsmen Suits – @andrejmenswear

Flower Girls & Page Boys – Princess Boutique – Australia

Make up – @jedavu_mua

Hair – Sara Jane

Florals – Flowers St Germain

Wedding Stationery – Peppermint Press

Cars – Always Classic Cars



Coombe Yarra Valley Wedding Venue - Matthew and Jennifer
Coombe Yarra Valley Wedding Ceremony - Jen and Matt
Coombe Yarra Valley Wedding Celebrant - Jennifer and Matthew