Tegan & Harrison | Dandenong Ranges Wedding

Looking for the perfect place to hold your wedding in the Yarra Valley or Dandenong Ranges? Look no further than Yarra Ranges Estate, the ultimate dream destination for your wedding celebration! Nestled in the breathtaking beauty of the Yarra Ranges, this venue has it all, ensuring your special day is nothing short of magical.


A Picture Perfect Location

Lush green vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, majestic mountains frame the horizon, and a charming rustic ambience will sweep you off your feet. Yarra Ranges Estate offers a variety of ceremony locations, whether you prefer an intimate garden affair or a grand celebration in their elegant winery space. And for these reasons and more, this is why Tegan and Harrison chose this Melbourne Wedding Venue for their big day and the talented Bec from Lemon and Lime Photography to capture the special day.

Dandenong Ranges Wedding

The Ceremony

They chose an outdoor ceremony to exchange their wedding vows, and the weather held out for a June wedding; Tegan arrived in a Kombi van with her crew, and I immediately noticed her whimsical appearance with her flower crown. A nervous and emotional Harrison expressed such joy as his bride walked down the aisle (after the adult flower girls who made an entrance!). The couple also chose an eclectic range of music for the ceremony and included my ‘Bring-a-DJ’ add-on to handle all the music and technical elements.

Their Love Story

Dandenong Ranges Wedding

Tegan and Harrison met on the dating app, Hinge, on March 27th 2019 and liked each other’s pictures. Tegan thought Harri was very cute and noticed they had similar interests from their bio, with pictures of their dogs and pop culture references included. Harrison thought Tegan was also cute and had a friendly smile with a goofiness to her.

It was Good Friday when they had their first date, due to busy schedules, and they didn’t want to miss an opportunity to meet each other after talking online for a week or so. They went to a restaurant in Chinatown, as it was one of the few places open, they were very nervous but tried their best to prolong the date by heading to Maccas to get ice cream and talk for a few more hours after dinner.

In these early stages of dating, Tegan appreciated Harri’s thoughtfulness and kind heart; he was an animal lover, and she simply enjoyed his company. They both loved history and stories, both fictional and true. Harrison appreciated Tegan’s beautiful, welcoming smile and willingness to try new things. She was always ready for a good laugh. They fell in love, realising they were both with their favourite person. Harrison proposed on their first night in their rental, urrounded by moving boxes, sitting on the second-hand couch watching Star Trek. He pulled out the ring and asked Tegan if she would marry him.

Tegan describes Harri as…

Positive, sentimental, and easy-going. She loves that he is someone she can share her troubles and good times with; it’s wonderful to have someone to rely on. Harrison describes Tegan as warm, independent, and affectionate. He loves her ability to see the best in others; she is so easy to get along with and is simply beautiful. Tegan and Harrison just love living every day together and love to go to the movies, being lovers of cinema, and spending their evenings playing video games together on the couch. Arcades and restaurants with friends are also a favourite, trying to win a teddy from a claw machine. In marriage, Tegan and Harrison know that communication and honesty will be so important. Harri looks forward to being assured of their  commitment to each other, and Tegan looks forward to no longer having to plan a nwedding! They hope to have many more happy years in their new house and hope to grow their little family, from now on, as husband and wife.

Dandenong Ranges Wedding

The Vows

Dandenong Ranges Wedding

Harrison’s Vows

Tegan, you are so beautiful. You’re so kind; you’re so generous; you’re so wonderfully weird. Every day with you is an adventure. I can’t believe how lucky I am, and I can’t wait to share my life with you forever. To find someone as special as you, out of all the people in the world, is one I never imagined.

You have been… and always shall be…. my friend. I promise to be by your side through everything that life will throw at us, for the good things you show me are there. Let us be friends, partners and grow old together. And let us make the years of our lives together the best years of our lives. For now, and forever. Tegan’s Vows I ask everyone here to witness that I, Tegan, take you, Harrison, to be my wedded husband. I wanted to find the perfect words to express how I feel about you, but perfection is a hard thing to come by and I believe life is meant to be a little messy, all I can do is promise to be by your side through it all as we support and encourage each other.

Tegan’s Vows

Harri, you’re handsome, funny, and caring and I love you in the quiet moments, everyday, when we say goodnight and then good morning again, even though you are usually still asleep when I start my day. I would simply ask of you, can I go wherever you go and can we always be this close? Because spending the rest of my days with you by my side is the only thing I can imagine doing. You’re my best friend, my home and I am yours and will be forever.


Tegan in her stunning Wedding Dress

A Final Thank You

Much love and laughter was shared on the day and I thank Harrison and Tegan for choosing me. So, why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? Yarra Ranges Estate is waiting to turn your wedding into a fairytale, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Say “I do” to this enchanting venue, and let the magic begin!

And if you’re after a Fabulous celebrant to officiate at your Dandenong Ranges Wedding or in the Yarra Valley, contact me.

Dandenong Ranges Wedding
Dandenong Ranges Wedding