DIY WEDDING | Julie Byrne Celebrant | Lauren and Josh

DIY weddings have a different connotation for a variety of couples. For some it’s DIY almost everything (except of course a Yarra Valley celebrant, me, which is essential to marry!) for others it’s DIY some aspects such as styling, cake or flowers or it could be DIY wedding venue.

For Lauren and Josh, they chose the property of Lauren’s father, just out of Euroa, to hold their rustic-inspired and country-feel wedding. And, just remember, when you choose your celebrant for a private property wedding, the wedding celebrant effectively becomes your wedding planner for the day. Make sure, they’re on the ball!

DIY Wedding - Lauren and Josh - Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant

Lauren booked me early for her wedding; as a Yarra Valley Make Up Artist herself, she knows how important it is to lock in professionally recognised suppliers for your wedding day. She was also a former student at a local high school where I taught so the decision was made easy. Although the couple had chosen a DIY wedding venue, Lauren certainly knew that enlisting professionals to assist with the idea of DIY is so important. This way, the ‘shed’ on the property was transformed into a stunning reception venue.

Julie Byrne Celebrant - DIY Wedding of Lauren and Josh
Lauren and Josh DIY Wedding - Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant

Josh and Lauren booked Danielle Sargent Photography and Steven Beck Media to capture the day and I am so in love with their photos and visuals; the couple and their family looked gorgeous. Liz from Forget-Me-Not Floret, who also attended the same school, created all the stunning blooms for the day that shaped the spectacular styling and images. The exquisite bouquets and ceremony fashioning were breathtaking. Caterers and many hands-of-help were used to set everything up create the dream wedding.

Their daughters, and the dog, Thor, featured prominently throughout the ceremony and the day. It was a wonderful, inclusive ceremony with some raw, emotional and comical vows exchanged. Amity and Scarlette held the rings and the girls loved being flower girls. Both the bride and groom rocked their outfits and thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony.

Julie Byrne Euroa Wedding Celebrant - Lauren and Josh' Wedding
Julie Byrne Euroa Celebrant - Lauren and Josh' Wedding
Julie Byrne Euroa Wedding Celebrant - The Wedding of Lauren and Josh

There were a few familiar faces from my early days at Lilydale Heights College and I appreciated the feedback from Lauren on Facebook, “Most amazing celebrant. Made our ceremony and entire marriage process, so easy going, fun and bubbly. Thanks so much Jules, you’re the best!” 

So, if you’re looking for a fabulous and organised marriage celebrant, contact me here via my Contact Page.

Lauren and Josh' DIY Wedding - Julie Byrne Celebrant Euroa
Lauren and Josh's DIY Wedding - Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant Euroa
Lauren and Josh's Wedding - Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant Euroa

Lauren and Josh – Their Love Story

Lauren and Josh met at Dakota nightclub, February 2016. Lauren immediately thought Josh was incredibly good looking, and she loved that he was a bit reserved and shy. Josh thought Lauren was stunning, beautiful and loud. When they first starting dating, Lauren was so impressed with how dedicated Josh was from the get-go, and how her having a one-year old daughter didn’t faze him at all. Josh noticed that Lauren wasn’t a typical girl; she likes heavy music, fast cars, and lots of tattoos. She was also such an amazing mum.

Josh realised he loved Lauren when, even though she drove him crazy, he still wanted to be right there next to her. He could see how much of a loving mum and caring person she was. Lauren knew when she told him; she just knew he was the one for her.

Lauren describes Josh as dedicated, incredible and extremely handsome. She loves that Josh is an incredible father. He is not afraid of a challenge. He calms her (as much as possible) and he loves Lauren unconditionally. Josh has taught her how a real man treats a woman, or women in general. He taught her that she can do anything and everything she puts her mind to and has encouraged her every step of the way. Josh admires Lauren’s passion and that she has a caring nature and is loud. She always thinks of others, he loves her sense of humour, that she’s a loving mum, and, of course, her stunning looks. Lauren has taught Josh how to grow as a man and as a father. She has taught him how to be a better partner and that’s its ok not to be ok. Also, she’s taught Josh how to do every single house chore.

Together, they love going to car racing events, watching any type of racing, eating, watching documentaries, family days out and taking their kids on adventures. In continuing their relationship through marriage, they know that honesty, trust, fun, spontaneity and love are extremely important. They look forward to growing old together and watching their kids grow up, giving them the best-life, they can. They promise to keep loving each other more and more each day and Lauren can’t wait to have a 4 letter surname instead, rather than 13 letters.

Josh and Laurens DIY Wedding - Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant
Julie Byrne Euroa Wedding Celebrant - Josh and Lauren's Wedding
Julie Byrne Euroa Wedding Celebrant - Lauren with the Bridal Party