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Ashleigh and Elise originally booked their wedding with me, pre-Covid, and decided to reimagine their plans with an Elope-Wedding.

They chose an Air BnB down the peninsula to hold their ceremony and celebrate their love before heading out to a restaurant.

The focus of this elope-wedding was family and their 2 girls, who certainly loved being a part of the day.

It was also extra special for me as Elise taught my kids at primary school and I worked with her mum as a VET coordinator in the Yarra Valley.

These two were so in love and they both looked absolutely stunning and couldn’t have been happier to marry each other and share the day with their nearest and dearest.

Their vows were a feature in the ceremony, very common for a small Elope-Wedding.

Congrats to these two lovebirds!

Ashleigh & Elise Elopement

The Vows

Elise’s Vows

People often ask, what’s your measure of success? For me, that’s easy… it’s you!

It’s the out of key lyrics that I know are half made up, the seas of black hair everywhere around the house, the nicknames you give to myself and the girls that always seem to be food related.

It’s the witchy cackle I can recognise from a mile away, the snack wrappers you leave in the car and the food that sits on the front of your top every time we eat out.

It’s the sleep ins you give me time and time again because you don’t want to wake me. The PJ’s laid out on my side of the bed if I work late. The morning coffee you bring me with a kiss on my head and the head rubs you give me at the end of a long day.

It’s the immeasurable kindness you have for the world and the acceptance of everyone you meet.

It’s the unconditional love you have for our girls and I and the lending of an ear to your friends without judgement. It’s the laughter you bring to whoever is around you and the ongoing faith that there is good in all of us.

To find the one person in this world who makes you smile even on your worst day, who makes you feel whole from within. You make me a better person and I couldn’t live one day in this world without you.

You, Ashleigh, are my greatest success.


The Vows

Ashleigh’s Vows

You lured me in from the start with those stunning blue eyes and that gorgeous smile that lights up your entire face.

So, with a beautiful blonde baby girl in tow, my heart was always going to be yours from the very start.

Our unwavering support and respect for one another not only as a team but as individuals is something to be very proud of.

Your impressive work ethic and dedication to our family makes me feel insanely lucky to know you always have our backs no matter what.

I love that you challenge me and call me out when I need it, even if I don’t agree at the time…

You accept me for me, and all the sass that goes along with it!

It’s all the quirks only I know about you, the way you can crack up over a Facebook meme, your rigid bedtime routine or even the way you sneeze minimum of 3-5 times, always exhausting your ‘bless you’ allocations!

I promise I won’t ever skip on the spontaneity and adventure, bum grabs and kitchen kisses. Our life is to be enjoyed along the way, not just wait for the next big thing.

Elise, you are my best friend and I love you with everything I have.

No amount of time with you will ever be enough.


I’d choose you….

in a hundred different lifetimes

In a hundred worlds

In any version of reality

I’d find you and choose you

Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Immerse Winery Wedding Celebrant - Luke & Katrina
Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Immerse Winery Wedding Celebrant - Luke & Katrina

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