If you’ve never been to a Flowerdale Estate Wedding before, you are missing something truly special. 

Flowerdale Estate is one of my favourite wedding venues in Melbourne, and it was a pleasure to officiate Bianca and Andrew’s Autumn ceremony.

Located between the Yarra Valley and Macedon Ranges in Central Victoria, this divine property is a 40-minute drive from the Yarra Valley, and one hour drive from Melbourne.  This Flowerdale Estate wedding had all of the happy couple’s needs covered, with perfect grounds, photo-ready pavilion and romantic onsite B&B accommodation.

Julie Byrne Flowerdale Estate Wedding Celebrant - Andrew and Bianca's Wedding

​With preparations beginning early in the day, Hair by Neveen and Abby P Artistry enhanced the bride’s naturally beautiful glow, before Bianca’s support team helped her step into a divine Fairytale Bridal gown.  Scentsational Flowers created the sweet bouquets, as well as the ceremony floral arrangements.  Andrew was every bit the handsome groom in his Ferrari Formal suit.

They made a sophisticated, high impact entrance with wedding transport from award-winning Enrik Limousines, and Lark Music added an extra dash of romance to the ceremony with live music that continued throughout the reception as well.

Julie Byrne Flowerdale Wedding Celebrant - Andrew and Bianca's Wedding Ceremony
Julie Byrne Flowerdale Wedding Celebrant - Bianca and Andrew's Wedding Ceremony

Bianca and Andrew were fortunate enough to have a sunny day from start to finish, making their dream of an outdoor wedding on the venue’s rich green lawn come true.  It was a personal and emotional ceremony that celebrated their twelve years together and honoured their parents and sharing personalised vows.

These high school sweethearts also included their two vibrant Labradors, Buddy and Bella, throughout the day, until the wonderful First Class Pet Sitting whisked them away after the official photos were taken by Ashley K PhotographyRachael Mary Films joined the team, capturing the day with stunning wedding videography.

Julie Byrne Flowerdale Wedding Celebrant - Andrew and Bianca Labrador Bridal Party
Julie Byrne Flowerdale Wedding Celebrant - Bianca and Andrew's Wedding
Julie Byrne Flowerdale Wedding Celebrant - Andrew and Bianca with their Labs

Flowerdale Estate really is one of the most enchanting wedding venues in Victoria.  Not only is it full of features that would excite any newlyweds-to-be, but the service, styling and cuisine are impeccable.  Maria and the team are experts when it comes to turning wedding wishes into reality.

It was a delight to unite this gorgeous couple in marriage, and their Flowerdale Estate wedding was one that I will remember forever.

I wish Bianca and Andrew every happiness on the journey ahead, and thank them for choosing me as their marriage celebrant.

Julie Byrne Flowerdale Wedding Celebrant - Wedding of Bianca and Andrew
Julie Byrne Flowerdale Wedding Celebrant - Table Setting
Julie Byrne Flowerdale Wedding Celebrant - Bianca and Andrews Table Setting

Bianca and Andrew – Their Love Story

Bianca and Andrew first met in late 2007 at Red Rooster in Eastland, and started dating 1st July, 2008.  Bianca was impressed that he was tall, very handsome, polite and nerdy. She noticed his high school blazer and multiple badges (including his school captain captain badge). Andrew noticed how good-looking Bianca was and remembers thinking she was way out of his league.

Their first date was at a high school friend’s house and it went extremely well for them.  Unfortunately, Bianca spilt a red Cruiser on her friend’s white carpet, but Andy followed with officially asking Bianca out.  Spilling the drink was great foreshadowing of their future.  Bianca is clumsy and Andy still loves her despite this.

In these early stages of dating, Bianca figured out that they were opposites.  She tried to impress Andy by borrowing a friends SRC badge to wear to work.  She promptly lost the badge and Andy didn’t take any notice.

Bianca describes Andrew as patient, loyal and intelligent.  She feels so lucky to have a partner she can trust to be with her through good and bad times.  He always goes out of his way to take care of Bianca and makes her laugh every day.  Andrew also gives the world’s best foot massages.

Bianca also loves that he takes care of the boring adult stuff for her and assists her in completing her taxes.

Andrew has taught Bianca how to respond to challenging situations in a calm and well-thought out process. He has also taught her how to reluctantly speak on the phone, negotiate with others and be more patient.

He describes Bianca as hard-working – perfect with a little bit of clumsy.  She is selfless and puts others’ health and happiness before her own.  She sacrifices her time and effort to help other people, which is an admirable quality.  Andrew loves that she makes him laugh all the time – not just with her clumsiness, but she is really funny.

Andrew loves that they think the same about all sorts of things, as well as Bianca’s taste in style.  He also loves how well she takes care of their dogs, him and their house.

Bianca has taught him to trust her gut instinct – not his – and to love in the moment.

Together they like binge watching their favourite TV shows such as Stargate, The Office and Brooklyn 99, snuggled on the couch with their dogs. They also like taking their dogs to the park, travelling the world together, scuba diving and hiking, particularly in the snow with the dogs. They enjoy hanging out with family and friends, going out to dinner or having people over and cooking for them. They like to hotly debate and critique a number of media and news items, often agreeing with each other and egging each other on in their joint rage.

In marriage, they know that continued friendship, common values and trust will be extremely important, and they look forward to moving forward with their lives, hopefully starting a family together.  Andrew can’t wait to finally call Bianca his wife after almost 12 years together and they will both work towards buying a bigger house, travelling the world and getting more Labradors like Buddy and Bella.

Julie Byrne Flowerdale Wedding Celebrant - Andrew and Bianca's Wedding Day

Bianca was most impressed with Andy’s work ethic, kindness and his intellect. He spoke differently and more eloquently than other boys his age she had met.  Andrew thought Bianca was really funny and had a lovely smile… as well as pretty green eyes. He, too, was impressed by her work ethic and that she always tried to help others.

Bianca first knew she loved Andrew after they had been dating for 6 months.  She gave him a ring engraved with the word Soulmates and told him she loved him for the first time whilst they were dancing at her high school deb ball.  Andrew knew it was love when he would spend every night driving to see her after school – where they would spend hours together – and still not wanting to leave.

They committed their lives to each other a long time ago by spending every night for 7.5 years travelling back and forth between Templestowe and Mooroolbark, before buying their own house in 2015.

Bianca and Andrew, since the beginning, have always wanted to spend their free time together.  This which hasn’t changed in almost 12 years.

Andrew proposed on a hike in the middle of Fairbanks Alaska in minus 30-degree weather and knee deep snow.  Bianca was running around and said, “I am having the best day of my life!”, to which Andrew responded “Really? Well, turn around”.  She did, and found him on one knee, ready to pop the question.

He was so nervous that he didn’t completely put the ring on Bianca’s finger.  He also skipped a speech declaring his love, which Bianca promptly demanded.

Both cried and carved their names and date on the tree in the Alaskan wilderness.

Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Bianca and Andrew's Wedding Day at Flowerdale