For Tillie and Jarryd, their Gum Gully Farm wedding in stunning Silvan created the ultimate backdrop that this nature-loving couple were hoping for.

Gum Gully Farm Wedding - Melbourne Celebrant

Their rustic themed wedding on 2nd March was taken care of exceptionally well by Sue, Simon and the Gum Gully Farm team, and while it was a hot day for everyone involved, the comfort of guests and bridal party alike came first. 

High school sweethearts, Tillie and Jarryd looked right at home feeding the deer, wandering the expansive grounds and enjoying the rustic charm of the venue.  Tillie looked beautiful in her Stella York gown from Miss Gowns Bridal House in Pakenham, and makeup by Jayde Maree Makeup.  Her bridesmaids were stunning in dresses from Forever New.

Their best friend, dog Maddy, stole the show while trotting down the aisle with the rings around her neck.




Gum Gully Farm Wedding - Melbourne Celebrant

The sun turned up for Tillie and Jarryd’s Gum Gully Farm wedding, surrounded by loved ones, natives and deer.

The surroundings were a perfect reflection of the happy couple, who said their “I Do’s” in air-conditioned comfort inside the Gum Gully Farm wedding chapel while the summer heat stayed outside.  Supported by their bridal party of close friends and two beautiful nieces as flower girls, these newlyweds started married life as they wish to continue it – embracing the wonder of nature alongside their favourite people!

Gum Gully Farm Wedding Ceremony - Melbourne Celebrant

Emily Howlett Photography and Stu Art Productions captured their big day, including the gorgeous petal toss for their recessional.  This is becoming a very popular choice for couples and makes for amazing photos!

The native flowers by Valley Blooms and impressive wedding cake by Jess’ Cakes and Creations were the perfect complements to each other, and the theme of Tillie and Jarryd’s rustic celebration.






Congratulations to Tillie and Jarryd, and thank you for giving me the honour of being your wedding celebrant.  I wish you every happiness for the years ahead.

Melbourne Wedding Celebrant - Gum Gully Wedding
Melbourne Celebrant - Gum Gully Farm Wedding - Rustic Wedding Cake
Melbourne Celebrant - Gum Gully Farm Wedding Ceremony
Melbourne Celebrant - Gum Gully Wedding Ceremony - Rustic Wedding Flowers
Gum Gully Farm Wedding

Tillie & Jarryd’s Love Story

How they met

Tillie and Jarryd met in year seven in high school, however they didn’t become close friends until year eleven when they were put in a graphics design class together. Tillie thought Jarryd was funny and seemed like a nice guy. They always seemed to have good conversations and he was more grown up than a lot of other guys that age. Jarryd says Tillie seemed interesting in these early stages and the type of person he’d like to know more about more.. She was also aesthetically pleasing to look at.


The first spark

For their first date – the day before Tillie asked Jarryd to be her boyfriend – they went to a shark and ray centre where they swam with stingrays and Port Jackson sharks. It went swimmingly. Jarryd kept pretending to feed the sharks with his fingers and teasing them, which is part of his playful, easy-going nature. Tillie was a little more nervous around the giant stingrays but Jarryd did well to keep her calm and make sure she had a good time.

Tillie noticed early on that Jarryd was very family orientated, and put in a big effort to get to know her family and include her in his. He’s always been a very calm and easy-going person, which she finds comforting. Tillie was kind and interested in who Jarryd was as a person and didn’t take advantage of him. As well as being fun, she at least tried to laugh at his jokes/impressions.  

Tillie knew it was love when Jarryd took the time to get to know her and show her new things. They both love going on little day trips and one of their first dates as a couple was to a local garden where Jarryd organised a picnic.  Jarryd knew Tillie was the one when she didn’t have a go at him for his love of peanut butter, and instead made him a peanut butter sandwich.  

The Wedding Proposal

Their love and relationship developed, and Jarryd proposed while they were on a cruise ship visiting New Caledonia. Tillie says his first plan was to propose on the beach at Isle of Pines, but she was feeling homesick and missed their dog, and just wanted to head back to the boat. He then was going to do out on the deck that night but it was very windy and so they went back inside.

The next day they arrived at Noumea and started heading towards an old church, as Tillie likes looking at old churches. However, once they’d climbed to the top of the hill, they realised there was a service on so didn’t go inside.

In the end, he proposed in the cabin, down on one knee. The ship had their White Party that night which the newly engaged couple went to and had a dance. They then had another 4 days without internet before arriving back home, so were able to just enjoy that time together, which was lovely.

Their love

Tillie loves that Jarryd is caring, supportive and thoughtful. She expresses: “I love that Jarryd makes me believe in myself and supports me in everything I do. He always manages to make me smile when I’m down and maintains his positivity through difficult times. He comforts me when I feel stressed/overwhelmed (he definitely showed this characteristic even more so during the last year planning the wedding) and makes me feel calmer. I love how carefree he can be and how he enjoys the simple things in life. He is loyal to those close to him and is always happy to help out friends/family when needed. His heart is always in the right place and he is my best friend and I love how we can be silly and act like children together. He makes me not take life too seriously and always makes me feel better. We share many of the same goals in life and I look forward to continuing to share many life experiences together.”

Jarryd describes Tillie as kind, trusting and bootiful! He articulates: “I love how no matter how bad a day I’ve had, that all disappears when I come home and see Tillie. She will always keep the bed warm when I come home from a late night finish at work in winter. I love it when she smiles at me and I always try my best to keep her smiling. I have always been trusting of Tillie which I have never experienced previously. Tillie has done an excellent job of encouraging me to come out of my shell and meeting other people. I enjoy spending time with her on a lazy Sunday, a perfect day with the perfect partner.  ”

Day trips with their dog Maddy, movie dates, going for walks, cooking together, lazy days watching a TV show are some of the activities Tillie and Jarryd enjoy doing.

Jarryd has taught Tillie to not take life too seriously and to learn to relax and let go. He has encouraged her to try her best and to excel at whatever it is she is doing. He has taught her the value of patience and how to look at things in a different way.

Tillie has taught Jarryd that sometimes you need to plan and prepare for life and sometimes doing it on the day doesn’t always work out the way it should. Also, even though the colours are all the same doesn’t mean that they should be in the same load in the washing machine. That’s how you get those little balls on your shirt.    

Their future

A successful relationship and marriage will involve communicating what they both want or need from their relationship, sharing the same goals and what they want out of our life and, quite simply, being able to laugh with and at each other and have fun together

Tillie and Jarryd look forward to continuing to watch their relationship grow and evolve. As they have been together since high school, they have both changed in many aspects of life. But one thing that has not changed is the love and respect they have for each other. They both encourage the other to be the best version of themselves.

Being married and their future lives together may not always be easy, and they know there will be challenges along the way. They’re sure that having each other there through each life experience  will be the most important part. They look forward to continuing to travel and have many new experiences together. Tillie and Jarryd hope they never stop making the time to just go on little outings and visit interesting places.

Their hopes for the future include lots and lots of puppies (if Jarryd finally says yes) and travelling the world together in the future, as well as building a forever home on acreage, starting a family one day and raising them with the same set of values.

Bridal Dress: Stella York from Miss Gowns Bridal House

Wedding Photographer: Emma Howlett Photography

Wedding Flowers: Valley Blooms

Wedding Cake: Jess’ Cakes and Creations

Hair and Make up Artist: Jayde Maree Makeup


Bridesmaids Dresses: The Gown House

Videography: Stu Art Productions