Why do celebrants charge so much? Like any service or industry in the wedding game, pricing varies greatly when looking at reception venues, florists, photographers, cakes, bridal couture and all the other things to consider when planning you wedding. And, of course, this is no different to celebrants.

Contrary to comments I often see on forums that ask, ‘How come celebrants charge so much for 20 minutess to half an hour’s work?’ there is far more work, talent and passion involved than this. I can start by mentioning all our legal obligations and requirements to ensure that paperwork and the legalities are all adhered to. Then we can consider the face to face meetings, the unlimited emails, the planning documents, working with you to plan your ceremony, offering advice, including everyone you want, liaising with others who are involved such as readers, parents, bridal party and suppliers, writing you ceremony, rehearsal, certificates, music and P.A (you getting my drift)?

Not to mention we have to advertise, market ourselves, stay relevant on social media, complete professional development, stay on trend, public liability insurance, travel… At this point, we have yet to actually turn up to a ceremony and marry you! This is when a fabulous celebrant’s enthusiastic, positive personality will shine through by calming everyone, making everyone feel relaxed and involved, and ensuring everyone knows what to do before the ceremony starts. It is only then, and after all this, our 20 mins of engaging, meaningful, personalised, upbeat and memorable ceremony begins!

So, you’re looking at anywhere between about $700 and $1500 for a celebrant. The meetings, packages and inclusions each celebrant offers will vary within these costs too. Don’t be afraid to ask your celebrant why their fee is a certain amount and what this includes. I do believe that booking a celebrant who will bring a personalised and fun ceremony that creates a chilled and upbeat vibe to start your celebrations with family and friends, is absolutely priceless. Hence, here I am!

A brilliant celebrant and ceremony will always be talked about and remembered fondly for years to come; a sub-par celebrant and generic ceremony will also be remembered and discussed, but not in the way you want. So, check out reviews, recommendations and choose carefully, regardless of price!

PHOTO: Euro Photography