Katrina and Luke’s wedding was not the first time I have attended as a happy couple’s Immerse Winery Wedding Celebrant.

In fact, Immerse Winery is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Victoria’s Yarra Ranges region.  As a regular Immerse Winery wedding celebrant, it is safe to say that the coordinating staff really know how to create a spellbinding occasion.

Weekends can prove difficult when securing the services of wedding providers.  Having a midweek wedding was the perfect way for Katrina and Luke to ensure had the exact wedding they wanted, from their Immerse Winery wedding celebrant to a brilliant photographer.

Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Immerse Winery Wedding Celebrant - Luke & Katrina

Genelle and Paul from Immerse Photography were on hand to capture every moment of the wedding preparations, ceremony and reception.  The happy couple also chose Immerse Winery as their wedding venue.  Do you detect a theme here, too?

Katrina was absolutely glowing in her gown from Fairytales Bridal Boutique, with flowers by The Willow Branch in Drouin.  Her bridesmaids looked gorgeous in their grey Shona Joy dresses.  Luke and his groomsmen were dressed by Oxford Fountain Gate.

They had a large bridal party, with four attendants each, plus two nieces and two nephews as flower girls and page boys.  Vows were exchanged before a hundred guests in the chapel at Immerse Winery, a venue that boasts a variety of ceremony spaces, as well as wonderful grounds and a rustic reception room.  Luke and Katrina both had sisters who presented a reading each during the ceremony.

Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Immerse Winery Wedding Celebrant - Luke & Katrina
Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Immerse Winery Wedding Celebrant - Luke & Katrina

Following their wedding photography with Immerse Photography, Katrina and Luke relaxed and started the celebrations in earnest.  Complete with a gourmet menu and wine list, the newlyweds cut their gorgeous cake, created by friend Emily Page. 

Choosing this venue meant that finding an Immerse Winery wedding celebrant they both connected with and trusted was crucial.  They wanted to make sure their special day was exactly as they dreamed it would be. 

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Van Raay!  I look forward to hearing all of your happy news over the years ahead, and wish you every happiness.

Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Immerse Winery Wedding Celebrant - Luke & Katrina
Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Immerse Winery Wedding Celebrant - Luke & Katrina

Katrina & Luke’s Love Story

Katrina and Luke met a mutual friends house party in 2011. They both attended the same high school together (in the same year level) but were in different social circles and never spoke a word to each other until that night. Katrina stole a few alcoholic beverages off Luke and he messaged her the next morning asking for repayment (that is, a date).

Luke’s first impression of Katrina was how very accurate she was filling up his cup making sure it was full to the brim, as he played beer pong. She seemed very fun, full of life and someone he wanted to be around more. Katrina immediately noticed Luke was very tall and had the biggest/ goofiest smile on his face. It was easy to joke around and laugh with him as he was very friendly.

Their first date was, shall way say, interesting. Katrina was too scared to go on a date with Luke by herself so she made one of her closest friends (C-Jay) double date with her. They went to the movies and saw ‘Friends With Benefits’ and then they all went to Tooradin foreshore and sat along the pier. It went well however it was freezing cold and they all huddled together for warmth but no one suggested to leave.

In these initial stages of dating, Luke noticed Katrina’s caring nature and cheeky and fun personality. She lit up the room whilst Katrina realised Luke was such a gentleman. He was very kind and caring and would always put her first.

Luke proposed to Katrina on Friday night after work (1 week after her 25th birthday). He blindfolded her, sat her down and rattled off one of the most romantic speeches she had ever heard. Towards the end Luke started talking about being “ready to take the next step” and how he just needs to ask “one import question”. At the end of the speech Katrina was 99% sure Luke was going to propose. Luke then took off the blind fold and introduced Katrina to their newest fur baby (Frankie) and asked if she would help raise this little girl with him.

Katrina was over the moon with the tiny little dachshund Luke was cradling, laughing with disbelief that Luke played the biggest joke on her pretending he was proposing and she was semi disheartened because he didn’t actually propose.

After 5 minutes of cuddling their new fur baby Luke then advised Katrina that he has already pick out a name for their little girl and when Katrina checked the name tag it read “Will you Marry me?” Katrina then broke down crying as she had been taken on the biggest roller coaster and couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

Katrina loves the Luke is funny, lovable and supportive. He is the hardest worker she has ever met and he has been nothing but supportive towards her since they first started dating. He always makes her laugh and, no matter what the situation is, she knows she can always go to him for love, support and guidance. He has one of the most gentlest souls in the world and will do anything and everything for the people he cares about. He has taught her not to be afraid to stand up for herself and the benefits of hard work. Katrina also likes to spoil Luke, such as the time she organised a surprise trip to Queensland for Luke’s 24th birthday. She even called his boss to for him to get time off work, which Katrina says was extremely frightening.

Luke describes Katrina as thoughtful and kind, she has a nurturing and motherly nature and a selfless disposition. Katrina happens to be the most caring and loving person he knows. She always puts others first before herself, she puts in countless hours helping out the Cora Lynn netball club where ever she can. She even donates blood!  There’s no stopping this girl in what she can achieve in life. It is an absolute pleasure that she has chosen Luke to share it with her. Katrina has taught him that no matter what life throws at you, you can still be successful and happy. You cannot put a price on Katrina she is perfect in every single way; Luke says he’s struck gold.


Together they love spending time with their doggos, movies on the couch or at the cinema, camping at Wilsons Prom and spending time with friends and family. Going down to Bunnings on a Sunday morning for a snag is a regular (only reason Katrina goes with Luke). In marriage, they’re aware that communication, honesty and putting each other first will be extremely important, as well as making each other laugh. They look forward to continue making new memories with their friends and family and to start and grow a family to add to the doggos. Luke can’t wait, that in a few moments time, Katrina will be his forever and Katrina can’t wait to quit her F45 memebership.