Lyndal and Bennett tied the knot in the stunning Yarra Valley with their romantic Immerse Winery Wedding.

Immerse winery in the Yarra Valley was the ideal venue to hold this divine Melbourne wedding. Tizia May photography captured the day perfectly where a blend of maroon and navy suits and dresses complemented the couple’s exquisite look (I mean please – Lyndal was worried about being pregnant?!)

It was two and a half years prior I met the beautiful Lyndal and her mum at a wedding expo and, after 4 date changes and a bubba on the way, she finally married her man, Bennett. The joy and excitement on their faces was a pleasure to watch as I delivered the Immerse Winery wedding ceremony, and the next-day feedback was wonderful…

Immerse Winery Wedding Ceremony Yarra Valley - Julie Byrne Melbourne Celebrant

The Review

‘You were incredible Julie! We had so so many of our guests rave about how lovely and personable you were from the beginning to the end. You’re a natural and people were engaged and loved how you spoke. We couldn’t have asked for a better Celebrant to marry us’

Their Love for Family and Friends Shone

Bennett and Lyndal were humbled to have such amazing friends and family attend and thanked each of them for being at their wedding to bear witness to their marriage and the commitment. I articulated, ‘Many of you have given them much happiness, warmth and guidance throughout the various stages of their lives. I have also been asked by Bennett and Lyndal to thank their parents for the wonderful lives they have given them and for the hard work, support and love they have provided. It is from them that they have learned the true meaning of love, friendship, and family. They also want to remember their loved ones who have are no longer with us and who are watching down on from above.’ Such beautiful words from a beautiful couple.

The Online Love Story

Lyndal and Ben met on Tinder, spoke for 4 weeks, and really got to know each other before they met in person for the first time at Crown Casino. Lyndal was out with friends at the deck and Ben was out for an engagement. They met up afterwards.

Julie Byrne - Immerse Winery Wedding Celebrant  - Lyndal & Bennett

Bennett immediately noticed her beautiful hazel eyes and her smile whilst Lyndal noted Ben was REALLY tall! But even more handsome in person, a gorgeous smile and he was very warm and friendly. Their first date was at The Cellar door. They enjoyed a nice meal together and got to share this funky looking marshmallow dessert. And then they spent hours sitting on the couch talking. From the get-go, they knew that the relationship just worked, it was easy and they just clicked with their similarities.

Ben knew it was love for him when he took Lyndal to the hospital and watched her being wheeled through the double doors into surgery. He really felt the love. For Lyndal it was when she was in a maxi taxi going into the city for a night out with friends and she turned to her friend Liv and told her that she loved Ben! (This was a very merry Lyndal at this stage, mind you) 


Julie Byrne - Immerse Winery Wedding Ceremony - Lyndal & Bennett

Ben and Lyndal went on their first trip away together to his parent’s beach house in Inverloch, very early on in their relationship. That weekend he took her down to a little secluded beach called Shack bay; place he often frequented when growing up to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world. It was his happy place. Two and a half years later Ben took Lyndal to this same place and got down on one knee and popped the question. The beach was empty. It was perfect. His happy place became their happy place.

Ben loves Lyndal for her kind, caring and compassionate soul. The fact that she always supports and encourages him in everyday life as well as whatever he endeavours or pursues. 

He adores their shared values and moral compass. Lyndal is loyal, honest and devoted. She makes Ben want to be the best person he can be. She keeps him grounded. Lyndal is his rock. Lyndal has taught Ben patience, and to always be the best version of himself.


Julie Byrne - Immerse Winery Wedding Yarra Valley - Lyndal & Bennett

Lyndal loves Ben for his kind- hearted nature. There is never a day that goes by where she does not feel loved by him. He makes her feel special, he warms her heart, and he always puts her first. Because of Ben, Lyndal now knows what true love is. He has taught her to just love and listen to one another. Ben is her future and her forever. He has also taught her to listen to his advice, even if her stubborn self never does! 

They love spending time together with family and friends at Lochsport and Inverloch. They enjoy nights in on the couch watching movies and going out and stuffing their faces with good food. 

In marriage they know that trust, honesty, not to go to bed angry and never take one another for granted will be extremely important as well as spag bol, according to Ben! They will have each other to do life with continue raising their fur baby Ciri and a real baby from August (welcome to the world Handley!)


Their Personal Wedding Vows


Lyndal, when we first met, I was going through some hard times, you quickly turned that into some of the best years of my life. Your presence in my life has made me the very best version of myself. Your unwavering support, encouragement and loyalty astounds me every day. In you I have not only found the love of my life, but my best friend. Someone to make a life with that is unequivocally ours, and far better than either of us could imagine alone.

I’m so incredibly proud of the woman you have become and can’t wait to see you and what you can accomplish in your next stage as my wife and mother to Baby MacArthur number one.

I will always be here, standing by your side, holding your hand. I promise to love, respect, protect you and trust you with all I can.

I promise to swap meals with you whenever you have menu envy.

I promise to listen to your advice and follow it occasionally.

I promise to support and encourage all your endeavours and wildest dreams.

I choose you. I’ll choose you over and over and over, without pause, without doubt, I’ll keep choosing you. Not because I have to, but because I want. I love you.


Bennett, I stand here with you today completely in love. You are the ray of sunshine in my life, my best friend, my soul mate, my forever person, and I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else. Five years ago, you took my hand and showed me what happiness is and I’ve never looked back. I am very grateful to have such a gentle, caring, and thoughtful partner in my life. You have so many wonderful and beautiful qualities that inspire me to be a better person every day. Since the moment I met you, you have been my biggest support and mentor, helping me through all of the ups and downs, no matter what struggles in life we have faced, you have been my complete refuge.  My heart is filled with absolute joy as I get to stand here today in front of all the people we love to become your wife and to promise myself to you forever. I love you for everything that you are and that you stand for. There is not a doubt in my mind that you will not only be the most amazing husband, but an incredible father to our children.

So, thank you for loving me as I am, and for opening your heart to me. I promise to listen to your advice, even if my stubborn self doesn’t always take it. I promise to share in your dreams and passions and to comfort you when you are feeling down. I promise to always laugh with you, cry with you and grow old with you. I can’t wait to see what this next chapter has in store for our soon to be family of three. I choose you as the one I want to go to sleep next to every night and to wake up next to every morning. Ben, you are the one I love most in this world and today I am fortunate enough to call you my husband.


Julie Byrne - Immerse Winery Beautiful Wedding Ceremony - Lyndal & Bennett

It was such an amazing day for a couple who thoroughly deserved this wonderful celebration. And, when your godmother is the queen of wedding photography @tiziamayphotography you KNOW your photos will be AMAZING.

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