Planning to Marry? – MARRIAGE IS IMPORTANT

Happily Ever… Before and After Information for Couples Planning to Marry

Your celebrant is handing you this document because the decision to marry is one of the biggest decisions a couple can make. Marriage is a significant step which will bring a number of changes for you, your spouse and your family. This document tells you:
•the process of getting married in Australia,
•some important legal consequences of getting married, and
•where relationship support services, such as marriage education, family counselling or dispute resolution services may be obtained.

The document also contains important information, not just if you’re plannig to marry but also after you’re married. Things like impacts to health and welfare benefits, citizenship, making a will and even taxation implications. Overall an extremely valuable resource to have.

When planning to marry, taking these things into account is essential for any couple. Once married there are certain things that need to be ticked off and this short informative guide can definitely help.


If you have any questions about the guide or anything else at all to do with your big day, please do not hesitatew to contact me directly on 0407 370 287 or alternatively here