The simple answer is, ‘Yes’, I love kids at a wedding or in the ceremony but in the right situation and circumstances. Kids can be extremely fun and entertaining, yet hard work for those in charge of them. My thoughts on kids in wedding ceremonies and at weddings are:

  • Don’t go searching for children to include in your ceremony, only include them if they are close to you.
  • They’re cute! And can take the spotlight off the bride and groom (which can be a good or bad thing, depending on who you are).
  • If you have your own children, of course they will be there and include them however you like! Depending on their age, they can be flower girls/pageboys, carry the rings, do a reading, be wheeled down the aisle in a trolley, carry sign down the aisle, be with you or sit and be looked after.
  • For young children of the bride and groom, make sure that you have someone to look after your child during the ceremony…not necessarily a grandparent as they want to see you get married. You could ask a neighbour, family friend or hire someone from a company called Event Nannies to assist.
  • Bring SNACKS…and lots of them! It’s amazing what kids can eat in such a short period of time. And don’t forget the dummy, blankie, toys, change of clothes, etc
  • Kids are exactly that…kids! We might have a plan ‘A’ for the ceremony but end up even throwing away plan ‘F’! As long as the kids are happy, so am I.
  • Set up a kids table with games and activities and employ someone to look after them at the reception if they’re staying.
  • Kids don’t have to stay for the reception or for the whole reception. Someone can take them home for their own exciting party and sleepover.
  • At my ceremonies, kids involved get a kick out of receiving their Hi 5, appreciation certificate and gift bag. Makes them feel that much more special.

There are also many reasons ‘not’ to include children in a ceremony or have them at a wedding including venue, cost, adult only events, logistics and, let’s face it, enjoying yourself and letting your hair down.

But, I couldn’t have imagined my 2 kids and 3 step kids not being at my brother’s wedding a few years ago (did I mention we were almost the last to leave?!). And he, obviously, felt the same way. In this situation, it was a no brainer.

So, seriously consider all your options and do what suits you (you may have others who have opinions, though!) There is no right or wrong way to go about it, it’s your wedding…enjoy.