Jessie + Sean

Photo by Rick Liston


Jessie and Sean came together with friends and family to celebrate a beauty wedding at the Levantine Hill Garden Estate.

Kangaroo Ground Wedding - Melbourne Celebrant

Jessie and Sean met through the internet cupid; tinder in 2018.

Jessie’s first impression of Sean was a cute smile, tall with blue eyes and loves blueberries.

Sean also thought Jessie had a cute smile, a bubbly personality and showed commitment to travel two hours for a first date.

This was at a Greek restaurant in Hawthorn, Jessie had never been to a Greek restaurant so was a little hesitant.

The date went well, a little too well, as they continued their night at the Hawthorn Hotel and ended the night with a PG-rated first kiss.

They began falling on love; for Jessie it was the way Sean was around her niece and nephew. It was sweet to see him so fabulous with the kids. And for Sean- when she agreed to come on their first camping trip.

Sean who proposed in Echuca on a houseboat, January 30th, 2022, on the rooftop, with their daughter in his arms.


Jessie describes Sean as loyal, gentle natured and affectionate. She loves his selflessness, the devotion for his daughter, his dedicated work ethic, and his love.

Sean has taught her so so much; the adventure side to life with the outdoors, he’s softened her hard edges and she’s learnt to be more compassionate.


Sean describes Jessie as devoted, passionate, and, at times, strong willed or (stubborn). He loves everything about her, especially her booty.

Jessie has taught him to think before he speaks, even though, somehow, he still manages to mess that up.

Together, Jessie and Sean love:


Adventure walks

Drinking wine

Playing card games

Watching tv shows

AND smothering their daughter in cuddles


Communication, laughter and romance will factor significantly in their marriage, and they are so looking forward to referring to each other as hubby and wife.

They will continue to grow their family and experience all of life’s adventures, together, as husband and wife.

Kangaroo Ground Wedding - Melbourne Celebrant

The Ceremony:


Marriage is for the companionship, help, consideration and love which a couple should have for each other.

Within its framework of commitment and loyalty, marriage enables the establishment of a home where, through tolerance, patience and courage, the love and affection of a two people may develop into a deep and lasting relationship.

Jessie and Sean have honoured us by inviting us to be present with them during this time.

What they mean to each other is obvious.

Their commitment to each other has been made for some time.

Their choice is responsible, free, independent, and happy.

Of all people they know they have chosen each other, to journey through life together.

Reading: Lucy

You share today the joy of a deep commitment and a sacred trust.

You have given each other the most precious gift of love.

Treasure it, nurture it, and encourage it with all the honesty you used in creating it.

You are sharing something rare and beautiful.

Always speak the truth and listen attentively,

So you may understand each other’s thoughts and intentions.

Inspire each other by sharing your accomplishments.

Say “I love you” often to retain the warmth between you.

Laugh a lot, too.

Even when you’re angry, remember you’re each other’s best friend.

Stand together and for each other always; be content in mind and spirit.

May each day be a blessing and a fulfillment of your dreams.

Monitum: Jessie and Sean


The Asking: I DO

Sean, do you take Jessie to be your wife?

Do you promise to bring out the best in one another, share your happiest moments together, and love each other absolutely through all the years ahead?

Jessie, do you take Sean to be your husband?

Do you promise to bring out the best in one another, share your happiest moments together, and love each other absolutely through all the years ahead?

Vows: Caitlin

Sean’s Vows

I ask everyone here to witness that I, Sean, take you, Jessie, to be my wedded wife.

Jessie, from the moment I met you smiling to greet me with a surprise bucket of farm fresh Blueberries, I knew I’d hit the jackpot!

Our first summer together, endless hot afternoons spent swimming at the lake and not getting much sleep at night, due to YOUR NEW PUPPY, we built the foundations for what we’ve become today!

I promise to be your companion, lover, and best friend.

I promise to always care for you, connect with you, comfort you and celebrate with you. I will be by your side through whatever life may bring and cherish the time we have together. I feel lucky to have found someone to create a family with, first fur children and now our beautiful Daughter!

I will be your comrade in adventure, your accomplice in mischief, your comfort in disappointment, your strength in times of need and your partner in all things, for all the days of my life.

Jessie’s Vows

I ask everyone here to witness that I, Jessie, take you, Sean, to be my wedded husband.

Sean, from the moment you crossed that busy Burwood Rd in your cool black oakleys and your tradie tanned arms I knew you would change my life forever.

I promise a life filled with patience, respect and lightheartedness, attentiveness and self-improvement.

I promise to celebrate your wins, and love you all the more for your missed successes.

I promise to love your very high vibrational snoring… from today on…

I promise I’ll say yes to at least two camping trips a year (Everyone heard it here first)

I promise to take your side when our children inevitably try to gang up on us.

I promise to continue to annoy the heck out of you for the rest of time, (starting today of course)

You are my handyman, my equal and the love of my life.

We are not perfect, but I know we will be able to face life and whatever it may bring, together. 

I promise forever, for eternity, and until death do us part 🖤

Rings: Harry

Jessie/Sean let this ring be a symbol of the promises we have made today and of the lifelong bond between us.



The exchanging of rings symbolizes the endlessness of true love.

Having no beginning and no end,

Their solid purity and roundness represent love, honour and all we value.


Levantine Hill Wedding


Venue: Levantine Hill

Wedding Photographer: Rick Liston

Wedding Videographer: High Up Films


Wedding Flowers: Redwood Florist

Wedding Dress: Always and Forever

Wedding Cake: Cakes&

Wedding Entertainment: Paper Hearts

Make up: For the Love of Beauty

Wedding Suit Tailor: Institchu

Transportation: Martyrs