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This beautiful couple who swiped right, Jazmine and Travis, were married at Melbourne wedding venue, Lyrebird Falls, and chose a Thursday in March to do so.
Lyrebird Falls is a gorgeous wedding venue set in the forest of Sherbrooke in the Dandenong Ranges, with so many stunning wedding photo opportunities.

Unfortunately, Melbourne’s weather was not at it’s best. We moved the wedding ceremony inside to the stunning bright and light-filled chapel with their 2 bridesmaids, 2 groomsmen, flower girl and 2 page boys.

Julie Byrne with Jazmine and Travis - Lyrebird Falls Wedding Celebrant

Travis was a little nervous before the ceremony but the moment that Jazmine walked down the aisle in her Ferrari Formal Gown, after her bridesmaids in burgundy House of Gowns dresses, a smile broke out on his face and he relaxed into the ceremony. The girls held beautifully crafted bouquets from local florist Shayne at Lakeside Flowers. There were lots of laughs and fun during the ceremony and they created their own surprise vows to share with each other.

Julie Byrne Lyrebird Falls Wedding Celebrant - Jazmine and Travis' Ceremony
Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Jazmine and Travis' Wedding at Lyrebird Falls

The day was captured superbly by Danielle from The Oliver Tree and she managed to get many sneak-peaks to the couple in such a short time. A mere 8 days after the ceremony I received a beautiful thank you card, in the mail, from Travis and Jazmine bearing one of their professional photos. It read:

Dear Julie,

Thank you for making our ceremony everything we have dreamed of, plus more! Your easy-going attitude made this entire experience so stress-free.

Our family and friends spoke so highly of you and many have said they’ve never been to a ceremony where the couple were so relaxed and just true to who they are. We could never have imagined laughing as much as we did.

Lots of love and gratitude, Mr and Mrs Jackson.

Jazmine & Travis

Julie Byrne Lyrebird Falls Wedding Celebrant - Jazmine and Travis' Wedding Ceremony
Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Jazmine and Travis' Wedding

I thank Jazmine and Travis for choosing me as their celebrant and allowing me to share their wonderful story. If you’re after a celebrant, please contact me here.

Jazmine and Travis' Wedding at Lyrebird Falls - Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant

The Jazmine & Travis Love Story – Lyrebird Falls Wedding Celebrant

Jazmine and Travis first met where many modern-day couples meet, it was on Tinder, May 2015. Travis thought Jazmine was really cute and remembers the exact moment she popped up on tinder as he was swiping yes to everyone. Conversely, Jazmine accidentally swiped the wrong way on tinder, not meaning to match with Travis at all. Despite this, they had their first date at Zagames in Boronia and Travis knew it was meant to be when Jazmine ordered the Parma.

In these early stages of dating, Jazmine was impressed by how supportive and caring Travis was and that he made her laugh, a lot. Travis appreciated that that Jazmine always listened and took interest into what he had to say. She even ate his cooking even though it was terrible. Jazmine knew she loved Travis as for the first time in her life she felt comfortable and supported. She could be 100% herself and he brought so much happiness and laughter into her life. It was all in for Travis and he knew it was love when Jazmine made him the best parma he ever had.

Travis proposed at Doon Reserve in Yarra Junction whilst they were fishing, hiding the ring in the tackle box. Jazmine new the entire day that it was going to happen as Travis was making it very obvious that ‘they were just going fishing’! The only fish Trav caught that day was a fiancé.

Jazmine describes Travis as extremely loving, supportive and handsome. She admires the emotional support that Trav has given her throughout her health problems and loving her through every single journey they have been through. The love, laughter and joy he brings to her day is infectious. He has the ability to turn her grumpiness and anger into laughter with his Grumpy Jazzy song. Jazmine appreciates how Travis encourages her dreams and treats her siblings as his own. Travis has taught Jazmine to be her complete self and what true love is.

Travis describes Jazmine as short, absolutely adorable and squeaky. Jazmine makes him feel safe and happy, makes him smile when he’s down and makes him feel like he can fully express himself without any worry. She is warm, affectionate, kind and caring of others; she cares about the children she cares for and is a great sister to her brothers. Jazmine has taught Travis that it is ok to have emotions.

Together, they like watching horrors, eating hot chippies, going for walks, playing card games, talking utter nonsense and making each other laugh. They know that this laughter with trust and communication will be vital in their successful marriage and they both look forward to spending the rest of their life with the person they love and their best friend. And, in the future, they can’t wait for babies, lots of babies!

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