When Rechelle and Benjamin exchanged vows during their Lyrebird Falls Wedding Ceremony in early September, their wedding embodied spring and everything that it promises.

This was not the first Lyrebird Falls wedding ceremony I had officiated, but it was certainly unique.  The Kallista venue couldn’t have looked more beautiful if it had tried!

Julie Byrne - Lyrebird Falls Wedding Celebrant - Rechelle and Benjamin
Julie Byrne - Lyrebird Falls Wedding Celebrant - Rechelle and Benjamin

Of course, the same could be said for Rechelle. She looked stunning in her Always and Forever Bridal gown, with makeup by Nicki Edwards and hair by D’Glama Hair & Makeup. Her bridesmaids led the way down the aisle of the Lyrebird Falls wedding ceremony in gorgeous dark purple dresses by JJ’s House. Flowers by Dingley Flower Cottage completed their looks.

Benjamin and his entourage were dressed impeccably by Tarocash and Johnny Bigg, and the bridal party was transported by Sherbrooke Hire.

The couple’s heartwarming ceremony took place in the iconic gardens of Lyrebird Falls, and they really did make it their own. Creating their own personalised invites and bonbonnieres, Rechelle and Ben also included a ring-warming ceremony, where each of the guests were given the opportunity to hold and bless the rings.

Julie Byrne - Lyrebird Falls Celebrant - Rechelle and Benjamin

It was wonderful to work with Matt Hillman from HP Photography.  I have known Matt for years, and even officiated his own wedding many years ago. 

The unique balance that Rechelle and Ben bring to each other’s lives is lovely, and it was an absolute privilege to be able to bring them together as husband and wife.

This inspiring couple celebrated with family and friends throughout the evening, and the relaxed atmosphere was one of true happiness.  They finished the formalities by cutting a delicious creation by Nikos Cakes, before letting down their hair for good and enjoying the start of their new journey.

I wish Rechelle and Benjamin a life filled with love, kindness and laughter.

Julie Byrne - Ballara Receptions Wedding Celebrant - Shane and Rachel

Rechelle & Benjamins’s Love Story

How they met

Rechelle and Ben met one night when they started talking on Facebook; they kept talking all night until ~6am when Ben had to go to work. They just hit it off straight away. This was 2009 on the 13th September, so today marks the 10th anniversary of their first encounter.

Ben’s initial impression of Rechelle was she was incredibly shy and innocent. She is and was a creative person and a hard worker, her schoolwork came first, as it should, and when he could help her he would. He also noticed that she was so small next to him and still is.

Rechelle found Ben was just a big, GIANT teddy bear. He was so kind and gentle but the humour was something she had to get used to. Ben’s outrageous hair was the first thing she saw. He was one of those people that didn’t care what others thought.

The first date

Their first official date was to the movies in Burnie. Ben was SOOOOO nervous to meet her and did not know what to expect. Ben had his usual colourful hair that was styled in a mo-hawk; even that didn’t turn her off. They admit that their first date was a little awkward to start with, but it didn’t take them long to open up.

In these early stages of dating, Ben was impressed with Rechelle’s eagerness to learn and willingness to try things as it inspired him to do the same. This still carries into their current life. He admired her fitness and endless energy as she played Hockey and could run all the time. After watching her first game she inspired Ben to play as well. Rechelle noticed Ben’s focus on work and when he put his mind to something that he enjoyed, he would give it 110%. The amount of time Ben would dedicate to her, talking on MSN messenger (back in those days) was impressive.

Ben knew he loved Rechelle on their first date, she was laughing at his jokes and her smile made him all warm. It is the one thing he still tries to get her to do as he still gets the same feeling when she smiles. Rechelle knew it was love when Ben went out of his way to attend her hockey games, and deal with how cold the venue was. Also, she fell in love whilst listening to his sense of humour, most others would cringe at his jokes but she found them funny.

The proposal

Ben proposed to Rechelle at Cradle Mountain in the Cafe. No big romantic gesture. She said yes straight away, Ben asked her dad before-hand and he said, “I honestly don’t care, as long as you look after her and are both happy.” After proposing they went for a walk around Dove Lake.

Their love

Ben loves that Rechelle is energetic, kind-hearted and extremely loving. He adores her smile and giggle every time he sees and hears it. They might fight, like every couple, but they love each other immensely. Her willingness to learn new things and ask questions is something Ben admires and he loves sitting down and watching movies or TV shows with her and cuddling, as does Rechelle.

Rechelle knows what Ben will do (9/10 times) and helps him get to where he needs to be. She has also taught him don’t judge a food by its name/look. Try everything and you never know what you will like. Also, that Exercise is NOT evil, and to look for the small things in life and simply enjoy them.

Rechelle loves that Ben is philosophical in nature, reliable and understanding. He has a love for nature and exploring places and Rechelle enjoys seeing this passion. She is always astounded by Ben’s explanations of ‘stuff’ and the random knowledge he has acquired. His cruisy attitude is a plus, especially when she wants to organise somewhere to go. As long as there is regular food, Ben is up for it! He has taught her that after work, people need their space and to wind down, to explore nature and if you let determination and passion personify you, anything is possible.

Their future

As a couple they like to find waterfalls, trudge through mud to visit new places and go on random road trips..  Trying new foods is also on the list, Ben didn’t like many foods, but now they both love to go to new places to eat. In a successful marriage and relationship Ben and Rechelle understand that compromise and communication is extremely important as well as dedicating time to their relationship.

Ben can’t wait to be able to say, this is my wife, and Rechelle, this is my hubby! And kids, they both want them and to be able to teach their future children what they have taught each other. And, of course, continue their travels, extending them to outside Australia.