Carolina and Dion, as well as Kate and Matt, joined MAFS 2022 last night as the latest couples to marry in the television experiment.

So, what can we learn from these MAFS 2022 wedding ceremonies?

As a Melbourne Celebrant for over 14 years, I like to watch Married at First Sight. Not for the epic MAFS arguments and bickering (although, there is a voyeur in me!), but to gain knowledge and ideas on styling themes, wedding trends, or new inclusions for my ceremonies. And it’s a little insight to the behind the scenes – the stuff I don’t see before and after the wedding ceremony as well as things that happen during. I can always learn something to share with my couples. Here is what I discovered from the latest episode.

Have a Hair and Make Up Trial

Although this isn’t a ‘real’ wedding or situation, the plight of Carolina and the way she felt about her wedding make up is something we can really learn from. Ensure you have a makeup and hair trial before the big day. You could do this for your hens or another celebration and see if the makeup and hair artist is right for you. This way, you will have time to change if necessary. Remember, too, that your hair and makeup on your wedding day is very different to make up for the races or a birthday party. This is such an important day, with many photos over a long period, so it needs to be on point!

MAFS 2022 - Carolina and Dion - 9Now

Photo Credit: 9Now

Don’t Keep Guests Waiting

Sometimes, when couples marry, they forget that a 4pm ceremony means that many wedding guests have been there since 3.30pm. If you don’t arrive until 4.45pm, that’s over an hour that guests have been waiting. If it’s cold, raining, hot, windy with no shelter or beverages, guests can become quite annoyed. We can quote, Ellie, Dion’s friend and a guest of Carolina and Dion, ‘For F***K’s sake, hurry up!’ A fair call after an unforgivable 3 hour wait! Sometimes, there are hiccups or a wardrobe malfunction, but try and keep your timing as close to start time as you can.

Nerves on your Wedding Day

It is TOTALLY normal to be nervous, anxious, and excited on your wedding day. If you’re waiting at the alter/venue in front of all your guests or arriving for everyone to have their ‘first look’, all these emotions may come to the fore.

As your celebrant, you can relax knowing that I will make you feel comfortable and at ease. You have also surrounded yourself with others who can do the same. Don’t be afraid to have a moment once down the aisle; whether it’s a cheeky kiss, hug, breather, comforting or supportive words or time to scan the crowd and settle in. It’s your day, enjoy it!

Where Does a Celebrant Stand in the Ceremony?

For television purposes, it makes sense for the celebrant to situated between the couple; it’s visually better, we can see all the important persons in the shot and is what we are used to in the movies. In reality, I spend most of my time delivering the ceremony to the couple and to the guests, not through the couple to try and reach the guests. I do pop in the middle for some microphone and vow action, but that’s it!

The Kiss: Will I be in the Photo?

No. Never. I am standing in the next suburb and back when the photo has been nailed!

So, if you’re getting married soon, these are only a handful of the hundreds of tips I have for my couples. If you’d like to know more, contact me here

MAFS 2022 - Married at First Sight - Dion and Carolina - 9Now

Photo Credit: 9Now