I love weddings, that goes without saying. But, surprise weddings add a new dimension.


The excitement, the nerves, the planning and managing all those involved are all a part of the process.

If you’re after a wedding with a little less build up before the actual ceremony, then a Melbourne surprise wedding ceremony is most certainly for you! This does not mean a surprise to either the bride or groom (that’s not allowed!), but to all or some of your family and friends. When guests arrive at what they think is an engagement party, birthday celebration or naming day, it can be revealed that it’s actually a wedding. Shock, tears of joy, laughter, cries of ‘I knew it!’ encapsulate the announcement and moment the festivities transform from celebrating to wedding. Let this Yarra Valley and Melbourne celebrant help you create that perfect surprise.

Healesville Sanctuary Wedding Ceremony

Matt and Sian contacted me early in the year to check my availability, as they needed a celebrant. They were planning their engagement party as a surprise wedding. The couple were after a relaxed ceremony and opportunity to party with their friends afterwards. Years earlier, I married Matt’s brother Luke where Matt was best man and he knew I was the person to marry them. The ceremony was to be held outside, in the evening in Berwick at Pioneers Park.

There are several ways you can ‘reveal’ that a surprise wedding is happening. Sian and Matt chose to have a ‘Welcome to our Wedding’ sign as guests arrived to see the exquisite styling of their ceremony set-up. Their close family and bridal party knew of the impending exchange of vows whilst guests had about half and hour to digest the news, grab a drink and chat with the groom before the bride arrived.

Their ceremony was full of laughs and fun as I shared their story with guests and Matt and Sian exchanged vows to become husband and wife. Immediately after the ceremony, guests headed inside Primary @Pioneers Park to celebrate whilst the happily married couple were captured in photographs before they joined their guests.

A couple of months later, Sian and Matt embarked on a cruise to the South Pacific for their honeymoon. And, guess what? I was there to join them! Unbeknownst to any of us, we were on the same cruise. I can truly say, it’s the first time out of 700 weddings that I have crashed a honeymoon!

So, if you’re after a wedding that’s more low-key, a surprise wedding could be the way to go.

Melbourne Suprise Wedding Ceremony

Their Story

Matt and Sian met about 5 years ago when some mutual friends and family were having a Sunday session at the Settlement Hotel in Cranbourne. It wasn’t for a few of years before they became an item and they kept their relationship a secret for quite a long time as they had a lot of mutual friends and are both pretty private people. They would go to, and leave from, places and events separately and meet up afterwards so people didn’t know they were hanging out together and dating. But, a few too many drinks one night for Sian, she let the cat out of the bag!

After some-time, Matt cleaned out half his bathroom, closet and drawers for Sian and the rest is history. Matt knew he loved Sian fairly early because of how fiercely loyal and loving she is, he worked out pretty quickly that she would gladly knife someone for him if needed or hide the body at least. This is both impressive and scary at the same time but mainly impressive. Sian knew she first loved Matt when she came over to find he had emptied out half his walk-in robe and bathroom for her. The is the day she knew it was the real deal.

The Proposal

Matt proposed to Sian on Xmas eve 2018. This is her favourite day of the year and she really loves Xmas and that night in particular. At Crown hotel, he and got down on one knee under the indoor Xmas tree. She didn’t take it well and was moving backwards shaking her head with her hand over her mouth so Matt panicked a bit thinking he had read the signs wrong or something. But, she tried to snatch the ring off him and he asked again, eventually she was able to say yes and Matt’s panic and embarrassment subsided, slowly…

Their love and hopes for the future

Matt describes Sian as loyal, genuine and the most stubborn person he knows. She lets him be who he is and still loves him!. When she wants something, she will work hard to get it and doesn’t expect anything from anyone else. She is driven and dedicated to achieve whatever it is that she wants in life. Besides, she makes Matt laugh all the time with little comments like how long a metre is,or are Japan and China different places. Yet, she can manage massive amounts of money and transfers and organise an office and its books no worries! And, he promises to love her even though she keeps using his towel and leaves the lid off the toothpaste.


Sian loves how thoughtful, patient and affectionate Matt is. He never leaves her wondering and has a way of always making her feel secure, he’s her protector.

In their relationship they know that commitment, communication, loyalty and making a real effort will be extremely important and they look forward to all the aspects that marriage will bring; travel, family, adventures and growing old together. And, they can’t wait to win Tattslotto and live wealthily ever after.

Healesville Sanctuary Wedding
Healesville Sanctuary Wedding Ceremony