When choosing a venue to marry in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Leonda offers many options. But few can compare with Leonda By The Yarra.

Your photos could be taken in the urban streets of Melbourne or in the beautiful tree-lined banks of the Yarra River, which backs onto the property.


Being the rockstar couple that Christine and Douglas are, Leonda By The Yarra suited them perfectly; Douglas arrived in style, with his crew, by boat along the Yarra whilst Christine and her gang arrived via car and utilised the couple’s room for some touch ups before we started.

Christine & Douglas Leonda by the The Yarra
Christine & Douglas Leonda by the The Yarra

The Ceremony


Fun, Funny, Fabulous and Freaking Amazing are words that sum up their ceremony.

Family and friends were excited prior to the ceremony and when Christine arrived, the air was electric.

Like many ceremonies now, an Acknowledgment of Country were the opening lines before we got into marrying them.

Brendan Creaser Photography was there to capture the day (see below for full list of suppliers) and the rain, during and after the ceremony, didn’t deter us at all.

I love it when couples like to give me a short bio of their wedding party who are standing up there with them. The guests and themselves wait for their little description and laughs are certainly shared.


Douglas’ Attendants


Best Man:

Douglas’ childhood best friend. Douglas has worked at Jay’s Family’s Chicken Shop for years even after getting a full-time job – he is the little bro Douglas never had.

Christine’s baby bro and best friend of both the bride and groom. He is the life of the party and C&D often get stuck on the phone to him for hours.

Another best mate of the groom, they met in their early teens and bonded over talking footy and good times.

The Scottsman is now part of the family after meeting the Maid of Honour overseas.

Ben Irving
‘Swirving’ is THE party and a total sunbeam that brightens up the day.

Christine’s Attendants



Chris’ cuz, best friend and soul sister. Friends since day one they are always reading each other’s mind (for better or worse).

Chris’ cousin and mini me. As the Bride and Grooms biggest cheerleader, the day wouldn’t be the same without her.

Chris’ cousin (yes another one). The wild child of the family, Sarah is loved by the bride and groom for her loving nature.

Came into Christine’s life via Jake and has been held captive ever since. The Kiwi Queen can be found sipping red wine with Douglas and Christine most Sunday’s.

Childhood friend and part of the furniture! Life wouldn’t be the same without his random thoughts and convo’s.


Christine & Douglas Leonda by the The Yarra
Christine & Douglas Leonda by the The Yarra
Christine & Douglas Leonda by the The Yarra

The Love Story


For anyone who knows Douglas the location of his and Christine’s first meeting was comically perfect for him.

For many years before meeting Douglas, Christine frequently attended horse racing carnival days with her cousin Mel. Enjoying the races was a family affair and Mel and Chris would often meet up with their other cousin Mark.

Christine had not planned on going to the 2015 Caulfield Cup Day. However, she had woken up feeling happy, excited and full of life. And, that she just had to be out and about that day.

Flash to Douglas – horse racing obsessed and betting aficionado he’d had the 2015 Caulfield Cup Day in his diary for some time. However, Douglas’ friends had bailed on him last minute and so he was tossing up whether to go or not, he went.

The race day was like any other, filled with champagne and laughs with friends. Mel and Chris did their usual thing and texted Mark to come and say hello. Mark said sure and that he was bringing a friend with him. That friend was Douglas.


Douglas’ first impression of Christine was, stunning.

Her eyes knocked him over – as did her smile and the mane of hair. They had an immediate connection – both studying law, outgoing, they talked about star signs, life goals, ambitions and Douglas also noticed how, in the midst of everyone else talking around them, it was obvious to them both that we were locked in on each other – and he loved that.

When I Saw You I Fell in Love, and You Smiled Because You Knew


Christine saw this quote a couple of weeks after she met Douglas and just thought “yes that is exactly how it was”.

As soon she saw him walking over with Mark, she thought he was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen: a big, fit man with a big, beautiful smile, that jaw line and those golden, green eyes.

Christine & Douglas Leonda by the The Yarra

Every time Douglas said something it felt as if he is saying it just for her – as if he was reading her mind about what she liked, or what she found interesting and hit every note.

She remembers a moment where they locked eyes in secret amongst the conversations with others.


It all sounds kind of cliche, but rest assured most of their moments now are Christine looking across at Douglas in time for a fart, nose thing or to yell at him. But this initial moment will always be a symbol of how ultimately their wave lengths are in sync.
She will always love that!

For their first date they went to Christine’s Altona St apartment in Kensington (or known to some as Flemers) – Douglas was dropped off by Senior and Lisa after a much coveted Robbie Williams concert.

They sat on her balcony drinking wine, talking and not talking, lol.
It went very well.

Douglas appreciated how genuine, loving, smart, interesting and beautiful Christine was – to be honest it both impressed and terrified him.

The thought in his head was – “what’s the catch?” She seriously can’t be this good and eventually the fear of not getting the chance to be with her overpowered his fear of not believing in her character.

Douglas is super lucky she was so patient otherwise he wouldn’t be here!

Christine appreciated Douglas’s strength, confidence, fun loving nature and that he was a Mumma’s boy.

It was certainly love at first sight, although it did take some time for Douglas to actually commit.

He proposed to Christine, in the Bin Chicken Park, in Healesville, after the most epic Hot Air balloon ride!

Christine & Douglas Leonda by the The Yarra
Douglas describes Christine as vibrant, genuine, and loving.

He loves her smile, blue eyes and that mane of hair, her loyalty, patience, passion, drive and her love of talking – Christine is the party wherever she goes.

He loves when she calls him Doogle/Doog

Her excitement levels and zest for life

Her love for karaoke – despite not having the best singing voice

How fast she walks

How she can look so comfortable and cosy in her dressing gown/pjs . She genuinely just wants everyone to be happy.

Christine has taught Douglas how to live out of home, how to be less of an only child and what true love is.
Christine describes Douglas as strong, confident, loving and still a Mumma’s boy. She adores his smile cheek bones, jaw line and the way in which his eyes light up. He likes to hug and touch her no matter where they are.

He tries for her every day and accepts her, including her crazy, busy mind.

He loves sport and gets very animated.

He likes to read books, go for walks and is very simple.

She loves how he gets excited to see dogs (screams hellooo like a teenage fangirl).

He buys her treats and makes her coffee in the morning.

He can’t wait to be a family man and always says yes to her buying new things with enthusiasm.

Douglas likes going out for dinner, drinks and dancing and he is a total chef and loves food (just like Christine) and he has taught her patience.
In marriage they will be each other’s cheerleader, be vulnerable when needed and never give up.

Douglas looks forward to continuing having fun together, as Christine is awesome to do life with and Christine looks forward to Douglas wearing his wedding ring and looking hot as.

Cooking, morning coffee and being with family are important to them, they are both in love with someone they enjoy going to the supermarket with and whatever comes their way, they will enjoy it and, as of today, from now on as husband and wife.

Christine & Douglas Leonda by the The Yarra

The Vows


Christine and Douglas chose to share the same vows to each other:

I acknowledge my love and respect for you and invite you to share my life as I hope to share yours.

I promise always to recognise you as an equal individual and always to be conscious of your development as well as my own.

I shall seek through kindness and understanding to achieve with you the life we have envisioned.

I promise to always be there for you, to shelter and hold your love as the most precious gift in my life.

I will be truthful and honour you.

I will care for you always and stand by you for the rest of our lives.

Christine & Douglas



Douglas and Christine were SO fabulous to work with and I loved being there celebrant and sharing in their wedding and celebratory vibe.

If you also want some rock star treatment, drop me a line here.

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