Kristy and Zac recently said “I Do” before their Our Country Heart Wedding Celebrant, surrounded by loved ones.

They were also surrounded by a team of professional – and local – wedding suppliers. As a wedding celebrant who lives and works in the Yarra Valley region, I can say with certainty that Kristy and Zac made a wonderful choice to “go local”.

Our Country Heart is a lovely, rustic venue located just outside Coldstream that has been increasing in popularity in recent years. Kristy’s mother is a work colleague and recommended me as their Our Country Heart wedding celebrant. I am so grateful that she did; this was one awesome wedding experience.

Julie Byrne Yarra Valley Wedding Celebrant - Kristy & Zac First Kiss

Kristy and Zac are a genuinely beautiful couple with a fantastic sense of humour. They are also dedicated Richmond supporters, so having their wedding last year only one week after the Tigers’ monumental AFL Grand Final win had them floating even higher than the usual newlyweds-to-be.

In fact, hidden underneath Kristy’s divine Coco Melody bridal gown was her prized pair of Richmond footy socks – no doubt a good luck charm!

Embellish Makeovers enhanced Kristy’s natural beauty with expert hair and makeup artistry, while Forget-Me-Not-Floret created delicate bouquets in shades of purple, pink and white. The bridesmaids also looked stunning in ASOS dresses.

Zac, in his YD suit, couldn’t hide his excitement as Kristy walked down the aisle – a moment that was captured by Ryan O’Donnell Photography and Blayde Videography. Their wedding day was in good hands, from early morning preparations right through until the evening celebrations.

This down-to-earth couple chose one of my favourite readings of all time for their wedding ceremony – “Fair Dinkum Love”. I have included the reading in its entirety below because it is too good not to share!

Julie Byrne Yarra Valley Wedding Celebrant - Kristy & Zac
Julie Byrne Celebrant Yarra Valley - Kristy & Zac's Wedding

The reception itself was a lively party with a warm rustic feel. Our Country Heart, also known as The Farm, is a unique venue that inspires joy. A thriving brussels sprout farm located on the outskirts of the Yarra Valley, it is perfect for any couple wanting to create their own wedding style. With two main spaces, The Paddocks and The Hangar, Kristy and Zac had a blank canvas for their special day.

There was plenty of room for the happy couple’s large number of guests, with space for full seating as well as an evening of dancing that was led by DJ Music with Memories. The wedding cake was a big hit among the guests and looked too good to eat! Thanks to our Food Technology Assistant at the school for making this amazing cake for Kristy & Zac.

To say I was proud to fill the shoes of Our Country Heart wedding celebrant and help these two lovebirds tie the knot is an understatement. Theirs is a wedding that I will remember forever, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness and love.

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Julie Byrne Yarra Valley Wedding Celebrant - Kristy & Zac First Kiss
Julie Byrne - Our Country Heart Wedding Celebrant - Candy Bar

Fair Dinkum Love

Fair dinkum love isn’t about bringing in a dozen red roses.

It’s about bringing in the washing.

It’s not about standing next to your partner

because they look good on your arm.

It’s about standing by them even when they look foolish.

Fair dinkum love isn’t about stiff posture and smart clothes.

It’s about wrestling on the couch in your tracksuit.

It’s not about oysters and candle-lit dinners.

It’s about bringing home Chinese when your partner’s had a busy day.

Fair dinkum love isn’t about exciting getaways and fancy resorts.

It’s about being totally content sleeping-in together at home.

It’s not about gym membership and facelifts.

It’s about growing old and fat together.

Fair dinkum love is not about romance or image or success.

Fair dinkum love is about two average people

adoring and accepting each other for why they are.

Julie Byrne - Our Country Heart Wedding Celebrant - Kristy & Zac's Wedding with Julie
Julie we cannot thank you enough!
You made the whole process leading up to our wedding stress free and fun!
Zac and I enjoyed putting together what we wanted to include in our ceremony, and your support in making sure it flowed on the day was great! We were able to have a relaxed, fun and loving ceremony…to showcase our fair dinkum love for each other!

We cannot recommend Julie enough…you will not be disappointed. We even had the bonus of Julie completing all our paperwork for Births, Deaths and Marriages, and we received our certificate before the end of October! Thanks a million Julie for helping us create the best day ever!

Love, Kristy and Zac Lockwood.

October 5th 2019

Kristy & Zac Lockwood

Julie Byrne Our Country Heart Yarra Valley Wedding Celebrant - Kristy & Zac
Julie Byrne Yarra Valley Wedding Celebrant - Wedding of Kristy & Zac

Love Story

Kristy and Zac had their first official meeting and date at Nandos, after communicating on the dating site, RSVP.  Kristy immediately thought, ‘who is this spunk jumping out of the tow truck in fluro?’. Despite Zac’s choice of attire, we know that this first date was a success.

It wasn’t too long until Zac knew it was love.  One day he had to ditch Kristy for a tow truck call in the show and returned home to a home cooked meal of spag bol.  He certainly knew she was a keeper. Conversely, Kristy knew it was love when he ate her meal and didn’t complain.  As their relationship developed, Zac had a proposal planned.  He insisted on taking a trip to Craigs Hut, though Kristy was happy lazing around the holiday house at Goughs Bay.  Packing some chairs and a snack they set off up the winding mountain, keeping in mind that Kristy gets car sick, so Zac had to drive slowly!  They made it to the top and took in the amazing view and the hut.  Zac got out the chairs and snacks, and Kristy had just shoved a biscuit in her mouth while Zac was “bug spraying” the terrible flies.  The next minute

Kristy turned to face Zac and he was down on one knee, asking “Will you Marry Me?!”  With a mouthful of dip and biscuit, of course she said YES!  And then they kissed!  Kristy knew it was true love as Zac kissed her after she’d eaten avocado dip.  He hates avocado!

Kristy appreciates Zac’s loyalty, his loving manner and that he is always supportive, whilst Zac describes Kristy as passionate, extremely trustworthy and his very own pest.  Together they love country music and enjoy seeing their favourite musicians together as a couple.

Zac and Kristy know that trust, communication and love are extremely important in their marriage and look forward to all their adventures as hubby and wife – the honeymoon, starting a family of their own and growing old together with their number one fan beside them.

Julie Byrne Celebrant - Inside Our Country Heart Venue