In the heart of the Dandenongs, Stephanie and Luke shared mesmerising vows during their Poet’s Lane Wedding Ceremony.

Poet's Lane Wedding Celebrant

As a wedding celebrant, I get the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented people.  It is fabulous to be able to join forces with service providers such as Stu from Stu Art Video Productions and Kelly from Happily Ever After Photography

Together, we made sure that the ceremony was everything the happy couple wanted, and that it was captured for them to share with others and look back on in the years to come.




Poet's Lane Wedding Ceremony Celebrant

When Stephanie and Luke first met, there was a connection that each of them knew they could build on.  It is a connection that was clear at their Poet’s Lane Wedding Ceremony; one that was breathtaking to witness.

Commitment was a layered theme for their nuptials, which were held on January 3rd.  Stephanie stepped up and channelled her inner trooper… she had injured her knee the week before, and was sporting a pretty hefty knee brace under her beautiful gown.

Nothing would stop her from walking down the aisle to marry Luke, and their excitement to start the next stage of their life together was contagious!

Poet's Lane Wedding Ceremony - Melbourne Celebrant

Stephanie and her bridal party were definitely the belles of the ball, with makeup by Embellish Makeovers.  This wedding was as fun as it was heartfelt.  The personalities of the bride and groom shone through, alongside their entourage.

Stunning floral arrangements by Elaine Chan added the finishing touches to this energy-filled wedding. 

It was inspiring to be in the presence of this lovely couple, who obviously have a bond that runs deep.  I also love that they wrote their vows for each other and kept them as a surprise.  They were the ultimate wedding gift to each other – something that they will cherish for life, that no amount of money can buy!




The world is at your feet Mr and Mrs Robbins #happilyeverafter


Poet's Lane Wedding
Melbourne Celebrant - Poet's Lane Wedding
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Poet's Lane Wedding Ceremony Dandenongs

Luke’s Vows

Stephanie, from the moment we first met, I saw in you an enormous capacity for compassion and understanding. We talked for hours about our hopes and dreams and I felt connected to you in a way that released me from fear. In you I found hope for a new beginning. You have taught me to be resilient over our time together and I feel life’s worries and stresses leave my mind and body whenever I am with you.

I am fulfilled. Just as sunlight is to young saplings, your abundant warmth and light are your gifts, and others can’t help but grow in your presence. It feels natural – and pure.

So, to you, my love;

I promise that I will foster and cherish our relationship and build on a foundation of mutual respect and equality. Together we will have a life far greater than we could imagine alone. I will treat you with honour, I will help pick up the pieces when your heart breaks, and share in your joys and happiness. I will care for your illnesses and remain steadfast and dependable when your need is dire.

I will guard your heart and keep it safe as to me there is no greater treasure on earth. I will remain in love with and utterly devoted to you in this life and the next. I walk this path with you gladly if you would take my hand. I believe, with every fibre of my being, that you and I were put on this earth for each other.

My darling,

I washed up on your shores like wreckage after a storm; broken and lost. With caring words and soft, gentle hands, you have helped mend my sails and find my way home. But, I am not going. The ocean is a vast and mysterious place, and I stand on the same shores with you today watching as those sails disappear over the horizon. I let go of all that was, and embrace all that will be. My life, my home is in this paradise with you. And, that ship has now sailed.


Stephanie’s Vows

From the moment we met; you have surprised me, distracted me, captivated me and challenged me in a way no-one ever has. I’ve fallen in love with you again and again, countless times & without reservation.

I have never felt worthy of being loved, let alone dared to imagine I would find the kind of love that we share. You have taken all of my broken pieces and shown them that love is nothing to be afraid of, and that I am enough. Your love makes me stronger.

You believe in me, especially when I struggle to believe in myself. You are the most incredible man I know. You are the love of my life, my best friend and my soulmate. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I have ever had. Every part of me, will always be yours.

I promise to be the loudest voice cheering you on, to uplift you, to be your biggest supporter and to push you to follow your dreams (even if that means more music equipment!).

I promise to be your light, as you are mine, when the world seems dark. And when life seems too hard, I will be your safe place. May the stormy days we face, and the trials we encounter only continue to make us stronger. Your heart will always be more precious to me than my own, and I will always protect & cherish it.

I promise to never give up; that I will always believe in us. Together we are better than we could ever hope to be alone, so today and every day, I give you my love, my trust and my fidelity.

Navigating the waters of life with you is the greatest and most rewarding adventure I have ever known.

You are my home and you will always be the best part of my day.


Wedding Flowers: Elaine Chan


Wedding Cake: The Cake Journey

Wedding Photographer: Happily Ever After Photography

Wedding Videographer: Stu Art Video Productions

Makeup: Embellish Makeovers