A Projekt 3488 Wedding Tune No-One Was Expecting

Set against a truly unique venue, Amy and Bruce’s Projekt 3488 Wedding could be described as simply stunning with a few surprises.

A little bit country, quite a bit trendy, with a touch of Scotland and this Projekt 3488 Wedding ended up being a delightful mix of wedding elegance, delectable food and acoustic entertainment.

Projekt 3488 Wedding - Amy & Bruce

Warburton is the less well-known, yet equally picturesque, neighbour of Victoria’s Yarra Valley Region. Nestled in this attractive country town is the Projekt 3488 Wedding venue, a converted Masonic Lodge set amongst deliberately natural gardens. This raw, ecletic style space was where Amy and Bruce chose to hold their celebration.

In vintage groove, Amy arrived in a Kombi from the Warburton Hotel. Harlow and Hart played as the bride arrived and joined Bruce on the balcony for the ceremony. As a nod to the groom’s heritage, he and the groomsmen wore traditional Scottish kilts while the bride dazzled in traditional white, carrying a bouquet by Debbie O’Neill. A few light laughs loosened the nerves and before you knew it, Amy and Bruce were husband and wife.

Projekt 3488 Wedding Kombi - Amy & Bruce
Projekt 3488 Wedding Celebrant - Amy & Bruce

Following the ceremony, Locavore demonstrated their catering virtuoso with incredible pre-dinner canapes, and the team from On Three Photography were kept busy making memories for the couple to keep. A stroke of genius was the installation of a booth from Awesome Photo Booths, which provided great entertainment for the guests as well as some fun pics.

The reception was held at long tables in the impressively decorated lodge and, as a surprise, the groom truly embraced his Scottish roots by serenading his new wife with a bagpipe rendition. It was a memorable moment. For the final mark of the occasion, the wedding cake by Renate Elise Designer Cakes was cut.

A stunning location, fantastic couple and a simply splendid day. To find out more about this Projekt 3488 wedding or to discuss your event contact Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant.

Projekt 3488 Wedding Reception - Amy & Bruce
Projekt 3488 Wedding Dance - Amy & Bruce

Amy and Bruce met in October 2014 on the most romantic way; they both swiped right on Tinder! When Bruce and Amy started talking on Tinder, what they both noticed early on, was how easily the conversation flowed. The first time they met, Bruce noticed Amy’s massive smile and warmth. She gave him a big hug on meeting. Amy noticed Bruce’s strong accent and realised she was in for a difficult first date of trying to understand him.

This date was at Lygon Street. The date went well. Amy noted that Bruce wouldn’t stop talking. Bruce thought Amy was very attentive. Little did Bruce know, Amy was so attentive because she couldn’t understand half of what he was saying, so she casually nodded along and smiled.

In these early stages, Bruce was impressed by Amy’s drive for life and she was well travelled, career driven, and wanting the most out of life. Amy witnessed Bruce’s endless positivity, and that he was always looking for the best in people and in life.

Bruce knew of his love for Amy after realising that everything he was looking for in life was right in front of him. Amy held all the qualities that he had always wanted in a partner. She was selfless, genuine, caring, and wanting the best out of life for both herself and Bruce. She made him feel unconditionally loved. Amy knew from the beginning that Bruce was a genuine and kind person. A few months into the relationship, they went on a trip to Mornington Peninsula. Amy was not feeling well one night and was struggling to get to sleep. Bruce stayed up in bed next to her, to make sure she fell asleep first, not sleeping until he knew she was ok. She knew in that moment, that she had never felt so cared for, and protected. She knew she was falling in love with Bruce.

The relationship developed with love and loyalty and Bruce proposed in Thailand in June 2017. They were doing an island boat tour and Bruce wrote “Will you marry me?” in the sand. The next night Bruce and Amy went out for celebratory drinks and a meal. They awoke early the next morning with food poisoning and had to move very quickly to the local Thai hospital. There, they spent the day in twin hospital beds with IV drips in their arms, where they found the humour in promising to be together “in sickness and in health”. Luckily they are still able to be here today!

Amy’s and Bruce’s relationship is based on mutual love and admiration. Amy loves that Bruce is very patient, extremely optimistic and thinks that he’s funny.
She adores so many things about him. She loves the way she’s encouraged in everything she does, Bruce makes her believe in herself and comforts her when she’s upset. He treats Amy with such respect and she feels completely at ease with him. Bruce loves the simple things in life and they have an ability to have fun in all situations and laugh a lot together. She appreciates the warmth, love, affection and protection she feel when she’s with him and he is always positive through difficult times. Bruce has a good heart and soul with thoughtful and giving ways and his beautiful nature means he is Amy’s best friend whom she can’t wait to marry. Bruce has taught Amy to always look for the best in people and to have a more optimistic view on life, and to let the little things go. He has taught her to be more forgiving of herself which has helped her to accept herself for who she is.

Bruce admires that Amy is extremely driven, empathetic and makes him feel completely loved with her caring nature. She certainly works hard for the things she believes in, has a good heart and soul and is honest and trustworthy. When Bruce is around Amy he feels like the most important person in the world and he loves that she cares about him and encourages him in everything he does. He loves her for the trust and respect she has for him and the incredible strength of her love. He appreciates the way she treats him and her loyalty to Bruce, her family and her friends. She has an amazing laugh and smile and Bruce would like to believe that she always laughs at his jokes. Amy is his best friend and he looks forward to calling her my wife. Amy has a huge drive to succeed in life, ensuring that they have a solid and exciting path ahead of them, where as Bruce has always lived life day to day. Amy has taught him the value of planning for their future, and this has helped them achieve their goals, such as travelling overseas and buying our first home.

Bruce and Amy love spending time together; travelling abroad, spending weekends away together, taking their pet pug little jub jub, Teddy, to the dog park and beach are all favourite activities. But their favourite thing to do would be indulging in a glass of red whilst arguing over what movie to watch.

In their marriage they know communication, honesty and trust will be extremely important. Over the last few years, they’ve been fortunate enough to be living their lives like a married couple. They’ve bought a house and made it a home. They’ve brought home fur baby, Teddy, and their parrot, Harley. After four years of doing the hard yards with saving for a house and the wedding, they’re looking forward to sitting back and enjoying each other’s company, stress free.

Amy and Bruce can’t wait to continue to travel abroad together and have many more adventures as husband and wife. They’d like to travel to the U.S, Europe, and do a trek together. They look forward to extending their fur family with a golden retriever, or a staffie, depending on which one of them you ask. They look forward to a future with kids, and living down by the coast.