Riverstone Estate Wedding Celebrant – Sarah and Phil

If you are looking for a wedding celebrant for a Yarra Valley Wedding with your Riverstone Estate Wedding Celebrant, then look no further!

Sarah and Phil had the perfect day to celebrate with their family and friends, holding their ceremony outside with such a picturesque background and their chosen Riverstone Estate wedding celebrant.


Riverstone Estate Wedding Celebrant
Riverstone Estate Wedding Ceremony

Phil and Sarah opted for no bridal party, keeping it simple and about their love. When I met up with both of them prior to the ceremony, they were so excited, delighted and grateful to be with each other and to be able to marry. As Sarah walked down the aisle with her father, she brought a touch of Hollywood Glamour to the Yarra Valley in her ASOS dress, striking red hair and Desflora bouquet. Something Borrowed provided the music for the ceremony and reception, who are always a treat to work with.

The ceremony itself was very family-oriented; I read a dedication to Sarah’s and Phil’s parents and they were all involved in pledging their love and support for the newlyweds. As I told the story of the bride’s and groom’s relationship, I had the absolute privilege of announcing to most of the guests, who were none the wiser, a wonderful surprise. Sarah and Phil were expecting a baby in July. There was applause and gasps as well as some tears from grandma.

The photo opportunities at Riverstone Estate are endless and when I heard they had chosen award-winning photographer Rick Liston to capture the day, I knew the gallery would be absolutely stunning.

After a wonderful ceremony, Sarah and Phillip celebrated into the evening with scrumptious grazing boards, lawn games, live music and an epic vibe. They took a short break from the reception to get remarkable golden hour and sunset photos. I wish them all the best with their family addition in July. See below for their beautiful story and vows.

Riverstone Estate Wedding Celebrant
Riverstone Estate Wedding Celebrant
Riverstone Estate Wedding Celebrant

Sarah and Phil’s Love Story

Upon meeting for the first time, Phillip was impressed with Sarah’s stunning red hair and beautiful blue eyes whilst Sarah’s first impression of Phillip was his perfect teeth; she was so impressed when she found out he had not had braces. Their first date was in April 2016. Phil picked Sarah up from her parents’ home and they went for dinner at Harris’s Restaurant in Guys Hill. It was the best first date ever, they shared a cheese platter, drank beautiful wine, and talked so much they were the last people to leave. When they were finishing up, the owner said she did not want to close that night because Sarah and Phillip looked like they were having such a great time.

In these early stages of dating Sarah realised that Phil did not “beat around the bush” and was not afraid to be himself which made it so easy to fall in love with him. Phil’s first meal he made for Sarah was a 3-course meal cooked on the campfire, in true Phil style, she was blown away! He was a true gentleman and opened doors for her, he still does. Phillip noticed that Sarah was very independent and self-driven. He liked that she was not superficial or materialistic. She was very down to earth and so easy to get along with.

Sarah first knew she loved Phil as he had booked a holiday to Europe before they met and went early on in their relationship; she missed him so much and knew then that it was something special. He sent flowers to her work for every week that he was away. Phillip knew it was love when he went on a holiday to Europe and could not wait to get home to see her!

Sarah adores Phillip and she loves all the songs he makes up and sings around the house, even when they are annoying, they still make her laugh. She also appreciates his love for the outdoors and adventure. He has taught her to embrace life’s simple pleasures. “The secret to having it all is knowing you already do”.  Phillip loves that Sarah puts up with his childish ways. She makes sure he gets fed every night and there’s always leftovers for lunch. But what he really loves about Sarah is that she makes him a better person. Sarah has taught him that it’s never too late to chase your dreams. She has always been 100% supportive of him in the decisions he makes.

As a couple, they love weekends away camping and taking their puppy Hazel to the park to play with her friends. They know their marriage will need trust, love and good food and after the year that we have all had, they look forward to finally be calling each other husband and wife. And that’s not all they’re excited about for their future – family is extremely important. They would love everyone to know that they cannot wait until July next year where the will welcome baby Chandler into the world.


The Vows

Their vows were beautiful; not overly long but sharing their authentic love and true feelings. I always print them off for my couples in a decent-sized font so they don’t have to worry about them on the day. And, it ensures the legal component is covered!


Sarah, to say I love you is an understatement.  I not only love you but I cherish and adore you. You are everything to me and I could not have pictured a more perfect person to spend my life with. I promise to be there when you need me the most, and to be by your side no matter what life throws at us. I can truly say I love you with all my heart.


Phil, spending forever with you isn’t long enough in any lifetime. I promise to show you unconditional love and kindness in every thing we do and to comfort you in times of sadness.

May our days be long and may they be seasoned with laughter, adventure and pure joy.

Your heart is my home and I am so thankful every day that we have each other.