A Same Sex Wedding To Make You Smile! The culmination of 28 years of togetherness! This Same Sex Wedding was a beautiful declaration of love and commitment… and a fabulously good time!

Literally described as the ‘best night of their lives’, Michael and Paul’s Same Sex Wedding, performed by Julie Byrne, was full of emotion and excitement – creating an amazing atmosphere for a jubilant celebration.

Same Sex Wedding Celebrant - Michael & Paul

There were so many people who helped make this Same Sex Wedding the heart-warming success that it was. ‘A Box Full of Matches’ was instrumental in making sure guests knew where to be and when, with their invites, seating charts and place cards. The venue was arranged wonderfully by Fenix Events and custom-made bonbonnieres by Fat Cat Pots were given to guests as wedding keepsakes.

Although this was a long-awaited day for Michael and Paul, a few nerves were certainly present. These were dispelled as soon as the groom stepped from the elegant Enrik Limousine and joined his husband-to-be under the arbour. Looking uber stylish in their suits by Formal Red and shoes by Aquila, the couple were clearly thrilled to be saying ‘I do’.

The wedding party also included a Junior Groomsman in a Ferrari suit, Groomsmaids in Sass & Bide and Flower Girls in gorgeous dresses from Cherish Airport West. The outfits were complemented perfectly with bouquets and lapel flowers by Good Scents Blackburn South. There was laughter and tears as Michael and Paul made their wedding vows and exchanged Wynelle Jewellery Design rings to become husband and husband.

Same Sex Wedding Fenix Events - Michael & Paul
Same Sex Marriage Ceremony - Julie Byrne - Michael & Paul

A fun and dance filled reception followed to the tunes of Black Suede Band. Although the party continued until late, the highlight was a dance choreographed, practiced and performed to perfection by Michael and Paul. It was a fantastic evening and the wedding cake by Fantasy Cakes Doncaster was incredible.

The entire experience was captured by Harry from Love is Love Photography and this is one Same Sex Wedding that leaves a smile on your face. If you want your wedding to be as personal and special as theirs then get in touch with Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant.

Same Sex Wedding Fenix Events - Michael & Paul

Michael and Paul met in December 1989 at a mutual friends dinner party. Michael immediately thought Paul was a bit of alright. He noticed his eyes and hair. Paul had a Blond Skunk streak down the middle of his head, which was very trendy for the time.

Paul says that Michael seemed to be very shy, but when he smiled, he won Paul over. First impressions were fabulous to they organised a first date where they went to The Peel night club on New Years Eve 1989, haha It went well, obviously, because 28 years later they’re getting married, at last!


It didn’t take long, at all, for Michael and Paul to know they were meant to be together.

Being with Michael was comfortable right from day one says Paul, it just felt right that we were together he had such an easy going nature.I knew from the first time I saw him. If I were to compare him anything at that time, an excitable puppy comes to mind.

While Paul was “courting” Michael, Paul was working nights. He’d finish his shift, go home, sleep for an hour or so, then drive all the way from Blackburn South to Thomastown, where Michael was working, to spend his half hour lunch break with Michael and then drive all the way back to Blackburn South. This went on for a while and that’s when Michael knew they were meant for each other. He sure was persistent! Michael also loved Paul’s nature. He’s a very caring person and he accepted, with no question, that at that time it was difficult to include him in my family. Obviously things have changed since then and we all get to celebrate their love today.

Their relationship developed into one of love and how to love, compromise, honesty and patience and how to really become a loving and successful couple. They learnt how to go with the flow, and just be there for each other. ,So, Michael Proposed on January 26 2016. It was their last day in Paris and they were on top of the Eiffel Tower on a beautiful day. They were ready to go back down and Michael told Paul that he had to ask him a question. Michael got down on his knees and took the ring out of his sock (he had been carrying that ring for 2 weeks without Paul knowing he was going to propose!). They were pretty much alone on top of the tower. Michael asked Paul to marry him and he started crying, Michael needed to clarify is that Yes or No and luckily he said yes. But, in all the romance, the ring didn’t fit, it was too big. Michael had planned this for 2 months and measured one of his rings, but he still managed to get it wrong! So they had to wait till they got home 4 weeks later to have one made that fit him, and now here we are!

Julie Byrne Melbourne Wedding Celebrant - Michael & Paul Same Sex Wedding
Julie Byrne Melbourne Wedding Celebrant - Michael & Paul Wedding

Michael says I find Paul absolutely beautiful, loyal and loving I love that Paul indulges me in all my flights of fancy as crazy as they are and never says No. But, he manages to somehow always bring me back to earth and reality without making me feel like an idiot. I love that he loves my family as crazy and loud as we are. I wouldn’t want him to change for anything.

Paul says Michael is my rock, he is an amazing person and is extremely supportive. I love that Michael is impulsive as without that characteristic I would not have done any of the amazing things & trips that we have done together, especially demolishing our home & rebuilding. Every now and then I have to bring him back to earth, but not for long.
What they look forward to in marriage is knowing that their relationship puts them on an even footing with everyone else; they are finally seen as equal by law and to be able to call each other our Husband instead of Partner will make our relationship even stronger.

Michael and Paul will continue what they love doing, to travel and have dinner parties and date nights. They also love to stay home, curl up on the couch and watch junk on TV (Ninja Warrior), until they both start to doze off like 2 old men. They will retire together, making a tree or sea change and to continue travelling the world together, enjoying each other for the rest of their lives together and doing crazy, impulsive things for as long as we can. They can see wheel chair races in a retirement home with a glass of bubbles in my hand.