SHORT & SWEET – A Short Wedding Ceremony to Tie the Knot

My SHORT AND SWEET CEREMONY – the Short Wedding Ceremony of your dreams – is still tailored to suit the couple and help capture the essence of what makes them uniquely them. Below is an example of a short wedding ceremony I conducted for a couple that had obviously experienced their fair share of long winded drawn out ceremonies and wanted to keep theirs Short & Sweet.

*Please note: Links between sections of the ceremony, instructions given to participants and ad-lib throughout the ceremony
have not been included.

Also, a short or longer ceremony does not affect the price of your Ultimate Ceremony.

Wedding Party positioned with a pep talk!
Processional (walking down the aisle)

Acknowledgement of Country (optional)

Welcome by celebrant and introduction of couple.

Introduction of bridal party (optional)

Background love story of couple (optional)

Short wedding ceremony


Friends and family of Leigh and Harper, I welcome and thank you for being here on this important
day. We are gathered together to celebrate the very special love between Harper and Leigh by
joining them in marriage. Your marriage today is the public and legal joining of your souls that have
already been united, as one, in your hearts. Marriage will allow you a new environment to share
your lives together, standing together to face life and the world, hand-in-hand. To be successful, you
will need strength, courage, patience and a really-good sense of humour. So, let your marriage be a
time of waking each morning and falling in love with each other all over again.


Fair Dinkum Love
Fair dinkum love isn’t about bringing in a dozen red roses.
It’s about bringing in the washing.
It’s not about standing next to your partner because they look good on your arm.
It’s about standing by them even when they look foolish.
Fair dinkum love isn’t about stiff posture and smart clothes.
It’s about wrestling on the couch in your tracksuit.
It’s not about oysters and candle-lit dinners.
It’s about bringing home Chinese when your partner’s had a busy day.
Fair dinkum love isn’t about exciting getaways and fancy resorts.
It’s about being totally content sleeping-in together at home.
It’s not about gym membership and facelifts.
It’s about growing old and fat together.
Fair dinkum love is not about romance or image or success.
Fair dinkum love is about two average people
adoring and accepting each other for why they are.

Monitum (Legally Required)

Parent/s please stand.
Who brings Harper to be married to Leigh?

Harper, will you take Leigh to be your best friend and life-long partner. Will you love and respect
her/him, care for and nurture her/him, will you be loyal and honest, and will you comfort her/him
through all the years ahead?
Leigh, will you take Harper to be your best friend and life-long partner. Will you love and respect
him/her, care for and nurture him/her, will you be loyal and honest, and will you comfort him/her
through all the years ahead?


Legally Required
I call upon the persons present to witness that I, Harper, take you, Leigh, to be my wedded
I promise to be true to you, to cherish you, and to share my thoughts, hopes and dreams with you. In
your eyes, I have found my home. In your heart, I have found love. In your soul, I have found my
mate. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you. I will love you forever.
Repeat for partner.

Leigh, I give you this ring with all my love, now and for always.
Harper, I give you this ring with all my love, now and for always.


Signing: Legally Required

Presentation of Certificate/s

Present the Newly Married Couple Harper and Leigh!

Congratulations and Exit-Group Photo

Short Wedding Ceremony