As one of my first weddings for 2019, I was to be the Yarra Valley Wedding Celebrant for Rebecca and Josh.

Yarra Valley Wedding Celebrant Strathvea Guest House

Set in an Enchanted Forest – the Botanical Gardens of Strathvea Guest House, Josh & Bec self styled a beautful setting for their Healesville based wedding. 

Their wedding took place late afternoon with the guests treated to a rustic but elegant intimate wedding ceremony complete with  personalised picnic baskets and champagne on picnic blankets. The bride and groom let their wedding showcase their love for nature and simple elegance. Bec looked stunning in a classic cream romantic wedding dress and Josh gazed adoringly at his new bride.

Softly romantic and natural was the theme of this enchanted forest wedding with the guests surprised with some fun lawn games in the relaxed but private settings of the Strathvea Guest House.



Congratulations Josh & Bec and thank you for including me in your enchanted wedding day! 


Rebecca and Josh’s Love Story

How they met

Rebecca and Josh first met when they both worked for World Challenge, a youth travel organisation (sending school kids to developing world countries) in 2014.
As they worked in different departments their initial conversations were limited and mostly focused on work.
It wasn’t until a work social event when they could let their hair down that they realised there was more of a connection.
They both had similar interests in travel, TV shows and rock climbing. After talking that night they both realised it wouldn’t end there.
After the social event Josh was (unluckily for Bec!) scheduled to travel to Cambodia for a month with work.
During this time (and with very patchy Cambodian Wifi) they continued to learn more about each other and upon Josh’s return arranged a real date.

They went out for dinner and drinks and spent hours talking.
In these initial stages, Josh was most impressed by Bec’s passion and drive in everything she did.
She was always offering help and advice when work became tough and supported him with love and respect through redundancy and a change in my career path.
Josh impressed Bec with his charm and friendliness.

He was really well respected by everyone around him and was so easy and interesting to talk to.
He has continued to be the person she wants to talk to all the time and share everything with.
When Bec realised how thoughtful and caring Josh was, and that he would be there for me no matter what, she knew he was the one.

For Josh it was more of a gradual built up over conversations, nights out and more shared interests.
With each new thing he learned about Bec their connection grew stronger. Their relationship developed and whilst on an extended holiday to the USA and Canada in celebration of Hannah’s and Ben’s wedding (Josh step sister), Josh had a plan.

The Wedding Proposal

Josh had planned to propose but had no plan as to when; ‘he was waiting for the right moment’.
Whilst visiting Kelowna, a beautiful lakeside town in the mountains of Canada, Bec and Josh shared a hobby they both enjoy and took a Kayak (canoe) out for a trip on the lake.

Whilst paddling Josh decided this was the moment and spotted a deserted beach which they pulled up onto for a break.

Bec decided this was a great time to enthusiastically reapply sunscreen and Josh decided this was a great time to get down on one knee.
Bec said yes straight away and it was a perfect moment in the perfect spot, although the ring did then have to get put back safely into storage in case it fell to the bottom of the lake on the return paddle to shore.

They celebrated with a lovely lunch and drinks.

Their love

Rebecca loves that Josh and her are best friends who share everything. He is always there for her in hard times, helping her gain perspective when she’s lost it and he always making her believe in herself.

Josh has taught her how to get out of her own head and stop overthinking things. She loves the many little thoughtful things he does that make her feel special.

Josh is also extremely funny, full of compassion and supportive of Bec and those around him, not unlike what Josh has to say about Bec, but he also enjoys her creativity. He loves how Bec and him can spend time together at home enjoying a nerdy TV show or playing a board game. Josh loves how they also find all sorts of adventures to have across Melbourne; from concerts, to shows, food festivals and just relaxing by the river with a beer. They also love board games, travel and watching the Wallabies lose constantly.

Bec keeps pushing him to achieve more and supports his passions and is encouraging him to be a better listener. She has been instrumental in his career progression and she even (begrudgingly) laughs at his great jokes.

Their future

In marriage they know that continuing shared interests, honesty and compassion will be extremely important as well as their shared commitment to one another.

They can’t wait to continue on this journey with each other.