Laura and Cameron’s The Farm Yarra Valley Wedding was absolutely magical and a wonderful testament to their love!

Melbourne Wedding venue, The Farm Yarra Valley, is just divine. With the combination of a rustic and modern feel, it oozes a relaxed wedding vibe and an abundance of photo opportunities. This is one of the many reasons Laura and Cameron chose The Farm Yarra Valley for their wedding day. And they chose it again and again after COVID affected their wedding date 4 times. But, when we finally got them married in this gorgeous The Farm Yarra Valley wedding ceremony, it was spectacular.

The day was overcast and perfect for an outdoor ceremony for Laura and Cameron. Ateia Photography and Videography were there to capture all the special moments; from getting ready with their guys and gals right through to the spectacular evening shots.

Melbourne Celebrant Julie - The Farm Vineyard Yarra Valley - ATEIA photography
Melbourne Celebrant Julie - The Farm Wedding Ceremony Venue Yarra Valley - ATEIA photography

This loved-up couple (and I REALLY do mean this, they are so in love and adorable! Check out their vows below) looked smashing at their ceremony thanks to Luv Bridal and Formal, Joe Black, and Magical Makeovers. Their arbour flowers and florals were totally amazing from Pinkie Promise. I often mention this as well, but I LOVE live music at a ceremony, and Unplugged Entertainment – Waves Duo were, once again fabulous.

The ceremony was fun and heartfelt and certainly set the vibe for the rest of their celebrations. I am so grateful Laura and Cameron had smiles from ear to ear and appreciated the Covid-postponement journey we had been on.

Melbourne Celebrant Julie - The Farm Yarra Valley Wedding Venue - ATEIA photography

The Five-Star Review

“Julie was absolutely amazing! After 4 postponements we finally got married on Thursday 10th February 2022. Julie was great in rescheduling our ceremony and was always very accommodating.

We loved having Julie as our Celebrant, she was so well organised and made the process very easy! Her beautiful and bubbly personality gave our ceremony a warm and positive atmosphere. She made us feel so comfortable and relaxed and put our mind at ease that she had everything under control.

We even worked out that Julie married my husband’s brother years ago, such a small world. I would highly recommend Julie to be a part of your wedding day, she made it very special! My husband and I can’t thank you enough, Julie!’


The Wedding Vows

Laura’s Vows

Cameron, as a child I was never one to have dreamt about my wedding day. Never did I envision the dress I would be wearing, the way my hair would fall, or the man that would be standing in front of me.

As the years went on, I had a sense of comfort that I would one day, when the time was right, I would find someone that adores me, appreciates me and who would love me tirelessly.

As I stand here today, I’m looking at a man who is beyond anything that I have ever dreamt of. But what I never could have imagined is a man who loves me the way you do. The way you love me is infectious and passionate. You make me feel safe and most of all you always make me smile, especially when we do our silly dance moves together in the kitchen!

I promise to admire your huge, strong, and kind heart. I promise to create a loving home and raise children with you as partners and equals. I promise to always respect you, encourage you, and to comfort you. I promise to love you forever.

You’re my breath, my every heartbeat. I promise you’ll never be alone except when you’re watching the cricket at 3am in the morning!

I will only love you more and more each day of our marriage, I am devoted to you completely and I’m so ready to be your wife!

I have finally found you, my person, my best friend, and my true soul mate. I choose you every day and I cannot wait to dance through this crazy life with you. I love you so much forever and ever! xxxxx

Melbourne Celebrant Julie - The Farm Yarra Valley Wedding Celebrant - ATEIA photography

Cameron’s Vows

After 4 attempts finally our day is here. I’d wait a lifetime to marry you, but I am so happy it’s today. You look more beautiful than I ever could have imagined.

Laura, I can’t believe I am standing here today marrying you. Ever since you walked into my life, my life has never been the same. You have brought so much joy and happiness to me and us!

I never thought I could love someone again until the day I met you. This speaks volumes of the person you are, which is caring, kind, thoughtful, always putting me before anything or anyone else and I am so glad you chose me to be your forever partner.

Laura, you have made me smile every day since I met you. I am so lucky to have you in my life!

Over 4 years ago today you made me the happiest man on earth and both you and I have never looked back.

Laura, today I choose you to be my wife and my partner in life until the day I die.

You look absolutely stunning, beautiful and so sexy today just like the first day I met you. I love you so much and you have helped me become who I am today which today becomes your husband.

I never imagined someone like you existed and I truly believe you were sent to me to ease my pain, mend my heart and soul, and to become my greatest adventure which today becomes our adventure.

From this day forward I promise to.

–           Continue to make you laugh with my silly dance moves every morning

–           Prom Prom to continue to make our cute language that only we both know the meaning of

–           To continue to explain the rules of cricket to (every single match)

–           To try and come to bed when you tell me to even though I know I will fall asleep on the couch again only for you to come and get me.

–           To give endless cuddles, snuggles, and forehead kisses.

–           To show you off to the world while we travel the world

–           I will continue to be there to encourage and inspire you with every decision that you make

–           To create memories that will make us smile and laugh a lifetime

–           To look after and take care of you

–           And to love you unconditionally during the happy times, the sad times, the grumpy times until the last breath I take

You are my soulmate, my best friend, my lover, and the future mother of our children where you will become the best wife and mother in the world. We have now moved into our forever home, and I can’t wait to create so many loving memories with each other and with our future children.

Laura, soon to be Barry, we have accomplished so much, and together in this world nothing else matters as long as I have your hand in life. I cannot wait to grow old with you and I thank you so much for giving me a reason to wake up every day and today I love you more than I ever have.

I choose you forever and it makes me so proud to call you, my wife! I love you so much xxxx


As I mentioned, these two are total lovebirds! Here’s an overview of their love story.

Melbourne Celebrant Julie - The Farm Yarra Valley Wedding Transport - ATEIA photography
Melbourne Celebrant Julie - The Farm Wedding Love Letters Yarra Valley - ATEIA photography

The Laura and Cameron Love Story

Laura and Cameron have the quintessential modern-day love story, they met online! Their first date was Friday 8th September 2017 to Rivers Café in Yarrambat for lunch. The date was a success with Laura messaging Cameron an hour later to chat more. Immediately, Cameron noticed her eyes and kindness and the conversation that flowed whilst Laura saw a genuine person, with a warm heart who was very easy to talk to. And it was on this first date that they both knew it was love. Cameron and Laura didn’t want the date to end and knew it was the first date of their future together.

Their relationship continued and developed, and Cameron proposed in Toronto on the 15th of May 2019 on their America/Canada trip. Cameron told Laura the day before that she needed to wear a pretty dress. It was a surprise. They were picked up by a driver, got in the van and he asked where they were flying to as they arrived at a small airport. Thunderstorms appeared and the flight was delayed. Eventually, the skies cleared, and a photographer followed Laura and Cameron out on the tarmac, taking a photo of them with the small plane. Cameron then kneeled in the puddles and proposed, all captured by the photographer. They were able to fly over the city of Toronto as an engaged couple.

Cameron describes Laura as organised, thoughtful, and beautiful, although there are too many positive words to choose from! Cameron loves that Laura cares about who he is and the things he does, that she is warm, affectionate, and protects him. She always listens to his problems and is his best friend. He adores her for simply being Laura.

Laura describes Cameron as generous, affectionate, and sexy. Words cannot express how Laura feels about Cameron. He makes her feel completely loved every minute of the day. When she’s around him she feels like the most important person in the world. Cameron always makes her laugh on a daily basis. He is warm, affectionate, and very loving.

Laura and Cameron have taught each other to live life to the fullest, experience new things together, and to be happy.

Together, they love making their time off together memorable, travelling, movies, outdoor activities like mini-golf and the water park, snuggles on the couch and bed, making up cute sayings, and Laura learning to watch cricket with Cameron. In marriage, they know that trust, listening, and love will be extremely important. Cameron and Laura look forward to starting and creating a family together, being happy, and showing their love to the world. They can’t wait to create and meet little Barrys and build their forever home.

Melbourne Wedding Day Suppliers

The Farm Yarra Valley

Ateia Photography & Video

Pinkie Promise

LUV Bridal & Formal

Oleg Cassini

Joe Black

Unplugged Enterainment – Waves Duo

Magical Makeovers

Triple R Cars

The Wedding Invitation Design Company

Cookies – Sugar Rush Cakes

And, if you’re looking for a celebrant who is totally fabulous, please contact me HERE!

Melbourne Celebrant Julie - The Farm Wedding Reception Venue Yarra Valley - ATEIA photography
Melbourne Celebrant Julie - The Farm Yarra Valley Wedding Reception - ATEIA photography
Melbourne Celebrant Julie - The Farm Wedding Reception Yarra Valley - ATEIA photography
Melbourne Celebrant Julie - The Farm Wedding Reception First Dance - ATEIA photography
Melbourne Celebrant Julie - The Farm Wedding Speeches Yarra Valley - ATEIA photography
Melbourne Celebrant Julie - The Farm Yarra Valley Wedding Ceremony - ATEIA photography
Melbourne Celebrant Julie - The Farm Wedding Venue Yarra Valley - ATEIA photography
Melbourne Celebrant Julie - The Farm Yarra Valley Wedding Celebration - ATEIA photography
Melbourne Celebrant Julie - The Farm Yarra Valley Wedding Reception Venue - ATEIA photography
Melbourne Celebrant Julie - The Farm Wedding Celebrant Yarra Valley - ATEIA photography