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Being a wedding celebrant in Melbourne during 2020 was challenging. However, with this Peacock Estate Wedding, beautiful bride Jo and her groom, Haydon, reminded me all too quickly how much I love being in the wedding industry.

It was a warm day to get back into the swing of marrying couples at a venue, but the stunningly rustic and relaxed Peacock Estate in Tyabb was perfect location for Jo and Haydon’s wedding.

Peacock Estate Wedding
The Peacock Estate Wedding

The light-filled and air-conditioned chapel, with lead lighting, is the perfect place to marry your loved one. The intimate ceremony between Haydon and Jo was many dates and changes in the making, but it all finally came together.

When Jo arrived with her gals and family, she was just beaming! It was time to finally marry the man of her dreams (she was a little nervous at this stage!) As we hadn’t met up again prior to the ceremony, we needed to sign the final bits of paperwork before we started.

Although Jo had bridesmaids, the couple decided to stand at the altar on their own, and the burgundy and burnt orange florals by Flowers by Varu certainly popped against the black and white. The team from Tin Drum Photography captured the ceremony beautifully. The petal toss outside the chapel was just beautiful.

They are such a beautiful couple and I thoroughly enjoyed getting back on the horse with this one. Congrats!

Jo & Haydon’s Review

‘We are so glad we came across Julie at the Melbourne Bridal Expo. My bridesmaids agreed that she gave off a really relaxed vibe which was something we were unknowingly looking for. We didn’t know it at the time but that came in handy when planning a wedding during COVID. Julie kept us up to date about what was happening with weddings and was able to make our small ceremony the perfect way to celebrate our love when things were (and still are) very unpredictable. I strongly recommend that you choose Julie as your celebrant!’

Peacock Estate Wedding Celebrant
The Peacock Estate Wedding Celebrant
Peacock Estate Wedding Ceremony

Jo and Haydon – Their Love Story

Haydon and Jo met in 2014, where Haydon’s first impression of Jo was that she was interesting, fun to talk to, different, and beautiful.

Jo‘s first impression of Haydon was he was funny and there was also something different about him that she couldn’t figure out… still can’t. As a bonus, he was also really good looking.

Their first date was to the movies. Although they were both very awkward, they still felt comfortable together. Haydon was a great listener and was interested in getting to know Jo on a deeper level, and he was excited to get to know Jo more as she intrigued him. Luckily, many more dates ensued and their relationship developed.

Jo knew she loved Haydon when she realised how happy he made her. She hadn’t felt that in a long time, and he knew how to make her smile when she felt like she couldn’t. For Haydon, there wasn’t one specific moment, he just knew that she was the one.

The Proposal

So, Haydon proposed to Jo on the 6th of July 2019. They often go out for dinner at random places and there are times Haydon doesn’t tell Jo where they are going. One date they had before was to watch the planes land at the airport. They would sit, chat and just watch the planes land. Jo didn’t know that Haydon was going to take her there that night but as the sun was going down a flustered Haydon told Jo how much he loved her and would like to spend the rest of their lives together. Haydon asked Jo to marry him and there was an excited, yes!

What they love about each other!

Haydon describes Jo as extremely caring, tolerant and with great talent. She is intelligent, humorous, and fun to spend time with. Not only that, she’s a bit of a looker and a good ‘cooker’! Jo has taught him how to communicate better, be more careful with how he says things and get in touch with his feelings. She may have also taught him how to do housework!

Jo finds Haydon hilarious, handsome and strong. She loves that he is her best friend. She is 100% herself around him. He makes her laugh like no one else has. He keeps me calm. There are just too many things to list about what she loves about Haydon! He has taught Jo to be more level-headed, to calm down when she is feeling anxious and helps her to think rationally.

Their future

They love doing everything and anything together. Restaurants, random drives, TV shows, and travel are favourites as well as just being with each other. In their marriage they know that compromise, patience, communication, trust and an eternal friendship will be important. Haydon looks forward to spending their lives together and Jo wants to be Haydon’s wife and with her best friend, forever. Keep having fun and starting a family are high on Jo’s and Haydon’s priority list.

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The Peacock Estate Wedding Ceremony