Vines of the Yarra Valley Celebrant | Julie Byrne | Anna’s and Shaun’s wedding

It was another gorgeous day at this Yarra Valley Wedding Venue, Vines of the Yarra Valley, where Shaun and Anna married and celebrated with family and friends. Once again, the views and backdrop for the ceremony were just sublime. APL Photography had the pleasure of capturing the bride and groom amongst the vines and Evolve Digital Media recorded the important events as they happened.

Julie Byrne Yarra Valley Wedding Celebrant - Anna and Shaun's Wedding

Anna was very nervous during her vows, telling me afterwards, that when she watched the ceremony back, she saw she looked over at me for support, but I wasn’t jumping in to help! I had a laugh; couples need time to get through their vows and experience the moment as it’s such an important part of the ceremony. But I am there if things do get too emotional!

Both the bride and groom were dressed by Ferrari Bridal Formal Wear and looked stunning on their day and in their photos. A local florist and favourite of mine, Wandin Florist, created the floral arrangements for the ceremony and reception; as always, they looked fabulous! I wish them all the best for their future. To the Scott’s!

Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Anna and Shaun's Wedding at The Vines of the Yarra Valley
Julie Byrne Vines of the Yarra Valley Wedding Celebrant - Anna and Shaun's Wedding Day

The Anna and Shaun Love Story

Anna and Shaun met in 2011 at a local drinking hole & nightclub called ‘Blitz’ in Berwick. Shaun immediately noticed Anna’s smile and mystique whilst Anna’s first impression of Shaun was his street fighter t-shirt. On their first date, they went to a cocktail bar in Berwick and ordered drinks & agreed to split a calamari (establishing their shared love for seafood early on). Following that they drove down to Fountain Gate in Shaun’s old 1999 Holden Astra for dessert at the Pancake Parlour which eventuated in the form of two ‘Swiss Mountain Malts’. The date went well, Shaun knew this could be serious right away, but one thing bothered him, that Anna apparently didn’t have a job and didn’t seem to care either, this left Shaun scratching his head as he wanted someone who was independent. Apart from that Anna ticked all the boxes. Shaun did however initiate a second date and it was then revealed that Anna in fact had two jobs and the rest is history! 

In these early stages of dating, Anna was impressed with Shaun’s chivalry, smarts, and his thoughtfulness. She also liked that he was always busy and seemed to be doing something social or sporty. Shaun was impressed with what Anna had achieved, her capacity for fun and the friends that she surrounded herself with gave him insights into what kind of person she was. Shaun first knew he loved Anna when he started to look at his calendar for an upcoming week and felt guilty about playing too much sport, spending time with Anna became the new priority. Anna remembers clearly her knowing that Shaun was the one. She was working at Zagame’s doing night shift and was walking up the stairs when she got a nice text message from Shaun. She could feel how much he adored her and that’s when she knew she was falling in love with him.

Julie Byrne Vines of the Yarra Valley Wedding Celebrant - Anna and Shaun's Wedding

After 7 years together Shaun and Anna found themselves on holiday in Japan having champagne at the Park Hyatt’s New York Bar on the 52nd floor in Tokyo. Shaun had a set of diamond star earring’s in his pocket because the wedding ring had not arrived before they left on their holiday. Sitting there with Anna along the window looking over Tokyo’s skyline during sunset everything was perfect, except for that all Shaun could think about was Anna throwing the earrings back at him for making her wait 7 years to receive earrings and not a ring. So, no knee was bent that evening. Instead, Shaun proposed on the 7th September shortly after their holiday under the guise of Anna’s birthday weekend getaway at Crown here in Melbourne. And in addition to the ring, Anna received those earrings over dinner.

Anna loves that Shaun is organised, philosophical in nature and is just all-round amazing. She loves Shaun because he is the glue that keeps them together. He has taught her to be patient and open-minded and she loves the kind of man he is, an almost husband and father he will be in future. He takes incredible care of Anna, and she’s experienced so many things with him she never would have before.

Shaun loves Anna’s playfulness, silliness and fun-loving nature. She is also dependable and honest. When he’s caught up in something he tends be quite serious & focused but Anna breaks him out of that cycle. Anna’s got qualities that equate to her being the most amazing mother when that time does come, he knows that’s just a statement right now but it’s something Shaun can just feel down to the core.  Anna’s taught him to be a team player in their relationship the meaning of unconditional love.

Together, they love a quiz, going to the movie and enjoying a dinner together whether it be at home or out and about. Anna is excited about having her forever partner in life when married and Shaun, raising a family in a peaceful, loving and fun environment. And, of course, they can’t wait for their honeymoon to Europe as husband and wife.

Vines of the Yarra Valley Wedding – Anna and Shaun’s Wedding

The Kiss at the conclusion of a wedding ceremony is such an important moment and photo opportunity. You won’t see me in these photos, I am right out of the way as the focus should only be on the couple.

I always love to acknowledge the children who are part of wedding ceremonies. It’s a big day for them and it’s amazing how much a certificate, a Hi Five and a round of applause can put a big smile on their face.

Julie Byrne Vines of the Yarra Valley Wedding Celebrant - Anna and Shaun

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