Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of some of the more frequently asked questions. I conduct Wedding Ceremonies, Naming, renewal and the occasional funeral. Please feel free to give me a call with any questions or queries you may have on 0407 370 287 or contact me here 

How much do you charge?

It all depends on where and when you marry! Anywhere from $390 for legals only to $990 for your Ultimate Wedding Ceremony (but there may be some additional travel fees for long travel distances from the Yarra Valley. Extra charged too for onsite rehearsals and DJ for music. Discounts available for midweek, morning, and lunchtime weddings.

Naming Ceremonies approximately $400.

How do we book you and how far in advance?
JUST BOOK IN!!! I set the tone for your day 🙂
Make an appointment to meet me in my home in Mt Evelyn, (or via ZOOM where distance proves a problem), I take you through my inspiration package, see if we have a meeting of the minds and you feel the vibe! If so, we lock in the date, you pay a $200 booking fee and start planning. 
Can we include what we want?
Absolutely! This is YOUR day. Apart from you hearing the Monitum from the Marriage Act, you stating the legal vows and signing at the end, the ceremony is yours for the taking. Use my inspiration pack to guide you.
How long will the ceremony be?
NOT LONG! It varies of course, depending on what you choose to include in your ceremony. Most ceremonies I conduct from ‘walk in’ to ‘walk out’ are usually between 15 and 25 minutes.
How do I change my name?
Once you have the official certificate from (about $48, I can organise for you and 8 weeks wait) you then need to visit and ring places to say that you now want to be known as Mrs Happy! (make sure you have your marriage certificate and ID with you!) Change your license first!
What ceremonies do you conduct?
Pretty much anything!  Weddings, commitment ceremonies, vow renewals, naming days and the occasional funeral.

Have a question?

Send me an email