If you’re looking for a venue in urban Melbourne to have your wedding ceremony and celebrations, then look no further than Rupert on Rupert. My legendary grooms, Craig and Chad, chose this venue to get married as there are so many indoor photo options, a beautiful space to hold your ceremony, local areas for further photos and spaces to have a relaxed cocktail celebration. After meeting at a wedding expo, Craig, Chad and I just clicked, and they booked me in to get the wedding planning started.

The couple had a crew of guys and gals supporting them throughout the day in their wedding party, suppliers and the photos were so beautifully captured by Tamara Little Photography.  I so loved working with her both in personality and professionalism. Also enlisted was Stu Art to capture the video of the day. It was a bloody brilliant ceremony and celebration.

Rupert on Rupert Wedding Venue Melbourne

The Melbourne Celebrant Julie Review

‘Choosing a celebrant for the wedding was probably the most uncomfortable part of my wedding we had to book. We met Julie at a wedding expo, after taking multiple laps we spoke to 2 celebrants. The first left next to no impression. We then approached Julie, she made us feel comfortable from the get go. Her description of how she does things, relaxed, fun and a little bit bogan, was right up my alley. The whole process was incredibly organised and relaxed. The ceremony was amazing and Julie made everyone feel comfortable. The way she ran the ceremony was perfect, to such a degree we had people commenting how amazing she was. She was funny, but not to the degree she took the spotlight or made things awkward. If you’re reading this then you would already be considering Julie as an option, so look no further. If I could do it all again Julie would be booked again without a second thought.’

The Story of the adorable Craig and Chad

Craig and Chad met while Chad was working at Spice Temple and Craig was working at Rockpool in August 2015. Craig was bartending then and to collect ice for the bar he had to walk through Spice Temple to get to the ice machine. When he walked through Chad would constantly see him.

Craig’s first memory of Chad was from afar. The first thing he noticed was his curly blonde hair and his loud and boisterous personality. When up close it was those blue eyes that drew his attention.

For Chad, it was definitely as close to love at first sight as possible, with Craig. He was immediately attracted to his perfectly styled dark hair and tight clothes. He was incredibly handsome and had a great butt.

For their first date they went for a picnic in the Botanical Gardens. Chad organised all the food, however the oil from the sundried tomatoes leaked everywhere all over the rest of the food. Chad also had a huge cold sore which he was very anxious about, so he was too nervous to go in for the first kiss. Craig ended up having to take control and kiss him in the herb garden. Overall, a successful first date but definitely did not go as planned.

In these early stages of dating, Craig: was impressed by how incredibly hard Chad worked; full time at Spice Temple, full time at the Australian Institute of Music and, to top it off, he still made time to fit dating into his schedule.

Chad was impressed that Craig was extremely well travelled, enjoying the stories about his most recent trip through most of Europe. He was also not a dickhead which is what you get with most people who look like Craig. He also played extremely hard to get which was very frustrating but also exciting for Chad at the same time.

Craig knew he first loved Chad when he pictured his future, and couldn’t imagine it without Chad by his side.

For Chad, it was when Craig randomly brought home the first of their beautiful cats, Biscuit. She was so tiny and perfect. It was a sign of commitment for him and he fell extremely hard.

The proposal was while they were on holiday in Europe.  Craig had planned to propose when they flew into Venice for a cruise. They would arrive in the morning, drop off the bags, have a couple hours to explore, grab a bottle of wine and go on a gondola, with Craig hiding the leadup to the proposal in a toast and then pull the ring out at the end. They would go onto the boat for organised champagne and chocolate coated strawberries to be in the room as well as rose petals for the full romance and a dinner at a fancy restaurant. This is not what happened though.

The night before, they were up late and had an early flight, a bit tired. We dropped our bags off at the boat and headed into the city, where the Gondola ride was abandoned due to the tiredness. So, it was lunch, then the boat, where nothing that Craig had organised was there.

Wedding Venue Melbourne Rupert on Rupert

Finally, petals, strawberries and champagne arrived intermittently with Chad enjoying the romance of it all. During dinner, Craig excused himself to covertly run back down to the room and place the ring amongst the rose petals. Perfect, until Chad wanted to go back to the room to grab his smokes. Craig leapt on the bed inconspicuously to hide the positioned ring. After a smoke and a walk, Craig let Chad re-enter the room first, he casually sat on the couch when Chad saw the box. Chad asked what it was, Craig so calm and playing dumb. As Chad opened the box Craig came up behind him and said over his shoulder ‘will you marry me’, to which Chad responded with ‘are you sure?’

Craig describes his Chad as patient, fun and gregarious and loves how he always tries to see the best in people. Chad has taught Craig to take life a little less seriously, encouraged him to try new things, take risks, and most of all, to have fun.

Chad describes Craig as loyal, pragmatic, organised, forgiving and a little stubborn. Craig has taught Chad to be patient and sensible; he’s also a lot better with money now.

Together, they love dining out in restaurants, watching RuPaul’s drag race and learning drag together, lazy sleep ins with the cats and travelling, sometime soon. In marriage they know that trust, forgiveness, and communication will be of importance. Today is the focus point of their future, after years of engagement and almost 3 years of saving and planning. So, after today’s wedding, they will be able to begin their next chapter, continuing to build their future and Craig will finally be able to call Chad his husband whilst Chad can’t wait to grow their family, he wants babies! We wish them all the best in this next stage of their lives as a married couple.

The Beautiful Wedding Vows


Through the years, we have faced obstacles, some harder than others, that have helped us build the strong foundation of our relationship. It has shown me your unwavering love, constant support, and silent strength.

I promise to encourage you to follow your dreams and challenge you to be the best version of yourself. I promise to make you laugh when you are taking life too seriously and to never stop playing Taylor Swift, although I know you want me to.

I promise to continue to love you without condition because you are my wildest dreams come true. Our journey as a family has only just begun, And I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

I chose you in 2015, I choose you today and I will continue to choose you for the rest of my life. You are everything I need and everything I want. You make me laugh. You make me think, but above all you make me happy.

But I’m afraid to tell you, there is a bomb at this wedding. Your butt. Your butt is the bomb. And there will be no survivors.


We have been through so much together already, we have built a little family with Biscuit and Truffle together, we have travelled to numerous countries around the world together, we have spent months and months locked down in our apartment together and we have braved 30+ degree heat in full drag together. All of this, and more, has shown me that I belong with you, and you belong with me.

You effortlessly make me feel so loved, so important, like I’m the most amazing person in the room and capable of anything, and for that I really am the lucky one. I couldn’t imagine, even in my wildest dreams how I could repay you for this.

But, I do promise to be there, for the highs, and the lows.

I promise to get rid of the moths that come in from the outside.

I promise to be the 1 beside you watching Brooklyn 99 reruns over and over.

I promise to love you until our very last kiss.

I could stand here and continue rambling on, but long story short, Chad, you are my end game, you are my lover, and I love you.

‘’But I do have some bad news. There is a bomb at this wedding as well. Your butt. Your butt is da bomb. There will be no survivors.’’



People often ask me, ‘Have you had something go wrong in a wedding?’ Well, something did happen in Craig’s and Chad’s ceremony. I think it’s important to give couples their space during the ceremony; meaning I like to stand to the side and come in between the couple for the important bits. This time, when I came back in after the vows, I accidently kicked one of the small tealight candles that was housed in a glass jar. The wax from the candle launched into the air landing all the way down Craig’s pants! Bloody hell! So, after the ceremony, I went into damage control as I wasn’t leaving until the situation was rectified. Mali from Rupert said she could grab the iron and remove the wax. Craig and Chad came inside, both removed their pants whilst Mali weaved her magic by removing the wax and the couple managed to have some cheeky photos whilst they waited. Ultimately, all was good in the end and the day was saved.

Is you’re looking for a fun-loving celebrant who can deal with any issue on your day, then contact me here.