There are many reasons you need an Awesome Melbourne Celebrant for your big day – and here are just a few key reasons to get you started.

In today’s modern times, how fabulous is it that you have a choice of so many marriage celebrants in Melbourne, including the awesome Melbourne Celebrant Julie to officiate your wedding ceremony? For a long time, Australian weddings were a religious affair. The couples woke up in separate apartments, got ready and headed to church. At the church, the ordained minister carried out the ceremony and gave the wedding blessings. How fantastic that we now have choice as to who we marry and who gets to marry us? And there’s folks out there like me, haha!

We have left so many restrictions behind.  You may not be allowed to dress a certain way. There could also be restrictions on your hair, music, and wedding rituals. This is where an awesome Melbourne celebrant comes in.

Melbourne Wedding celebrants are great at officiating personalised weddings. They can be sombre, laid back, witty, and fun, depending on what you want. There are also other reasons why you need an awesome celebrant for your wedding. I talk about some of them in the paragraphs below.

Why You Need an Awesome Celebrant for Your Wedding


Choosing to go with a celebrant for your wedding gives you so much freedom. You can hold your wedding wherever you want and at whatever time you want. Do you want your wedding at a stunning private estate? How about a beautiful outdoor location?

With a Melbourne wedding celebrant, you can hold your wedding at any place your heart desires. Your venue can be licensed or unlicensed; it does not matter. What matters is that the venue is what you and your partner want. They’ll show up and marry you both.


An awesome Melbourne celebrant will get to know you during your wedding planning. The connections that they make usually transcend the wedding. They become available to you from the day you contact them for advice and ideas.

Getting to know you is one of the ways that they learn how to personalise your ceremony. This will mean that your ceremony will be unique and made to fit your style. Everyone who attends will attest to the fact that the ceremony does represent you.

Your celebrant will also be open to your vision and wishes for your wedding. Do you want a light-hearted and fun ceremony? They can do that. If you’re the formal type or want something simple, they’ll also take that into account and deliver. It’s your special day, so your wish is basically their command.

Awesome Melbourne Celebrant for Your Wedding

There Are No Legal Limitations

A lot of rules bound many wedding officials here in Melbourne. Some wedding officials might not even be able to handle some kinds of ceremonies. Locations and time could also limit them.

A celebrant does not have such restrictions. You also can’t enjoy that personal relationship you would get with a celebrant with other officials. With a celebrant, you have no legal limitations when it comes to your wedding.


There are many reasons why working with a celebrant could be more affordable. One of those is that you are not restricted to a particular venue. You can go for a more affordable venue which your celebrant will have no problem coming to.

Your favourite restaurant, farm, beach and even your backyard are not off-limits. Do you want to hold your wedding where you first laid your eyes on each other? As long as you can secure it, your celebrant can marry you there.

Dress Code

The couple often decides on the dress code of a wedding. Sometimes, however, a venue will add its own restrictions. Traditional wedding venues like churches sometimes have a thing or two to add.

A wedding celebrant has no problem with your wedding fashion. They have no problem working with unique couples and are open-minded. It’s in their job description! If you decide to show up dressed as your favourite comic characters, they won’t bat an eyelid. You can also have your hair however you wish. With a celebrant, the choice is entirely yours. 

Awesome Wedding Celebrant Melbourne

Faiths and Rituals

You can bring whatever spiritual element you want to your wedding with a celebrant. You won’t be able to do this at most traditional venues with their ministers. Celebrants are not affiliated to any faith in particular, either.

If you are from different faiths and want to combine some elements at your wedding, go ahead. With a Melbourne celebrant, you can do just that. You can also include wedding rituals like a sand ceremony, hand binding and candle ceremony. If you’re not spiritual and don’t want any element of spirituality at your wedding, a celebrant can also work with that.

In Conclusion

The long and short of this is that a Melbourne celebrant will make your wedding special for you. From specialised wedding arrangements to quality time, you’ll be getting the best deal. Weddings like these are more special and memorable. So, what do you say? Contact me today to find out more.