It was the perfect spring day when Anna and Lewis said  “I Do”, and I felt privileged to be chosen as their Wild Cattle Creek Wedding Celebrant.

This was a beautiful and intimate wedding, with the adoring couple surrounded by thirty of their closest relatives and friends.  Experiencing the rustic Wild Cattle Creek Estate as wedding celebrant was certainly something to remember.

Anna and Lewis’ wedding was a union of both hearts and cultures.  As a Wild Cattle Creek wedding celebrant, it was a unique ceremony.  They exchanged vows in both English and Japanese, honouring both of their family backgrounds.  To symbolize the union of themselves and their families, the gorgeous couple also included a sand ceremony.

Julie Byrne - Wild Cattle Creek Wedding Celebrant - Anna and Lewis

There was a relaxed atmosphere at the Wandin North wedding venue.  The late morning ceremony and lunchtime reception gave people more time to enjoy celebrating in the sunshine.  I am a big fan of afternoon receptions, as it also means that newlyweds get extra time together in the evening to slow down and reminisce over the day’s events – or order a pizza and unwind in their pyjamas.


Anna looked stunning in her Ferrari gown, with pretty pastel-coloured floral arrangements by Camys Blossoms.  She was attended by two adorable flower girls from Japan, who almost stole the show in their sweet dresses and flower crowns.  They even helped out as ringbearers.

Following the ceremony, Anna and Lewis led their guests to festivities that included more amazing floral arrangements and Japanese-style bonbonnieres.  They kept things simple when it came to their cake, opting for a semi-nude cake that didn’t disappoint when it came to appearance or flavour.

I feel particularly proud to have been invited by Anna and Lewis to officiate their union as Wild Cattle Creek wedding celebrant.

Best wishes for a wonderful marriage, Anna and Lewis!

Julie Byrne - Wild Cattle Creek Wedding Celebrant
Julie Byrne - Wild Cattle Creek Wedding Celebrant

Anna & Lewis’ Love Story

Anna and Lewis first met in 2015 where Lewis thought Anna was very shy but extremely cute and Anna thought Lewis was funny and a little bit shy also. On their first date, they went to a restaurant in Richmond, having a great time, and spent 3 hours getting to know each other. In these early stages, Anna was most impressed with Lewis when she met his family and Lewis was left with an admirable lasting impression of Anna when she met his family also.

Anna first knew she loved Lewis because he cared and supported her very much. For example, when she was a student she was extremely stressed about having to do so many things and but Lewis was always there to make her laugh and cheer her up. Lewis knew it was love when Anna was so caring and supportive when his grandfather passed away. Their love developed into a wonderful relationship and Lewis proposed when they were on a holiday in Japan. Anna says it wasn’t very romantic, but he did ask Anna’s parents’ permission which surprised her parents.

Anna loves that Lewis is extremely positive, funny and faithful. He is always optimistic when life becomes challenging and Lewis still thinks Anna is cute, she’s supportive and tolerant. She gets him to eat good food and she’s an excellent listener. Together they love going to the cinema and watching Netflix at home and they know that communication and acceptance are of importance in their marriage. Anna and Lewis can’t wait to build a life together as husband and wife, start a family and have 2 children.