It was a picture-perfect day for the Melbourne wedding of Jake and Steph at the picturesque Melbourne wedding venue, Yarra Ranges Estate.

Their outdoor wedding ceremony was fun filled, light-hearted, meaningful, and just all-round epic. Originally planning to marry in 2020, Steph and Jake welcomed their gorgeous daughter, Sadie, during the postponement period and this awesome couple were super flexible with their ceremony time so I could still be their celebrant.

Melbourne Celebrant Julie Byrne Steph and Jake

The wedding party of 4 groomsmen and 4 bridesmaids looked fabulous (as well as Sadie and nephew Jude) in navy and burgundy/dusty pink tones. I loved that Steph’s gals wore different coloured and styled dresses. A great highlight that bridesmaids do no need to match. Parents were also very important to this couple and I read a dedication to their parents to thank them for everything they have done for their children, the bride and groom. Telling their story was a breeze and lots of fun.

I had an absolute blast marrying these two, just awesome people. And, as they love a few streets from me, I look forward to seeing them locally in Mt Evelyn and the local football/netball club. Congratulations to these legends!

The beautiful love story of Steph and Jake

Steph and Jake epitomise the modern-day love story, meeting on Tinder! It was December 2016 when they reconnected after realising both were still on there. The messages flowed, with their first date at Arbory Bar on the 2nd of Jan 2017. They talked each other’s ears off the entire night, to the point that they forgot to get dinner (which as I hear, is extremely unusual for these two).

Steph was so comfortable in Jake’s presence from the very start. He was so genuine and his easy-going nature made her feel very calm and relaxed. He was also easy on the eye with his big, beautiful smile, green eyes and dimples. Jake had her weak at the knees straight away!! Jake remembers Steph taking his breath away, although, this may have been because she arrived half an hour late. He will never forget her big, beautiful smile and easy-going nature. Steph walked into the bar with a confident stride, rocking a black leather jacket and tight jeans and with Jake thinking ‘rew-reow!’. They locked in a second date.  Also, she played netball so Jake knew that would get the tick of approval from his sister, Millie.

Steph knew it was love when the butterflies never faded, and still haven’t, and their first weekend away to Blairgowrie showed they were so compatible and two complete weirdos loving life. Jake always makes an effort; even if that meant coming to her netball and meeting the parents for the first time after a big night out – this is when I really knew Jake was always going to have her back!

After about the second or third date Jake invited Steph around to his place for dinner. Steph brought over a loaf of bread – That was it, it was game-set-match for him.

Yarra Ranges Estate Wedding Melbourne Celebrant Julie Byrne Steph and Jake
Jake proposed on 26th September 2019 – it was very romantic!

Dinner was booked at a surprise venue. Steph finished work, headed to Jake in the city where he pulled into Crown. Little did she know that Jake had knocked off at work at lunch time, returned home, packed her ten dresses, heels, makeup and my straightener, fed the dog, fed the chooks, asked her dad for his permission collected the engagement ring, dropped off clothes at crown and returned to work to make it look like he was there all day!!

They entered the room and there was a bottle of champagne on ice, this is when Steph really thought things were happening!! Jake then said that he had a surprise for her and made her turn around and close her eyes. Then, all she heard was Jake get down on one knee…yes heard, he has the crunchiest knees you’ll ever hear. She quickly turned around and said yes before even letting him get a word out! They laughed, and cried, hugged and kissed and then Face Timed all the fam to share the happy news. A beautiful meal at Rockpool and a night they ‘ll never forget 🙂

Steph describes Jake as positive, charming and totally devoted.

Steph loves that Jake has the most incredible ability to find a positive in any situation. He has a way of making her feel ok about just about anything and is the most understanding and caring person she has ever met. He is incredibly passionate and determined and has the patience of an angel! Jake lights up any room he walks into and makes each person in that room feel heard, important and cared for. He truly has the most beautiful nature you’ll ever find in someone. He also makes Steph smile and laugh every day, which she will never take for granted. Jake has taught Steph how to be more present in every moment, how to be more cool, calm and collected, and how to see the positive in any situation.

He’s also taught her many important life skills, such as how to precisely prep every ingredient required for dinner and how to clean as you go whilst cooking!

Jake describes Steph as loyal, wholesome and much fun.

He loves how honest, raw and emotional Steph is. There are no secrets and Steph tells him (whether she means to or not) exactly how it is. He loves how supportive, caring and selfless she is and he equally loves her weird, creepy and fun side. Jake knows that no matter sort of day that he’s had, everything is going to be ok when he gets home and sees Steph. Steph is her own person and holds herself to such a high standard with everything she does, and he admires this greatly. Steph has absolutely taught Jake to be a lot more open and not let things bottle up or fester away inside him.

yarra ranges estate wedding

Steph and Jake love long walks in their local area, road trips and exploring as a family with their two girls Ella and Sadie! They also love sitting down to a bottle of red at the end of a big week, enjoying some takeaway Thai and a horrible movie on Netflix that usually takes about 40 minutes to choose! Dining out is also a love, with many courses, wines and a cheeky cocktail.

Although marriage won’t change a great deal of Jake’s and Steph’s relationship, today is about declaring their love for each other in front of their nearest and dearest. They intend to continue creating a warm and loving household for Sadie and possibly a couple of others. Steph can’t wait to FINALLY call Jake her husband and Jake is excited to proudly wear his wedding ring and tell stories about, ‘My wife and I’.

They look forward to feeling their love grow stronger and deeper with every year that goes by.

The Review

Julie, you were simply incredible! So many of our guests came up to tell us how much they loved you after the ceremony and you absolutely captured “us” in the most beautiful and fun way! It was our favourite part of the day. We are so glad you could fit us in and would not have had it any other way. Can’t wait to say gidday along the trails of Mount Evelyn too

Steph and Jake yarra ranges wedding

Their Epic Wedding Vows


Writing these vows was so much harder than I expected, given that it is about someone who is so easy to love and to live with.

I apologise for starting my vows with something so cliché, but from the moment I first met you, which was 20 minutes later than the scheduled time, I knew that I was a marked man.

Steph, you are the kindest and most beautiful person that I have ever met, and I am so proud to stand up here today and declare my love for you. You are my best friend. You are my lover and you are my soul mate. You are my comic relief at the end of a tough day. You are an emotional wreck, with the biggest tears that I have ever laid my eyes on, but you are the happiest, strongest and most positive person in my life. You are the hommus to my savoy, the gravy to my taties, the Hirdy to my Lloydy….but most importantly, you are my person.

I love everything that we have created together and I love thinking about what lays ahead for us. I have loved watching you become a mother. I cannot imagine a more perfect role model for our little Sadie. I know that no matter what happens in our life that little girl is always going to be in good hands. I love you Steph, because of all that you are and because you make me happy.

I still remember being invited to stay over with you at your parents’ house for the first time, to say I was nervous is an understatement – I had seen way too many mafia movies to be completely comfortable with going over to stay at an Italian household. Going swimming whilst wearing concrete boots was not on my ‘to-do’ list.

As soon as I arrived though, I immediately felt part of the family. After mistaking an antipasto platter to be entrée, main and dessert and being filled to the brim with limoncello and crostoli, I still remember thinking ‘I have absolutely hit the jackpot here’. My favourite memory from that night though is going to sleep and waking up to sounds of tinkling and a couple of puffs of wind coming from the direction of the ensuite – It was an immediate insight into our future, we have never hidden anything from each other and we never will.

Steph, I promise that we will never lose our spark. I promise that you will always be able to count on me, trust me and confide in me. I will do absolutely everything I can to be the best father for Sadie and take care of our little family.

I promise I will always give you a smooch and a bum rub before bed and I promise never to take these little moments for granted.

I promise that you, Sadie, and I….and possibly a couple of others along the way….will always be a family and I promise to always love you.

Steph, I have no idea how I managed to snag you, and I don’t care, because I did! You are my one and only today, and every day.


My toots, my best friend, the love of my life.

Jake, you truly are one of a kind. You have shown me a love stronger than I knew could ever exist and bring me happiness brighter than I knew was possible.

I cherish the warmth and love you make me feel each and every day and the way you always manage to make everything ok!

I appreciate how you always make me smile, your patience, your kindness and your beautiful caring nature.

I admire the way you continually put family first and the strong values we share. I love the father you are and the parents we make.

For that, I promise to never take you for granted, appreciate each and every morning I wake up next to you and every time I kiss you goodnight.

I promise to be your biggest supporter, to love you no matter the day and to always have your back.

steph and jake yarra ranges estate

I promise to be honest and always tell you how it is, to be a shoulder to cry on and your safe place forever.

I promise to make our home a warm, loving environment, where our family can grow, laugh and explore together.

I promise to create memories with you that will make us endlessly smile, laugh, cry, discover, eat glorious food with you and drink lots of wine and then do it all again, over and over.

Most importantly, I promise to talk your ear off every day, laugh at your jokes, let you drink out of my water glass and still pinch your cute tooshi even when we’re old, grey and wrinkly.

Jake, thank you for loving me for who I truly am and not only embracing my weirdness but sharing in it with me, you big weirdo!! As the famous Dr Seuss once said….

“We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone, whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness and call it love.”

And I can’t wait to spend a lifetime full of mutually satisfying weirdness with you!

I am so proud of what we have already achieved together and can’t wait to see what else lies ahead for us. I know that anything is possible with you by my side.

Jake, you are what dreams are made of, yet you are my reality every day, and for that I will always count my lucky stars.

You truly are the best person I will ever know, I love you now and forever.

steph and jake wedding yarra ranges estate

The Suppliers


Venue: @yarrarangesestate

Photography: @k_photography_by_karina_cook and @love.and.other

Flowers: @flowerslakeside

Dress: @janehillbridal

Suit: @peterjacksonau

Music: @garyeastwoodmusic

Makeup: @justineomua

Transport: @yarravalleya2b



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