Planning a wedding in Melbourne is no easy task (cue weather conversation!). A Wedding Day Checklist can save the day.

To help couples, I try to share as many tips as I can to make things easier. One of those tips is to have a Melbourne wedding day checklist and give everyone a copy.

In my years as a Melbourne celebrant, I’ve discovered that people love to give couples advice on many things. They’ll tell you about your fashion, décor, theme, and even your wedding menu. One topic I often find missing is the importance of a Melbourne wedding day checklist. Not so you can follow it religiously, but you know that all your suppliers have got you covered.

Your wedding day checklist is one way to manage time on that day effectively. Without it, you might soon find yourself and your vendors in disarray. Time gallops on your wedding day and before you know it, you could be struggling to keep up.

Enter your wedding day checklist. This list helps you divide all of your activities into easier blocks that you can monitor. Once you have this, you can stick to it and watch your day run smoothly and without hassle.

Wedding Day Checklist

How do you create one? I’m glad you asked. Although your checklist will largely depend on you and what activities you have planned, I have some great tips. It’ll help you put things down piece by piece till your list is complete.

So, grab an empty sheet of paper and a pen (or a device!) and get ready. In the next few paragraphs, we’ll be creating the perfect wedding day checklist for your wedding in Melbourne.

Confirmed Details Go First

Think of your wedding day, what are the details that are not subject to change? Some popular ones include when your wedding ceremony will start and end. When your reception starts and ends is also a confirmed detail as it’s on your program. Write these down.

Next you can ask your vendors how long they’d need to set up before your event and include this. With this initial framework ready, you can then determine the style and progression of your wedding day.

Fill In Other Details

After adding the above framework, you’ll have an idea of when your day starts. You’ll also know when your wedding activities will end. It is now time to fill in the activities that will happen in between.

To do this, you can start from when you first wake up till when your reception ends. Some couples choose to work backward from their last song to early in the morning. Choose whichever method will help you fill in everything and not forget a single activity. Go through your list multiple times.

Talk to Your Vendors

Communication with your vendors is important for the perfect wedding day checklist. They’ll be handling most of the activities on your list. For your day to go smoothly they’ll need to make sure they stick to the times on your list.

So, check in with them as you create your list and as the day approaches. Ask what works best for them while you are building your schedule. You’ll also need information from them like the time needed for setting up and packing up.

Wedding Day Check List

Add More Details

Here you’ll include notes that clarify things and make your list clearer to people who aren’t you. To do this, you can add little notes to each activity. It can include the vendor or family member involved and a phone number to reach in case of an emergency.

Have Print and Digital Copies

Once those final details are added and clarified, it’s time to print out your wedding day checklist. Make as many copies as possible. Aim to give copies to your maid of honor, celebrant, wedding day coordinator, and all your vendors. Keep some extras too in case you’ve forgotten anyone. Also email it to everyone so they have a digital copy.

Share Your Wedding Day Checklist

When your wedding day finally rolls around, make up your mind to delegate. A Melbourne wedding where the couple is running around is less relaxed and potentially less enjoyable. They end up so stressed. So, let your wedding party and other trusted family members help.

Once you have chosen one or two people who can handle things, then share your checklist. Your venue staff will also need copies so they can keep the day on track, too.

Sharing your wedding day checklist mean others can step in and ensure that things run smoothly. While you’re having the time of your lives, they can quickly handle any potential holdups. Just remember to alert everyone if you have to make last-minute changes to your list.


Wedding Day Checklist Melbourne

Final Words

Having a great wedding day checklist is one of the keys to a successful wedding. It will help you keep things organised for a smootly flowing occasion. You can also relax and have a better celebration since you’ll know that everyone knows what needs to be done and when. So, get started on creating one as soon as possible.

And, of course, if you’re looking for a highly organised but relaxed celebrant to marry you, then contact me!


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