Living in Mt Evelyn is fabulous for weddings as I can truly call myself a Dandenong Ranges Celebrant and a Yarra Valley Celebrant.

Mt Evelyn truly is the gateway to both of these locations; turn left and I head up to the Dandenong Ranges Wedding Venues, turn right and I am at the Yarra Valley Wedding Venues. Today, I turned left and headed up to Kallista for the wedding of Sara and Kyle at Lyrebird Falls.

Dandenong Ranges Celebrant - Sara and Kyle's Wedding at Lyrebird Falls

A gorgeous niece and nephews added to the bridal party, Maci, Flynn and Arlo. Flynn was stoked with his appreciation certificate and Arlo gave Sara away with her mother, Ann. To recognise that neither the bride’s or groom’s fathers were present, they each lit a candle with their mothers to honour the memory of their fathers and Shelley-Anne presented a reading to accompany and reflect in the moment:

As I gaze into the Heavens above
It reminds me of those I have loved
Those who are not with us today
But in my heart forever will stay
Those who have gone to heaven above
To a place that’s happy & Free
Until the day we meet again
I know they will watch over me

Dandenong Ranges Celebrant - Sara and Kyle's Wedding Day
Dandenong Ranges Celebrant - Sara and Kyle's Wedding Day
The next day, I received an email from Sara and Kyle, thanking me for the ceremony. I loved it!


Words cannot describe how thankful both Kyle and I are for your amazing work from the first meeting to on the day!

Our ceremony was everything we wanted, and you were freaking amazing.

Thanks for keeping it chill and to the point and for including the kids. My nephew has shown everyone his certificate and even tried to sleep with it last night (Bless his little heart)!

My mums’ words were, yes the celebrant was amazing. Quick, simple and to the point, professional, yet fun and entertaining. 100% the right choice for Kyle and I!

As an FYI my niece called you the lady with the pretty dress! 😃
Thank you so much once again for everything, you are a freaking Gem ❤️

Sara & Kyle

Dandenong Ranges Celebrant - Sara and Kyle's Wedding Day
Dandenong Ranges Celebrant - Sara and Kyle's Wedding Day

We had some wonderful laughs throughout the ceremony and Sara and Kyle were so excited to become Mr and Mrs Adams.

The bride and groom and their Love Story!

Sara and Kyle me at high school in 2009, but their parents grew up together and Kyle’s father John took Sara’s parents, Ann & Wayne’s, wedding photos. Unfortunately, neither fathers were at the wedding ceremony, but they were beautifully acknowledged. Kyle’s initial impression of Sara was she was quite funny, and Sara appreciated that Kyle was smart, which came in handy in year 12 when Sara would text Kyle for answers to her tests.

On their first date, they went to the movies, and the date wasn’t that great as Kyle was so nervous. These nerves continued as he proposed at Inverloch Beach as the sun rose. Sara knew it was coming as Kyle was not subtle and, again, nervous. Sara laughed in pity. 

Together they love adventuring, spending time with family and friends, starting new TV shows together with Sara watching ahead making Kyle miss most of the season. They know that trust and honest will be vital in their successful marriage and they look forward to the years ahead, and not having to plan another wedding!

So, if you’re looking for a professional and fun celebrant, please contact me.

Another wedding at Lyrebird Falls, Kallista, a fave venue – Rechelle and Benjamin.