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Having a beach wedding in Melbourne, with Melbourne Celebrant Julie, doesn’t necessarily mean 150 guests walking onto the sand to a seaside ceremony location. It can mean a venue that overlooks the beach or is near the beach and the ceremony is held on more firm ground!

Melanie and Jarryd chose the stunning setting of Jack Rabbit on the Bellarine Peninsula to wed and celebrate with their family and friends. A gorgeous beach wedding venue with a breathtaking view. Thankfully, they had a wonderful photography and videography team in Duuet to capture the day.

Julie Byrne - Beach Wedding Melbourne Celebrant

Their wedding ceremony had a real emphasis on the importance of family (with Melanie’s parents coming to the Melbourne Wedding & Bride Expo and suggesting me as their celebrant!) with all involved. The styling and flowers were absolutely en-pointe thanks to the team at Rough & Rose.

When Melanie declared her love for Jarryd (see epic wedding vows below), she looked absolutely stunning in her Berta gown by Raffaele Cuica  whilst Jarryd looked equally handsome in M.J Bale along with the groomsmen. The bridesmaids also looked superb; the gals in Her Style.

Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Beach Wedding Melbourne - Mel & Jarryd's Wedding Ceremony
Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Beach Wedding Melbourne - Mel & Jarryd's Wedding Day
Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Beach Wedding Melbourne - Mel & Jarryd's Wedding Photos

Melanie and Jarryd are absolute adorable and so in love, as evidenced through their emotional and heart-warming wedding vows. The day was filled with lots of laughter and smiles, and I received this from Melanie the day after their wedding;

‘From Jarryd and I, we are honestly so grateful for you and everything you did yesterday. You made the ceremony so relaxed, funny and perfect. We couldn’t ask for a better celebrant and so many people have already asked for your details! We can’t thank you enough!!!’
Melanie & Jarryd

Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Beach Wedding Melbourne - Mel & Jarryd's Wedding Day Photos

So, if you’re looking for a celebrant and would love this reaction from yourself and your guests, please contact me here!

Melanie’s and Jarryd’s Story

Melanie and Jarryd met at one of Melbourne’s classy establishments known as Cloud 9. If there was a place on earth that Mel thought she was going to find the love of her life, that was not it! Her first impression of Jarryd was that he was so quiet that she actually thought he was a mute. Once she finally heard him talk after about an hour of being around him, she thought he was hilarious and hasn’t really let him talk since. In the dingy, dark expanses of the Cloud 9 basement, Jarryd noticed those little disco shorts and was immediately attracted to Melanie. He also thought, god, does that mouth have on off button!

Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Beach Wedding Celebrant Melbourne - Melanie & Jarryd's Wedding
Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Beach Wedding Celebrant Melbourne - Melanie & Jarryd

Their first date was to a café called Swell where Jarryd ordered the smoked salmon and Melanie said, I’ll have the same. At the end of the meal, Mel had eaten everything but the smoked salmon. Jarryd asked why and she said she didn’t know what it was, but it sound classy! In these early stages of dating, Melanie noticed Jarryd’s caring and nurturing nature was infectious. She admired his dreams, goals and passion for life. Jarryd appreciated her immediate ability to be cuddly, infectious and laugh at his terrible jokes. He also admired her ambition and drive to succeed.


Love came quickly for these two, travelling back and forth from Melbourne and moving in together after just two months of knowing each other; they’ve been by each other’s sides ever since. Jarryd proposed at one of their favourite places in Bali. In classic Jarryd style, he made and absolute meal of it. He had a whole speech written out in his head, but instead, he tripped over when he went to drop on one knee and ask will you marry me? In typical Mel style, she just grabbed the box and started crying. Jarryd says he still doesn’t know whether it was a yes!


Melanie describes Jarryd as incredibly passionate, hard-working and the most caring person she has ever met. She loves his terrible dad jokes and is the most selfless person; always putting everyone first in his life. She loves that every morning he still wakes and kisses her like he hasn’t seen her in weeks. Melanie loves the way he complains every night when she tells him to spoon but he gives in anyway. Jarryd has taught Melanie to be calm in herself, have patience and enjoy every moment. He has also taught her to cook and experience a variety of Asian cuisines.

Jarryd describes Melanie as loyal, ambitious and overly affectionate. He loves the love she has for him and her motivation. And, after 7 years, he loves how she still runs and jumps on him, daily, without fail. Melanie has taught Jarryd to have confidence in himself and that he is able to achieve anything he puts his mind to.

Together, they love travelling, eating good food, going on walks (especially if there’s a fine bar at the end!) and working on the business together. In continuing their relationship through marriage, they’re aware the laughter, accepting the good and bad times and making the most out of time with your family will be extremely important. Melanie and Jarryd can’t wait to create their own family and home together and Melanie can’t wait to refer to Jarryd as her hubby. They look forward to travelling to different places with a healthy family, see their business blossom and life a happy and fulfilling life as husband and wife.

Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Beach Wedding Melbourne - Styling
Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Beach Wedding Melbourne - Styling & Chairs

The Heartfelt Personal Vows


Mel, you are by best friend, my soul mate and my voice of reason.

From the moment you came into my life, I couldn’t imagine living a life without you by my side.  From day one, I have loved your affection, your touch, your honesty and your need for an immediate answer to any question you ever ask.

This includes when I feel like I have no other choice to satisfy your need but to make up an answer, only for you to go off and share my made up answer with the rest of the world.

You have challenged me, pushed me and given me a reason to aim for the stars.

Mel, I promise to support you, push you and make you get the best out of yourself.

I promise to to be your protector, your protection and your safety.

I promise to pretend I’m listening to you every night whilst lying in bed trying to sleep as you continue to talk to yourself for the next three hours.

I pledge to put you first everyday for the rest of my life.

I promise to look after you through sickness and poor health.

I want us to grow old and wrinkly together, to shake our collective fists at teenagers, and to talk endlessly about the old days when things were better, cheaper, and kids used to have respect.

I promised to love you till the day I die.



Jarryd you are my best friend, my partner in life, my travel companion, and my soul mate and I am honoured to become your wife.

Today you make me the luckiest girl on earth and there are so many things that I truly adore about you.

I admire the hardworking caring person you are.

I love your soft and gentle nature that is always a great contrast to mine.

I love that you sing so loudly in the shower but never actually sing the right lyrics.

i love how hard you work at everything you do and how passionate you are about everything in life.

I love how we are the most dysfunctional functional people that exist and when everything seems to go wrong we always see the lighter side of life.

We have been together since we were teenagers and we have been on the most amazing adventure.

We are young in age and looks but old in love.

It was no fairy-tale beginning but I knew it was special and haven’t left your side since that day 7 years ago.

My one wish in life was to find a love like my grandparents. That once in a lifetime soul warming love that I’ve found in you.

I promise to love you every moment of every day and have the patience that love demands.

You have helped me become more grounded and to find calmness in myself and I promise to always laugh with you and find the lighter side of life and to never to take this life too seriously.

I promise to challenge and frustrate you and one day if the stars align I may even let you win an argument.

I promise to keep my crazy to a minimum and try and tell a story only once instead of 6 times and to stop talking all the time and let you speak occasionally.

I promise to be patient with you even if that means having to sit through every single test cricket match every summer.

I promise to comfort you when the Dees continue to disappoint us and pretend that they will be good one day.

You show this ferocious love for your family and I promise to value and protect the families that we have, the family that we are becoming and the family that we have yet to come.

Because no matter where life leads us, I know that as long as you are there that is where I am meant to be.

I love you.

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Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Beach Wedding Melbourne - Melanie and Bridal Party
Julie Byrne Wedding Celebrant - Beach Wedding Melbourne - Jarryd and Party